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J.D. Wine of Onalaska demonstrates along with about 60 others Thursday at the corner of West Avenue and Main Street. The group was participating in a nationwide rally in support of special counsel Robert Mueller and the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election; some fear the investigation may be impeded after the departure of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. For a look at what could be next in the Mueller probe, turn to PAGE B6.

Roughly 100 residents from La Crosse and surrounding areas gathered despite cold temperatures at West Avenue and Main Street against a backdrop American flags and signs and chanted “Trump is not above the law” Thursday evening.

The demonstration took place as a rapid response event after the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday. His resignation came after months of public criticism from President Donald Trump after Sessions’ recusal from the special counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller.

Megan Grinde, 32, who volunteered to host the event in La Crosse in August 2017 through said she was worried as soon as Jeff Sessions announced his resignation on Wednesday.

“I feel like reading between the lines on that is that it is an attempt to interfere with the Mueller investigation,” she said.

Area lawmakers noted that President Donald Trump’s appointment of an acting attorney general immediately following Sessions’ resignation must not interfere with the Mueller investigation.

“One of the truest principles of America’s legal system is that no person is above the law. The independence of the special counsel’s investigation must remain, and we must work together to protect its integrity,” Rep. Ron Kind, D-La Crosse, said in a statement.

Trump selected Sessions’ chief of staff, Matthew Whitaker, to serve as acting attorney general after Sessions’ resignation, an appointment that some fear could be problematic due to his public criticism of the special counsel.

“We knew the Sessions firing was coming; the problem is the replacement with Whitaker,” said Obbie King, 63. “It’s an illegal move because the acting attorney general has to be someone that has been vetted and approved by the Senate and, as chief of staff, he has not been vetted and approved by the Senate. The acting attorney general should be Rosenstein.”

According to Grinde, the event spanned the bipartisan spectrum as as attendees ranged from progressive to moderate to conservative.

“This is not a partisan issue, we have people here from all political stripes,” she said. “This is not about being anti-Trump, this is about protecting democracy from people who would interfere with American elections.”

Toni Vonruden, 61, echoed Grinde’s concerns and said her motivation for attending was to draw attention to the fact that the country is in trouble.

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(8) comments


If I was a Progressive, convinced that Trump had done wrong, I would instead be protesting Mueller's failure to complete this investigation after over two years of work.

By the time Mueller finishes his "government work" Trump's term will be over. It seems the protest is off-base and kinda dopey.

Their behavior is hysterical, juvenile, tiresome, and embarrassing. And yes, they have a right to be all those things.


Sounds like the conservatives disagree with American protest? Theses people are Americans. It's their right. Just because you don't like the subject matter doesn't mean you should belittle them. That's Trump's playbook.


Quotations in the article were by officials of the La Crosse County Democratic Party (including the fellow carrying the sign and purse in the photo). Of course they werent identified as Dem officials as the Fibune and its scribes once again publishes FAKE NEWS seeking to portray this little gathering as bi-partisan.

The article says 100 were in attendance; the photo caption says 60. I observed less than the lower number.


Sessions is a southern red-neck Alabama racist. No confusion whatsoever. Everyone knows that,
even the hard-core Trump-Humpers. After all, you ain"t dealing with the brightest people, in the world
Figure it out dude , it"s not that difficult.
Or is it ?


The Democrats hated Sessions though and said he was a Southern racist and unfit to serve. Color me confused???

random annoying bozo

if these people are reacting like this when a simple dismissal of a person takes do you think they are going to react when the muler comes back with no collusion and no obstruction? get a grip people, your hatred for President Trump is consuming you....and that's not a good thing.


MAGA !!! Mueller Ain"t Going Anywhere.
Think about it ,realize it , know it.

A Veteran

A gathering of the TDS mentally affected liberal LOONS!!

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