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Central walkout

Students at Central High School walked out of class Wednesday, saying schools need to be a safe place.

Hundreds of La Crosse Central High School students silently filed out of class at 10 a.m. Wednesday to protest school shootings and to show solidarity with their peers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Students held signs reading “Keep Our Schools Safe,” “Am I next?” and “Fear Has No Place in Our School,” among others, as they stood along Losey Boulevard South for 17 minutes of silence — one minute for each student killed in the Feb. 14 shooting in Parkland, Fla. They re-entered the building while chanting “Never Again.”

Central walkout

Students at Central High School show their support for their peers in Parkland, Fla., one month after a shooting there killed 17.

Organizers of the event — including seniors Willow Tolle, Avery Laffey and Marley Richmond — said the walkout was to demonstrate that every student, every teacher and every faculty member should feel safe in their schools.

“I don’t feel safe at school. I’ve made a plan for my escape route in all my classrooms, and I don’t think that’s a plan I should have to have,” said Richmond, who missed her French class to participate.

She’s not alone, particularly after a gun threat at Central High School in October 2016 closed the building and caused the district to reschedule the homecoming football game.

“We’re here today to collect everyone together and send a message that we need change in order to protect our right, our privilege to go to school,” Laffey said.

The students said they shouldn’t have to be concerned about dying while getting their education.

“I don’t think students anywhere should be worried about their safety in a classroom. I think they should be worried about their performance, their tests, their grades,” Richmond said.

La Crosse students were inspired by the Florida high school students who have made their voices heard nationwide after the shooting of their friends and classmates.

“They’re students just like all of us. That could have been very easily been me or my little sister or my best friends,” Tolle said.

She and 220 of her fellow Central students wanted to stand together with thousands of students across the nation and throughout the region in a show of support against gun violence.

“Students are uniting, and we don’t want to die going to school. We want to just get our education and thrive and get on with life,” Tolle said.

The 18-year-olds were blown away by the support they received from their fellow students.

“Students united have a voice. Students united will make a change,” Tolle said.

A number of drivers beeped their horns as they went past, with some giving students a thumbs-up or a wave.

“It feels good that the community is standing in solidarity with us,” Laffey said. “We feel supported.”

While some people have questioned their actions, Laffey said high school students aren’t too young to push for change.

“We’re the ones legislation affects when it comes to violence in the school. We’re the voices that matter in this situation because we attend high school, we attend the place where there is danger,” Laffey said.

The organizers stressed that they weren’t making a partisan statement, but rather one about safety.

“The young people will change the world,” Tolle said.

While the district did not condone the event, the students were allowed to hang up fliers and make announcements sharing news of the voluntary protest.

Randy Nelson mug


Superintendent Randy Nelson said district administrators worked with organizers of Central’s event, along with a similar Logan High School event Tuesday where students gathered in the gym, to respect student voices.

“We really worked with our students to talk about how we can help get their voice, hear their voice they need to have in this situation,” Nelson said, adding that it was important to hear all of the perspectives on a complex issue that needs a solution.

“If it were simple, we’d have solutions by now,” he said.

School staff and the school resource officer accompanied the students outside, supervising the protest without participating.

“We were certainly monitoring the situation to make sure we felt the students were safe,” Nelson said.

The school allowed students uncomfortable with the idea of going outside to gather in the gym.

Students who left the building were marked absent, which counted as an unexcused unless parents called in to approve it. More than 100 parents excused their children to take part in the protest.

Central walkout

More than 200 students walked out of class Wednesday at Central High School in La Crosse.

Students’ concerns were “absolutely” something Nelson had heard before, he said.

“Sometimes you do get that pulse from students. I think that the big concern we should all have about this is when students are feeling going to school is unsafe for them, we know that absolutely impacts their capacity to have a good academic school day,” he said.

Over the past years, the district has spent millions of dollars on school safety, renovating entryways to make sure school officials have eyes on the entries and partnering with the La Crosse Police Department to put informed officers in the building to support and protect students.

However, Nelson said, the biggest thing they’ve done is work harder to build strong relationships with students and families, encouraging them to tell school staff when something doesn’t seem right.

“That’s something you don’t always see,” he said.


City government reporter

Jourdan Vian is a reporter and columnist covering local government and city issues for the La Crosse Tribune. You can contact her at 608-791-8218.

(82) comments

El Duderino

Just on the off-chance Google isn’t available for you, homeslice. Enjoy....

El Duderino

Nice try, homeslice. Evidently reading comprehension isn’t your forte, while you’re a natural at taking people’s words out of context & twisting them around.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess people don’t respond to you because you’re pompous and not worth the energy.

Look the documents up yourself. Would you like me to read them to you, too?


El Duderino

Well, homey, I don’t think declassified CIA operations have anything to do with “silly websites”. Our government was conspiratorial, per the definition of the word, in the two examples I provided. That’s an irrefutable fact, supported by tangible CIA documents.

I understand that it’s easy, if not instinctual for many, to dismiss anything that doesn’t match the MSM’s agenda as “crazy” or “silly”.



Oh? Show us the declassified CIA documentation that "Kennedy likely received his red haircut for intervening in Operation Northwoods and his reluctance to enter the quagmire in Vietnam. " You are such a wordsmith, Dude. Red haircut, indeed.

El Duderino

If you think our country’s history isn’t full of successful or attempted false flags, think again. I’d suggest researching Operation Northwoods and the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, as a start.

Kennedy likely received his red haircut for intervening in Operation Northwoods and his reluctance to enter the quagmire in Vietnam.

Eisenhower’s warning about the military industrial complex during his fair well address was prophetic. Two time Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Smedley Butler, warned that war is a (profiteering) racket.

Never let a tragedy go to waste, as Obama stooge Rahm Emanuel said, right?



And this is all why our country is just f*cked... Divide and conquer. As long as they fight among them selves they will be to busy to notice what is really going on.

Buggs Raplin

Yeah, absolutely. The elite use everything imaginable to divide us from uniting against them and taking our country back. They use the propaganda media to do that. We are certainly f*cked. Yes sir. Yes Maam. We are totally f*cked. But I'll keep trying as long as I live to try to bring the truth to the people. It's a faint hope growing fainter, but still a hope.


Yes, we all should notice that the buy-in that the NRA asks for is that the government is out to get us all, ignoring 240 years of history in which voters have moved the bad actors out consistently when bad government intrudes. What the NRA wants to do is establish a strongman government, and it is well on its way -- or seems to think it is -- with Donald Trump. Unfortunately for the NRA, Trump is a gigantic fool who will be turned out by voters in good time. And the people who will lay to rest the NRA scare tactics seem to be in the wings right now, the high schoolers who will be voting in the 2020 elections, highly motivated and absolutely the worst news the NRA could imagine. Stop listening to your silly conspiracy websites, Dude. Listen to your fellow traveller, Buggs, who knows the NRA's time has come and is now on its way out. Hurrah for sanity!

Buggs Raplin

If I, Chip DeNure, aka Buggs Raplin had been the principle at Central, here's what I would have done. An announcement through the intercom to all students and teachers: This day has been designated by certain groups as a day of 'walking out of classes' to protest the tragedy in Florida, which we all mourn. All students who wish to participate in such a 'walk-out' have their right to do so, but it is against school rules, and you will be penalized for it with unexcused absences. Please note to all teachers and other school staff, once a student has left school to participate in this protest our legal responsibility for their welfare ends. You shall remain at your posts within the school. I will not allow...I repeat, I will not allow this institution to be used for political purposes.


Buggs needs to put down his bowl and lighter and turn off Fox news.

Buggs Raplin

If Puffy was served dog turds but told by the MSM they were hamburger for a chili, he lap it up and ask for more.


I know this is a cheap shot, but Buggs is a guy who has high principals.


I support these kids and their right to protest and wanting to be safe in their school. the problem is not the guns its the lack of security in our school buildings. We have lots of buildings that people cant get in or out of. We build them all the time. So why cant we secure our school buildings? As a tax payer I say TAX ME and secure our schools. Again, its not the guns. If the kid in Florida had used a steak knife he bought at Walmart or stole from a Perkins we would be having a very different discussion. Secure our buildings and protect our kids.

Buggs Raplin

I do not take issue with the students right to protest although they are unwitting pawns of the propaganda media being used for the gun control movement. What bothers me is the obvious facilitation of the protest by school officials. I don't pay taxes to support the school system so that school officials can help facilitate a protest for more gun control that I disagree with. School officials "supervising" the protest?Students being excused for participating if their parents give the OK? What in the hell is going on here? I'd hope that school board members would look into this. Perhaps Ms. Vian could do a story about that.-Chip DeNure

Buggs Raplin

Sounds like the Superintendent and officials at Central facilitated this protest, which was in reality a call for more gun control. I think that is totally inappropriate.


Yeah, right, Buggs. Why can't Central be like the Sand City, California, High School, which has a very firm grasp on how to keep students safe from firearms. It has an Administration of Justice class, and the teacher, using an actual handgun, was teaching the kids how to disarm an armed felon (something adults as well as teenagers should be well-trained in, for Pete's sake), when the gun went off and injured three students. Nothing like live ammo training to get your attention. How would THAT be for something totally appropriate at Central? We ought to have a commission formed by citizens of good will to investigate the Commie tendencies of the Central administration. It might not be bad to investigate their total gutlessness, too. Not a true man in the bunch, including the females. What kind of kids are we going to raise, for Pete's sake!?

Snow Cougar Mary Burke

I wonder how many students would be suspended if they had walked out of class and held a 10 minute rally supporting the Bill of Rights? (one minute for each 10 amendments)

Attention La Crosse area public education students: That would make a spicy story that would make national news.....



Well, Snow, I would imagine they spend a good deal more than ten minutes each year actually studying the Bill of Rights and how it relates to all of us as human beings. You ought to take a look yourself, though I know you prefer night marches with burning crosses and wiki torches.


I heard Willow on the radio today and she said that she would like to see background checks and that people with domestic violence not to be able to have guns. She obviously does not know the process of buying a gun. They do these things already. I hate to say it but this is the reason why kids don’t have the right to vote....uninformed, brains still full of mush. I applaud them for standing up for something but this all got political when they believe the NRA is at fault. As soon as it gets political you loose your intentions and purpose.

The NRA and their members are the only group that gets blamed for peoples actions that aren’t even members of their group.

No uproar when Steve Scalise and other politicians were shot up by a crazed left wing nut job. It wasn’t the NRAs fault then why now?

How come students at Onalaska, Logan, Aquinas, West Salem, and Bangor feel safe at their schools? No walkouts there. Also to see elementary and middle school students protesting is worrisome and sickening. Indoctrination is becoming rampant by ideologue teachers. What happened to critical thinking and teaching about the foundation of this great country. Debating thoughts and ideas is ok. If you don’t agree it’s ok. You shouldn’t be bullied for your views and thoughts.


No uproar when Scalise and other Congressional members and staffers were shot up on a ball field? What planet do you live on, River? And what was the NRA response to that shooting by yet another deranged madman drawn to the gun culture that the NRA has so carefully nurtured since 1977? That softball players should come to their games packing heat at all times so that no fool will ever take potshots at them again? Sounds like a reasonable solution to me, just like arming teachers to the teeth is the right thing to do, too. More guns will make us safer. It is a strategy that has worked SO well since the NRA instituted it in 1977, right?


The students are concerned about their safety. OK
The students plan a demonstration in support of improving school safety. OK
But no quote of any student mentions guns. Or gun control.
And no student's sign in photo accompanying the article references guns. Or gun control.
This is very different from the images from Florida the national media show continuously.

The only time "gun" is mentioned in this article it is when it is inserted (twice) by the Fibune as if that is the only cause of violence and controlling them is the only solution.

Just the usual tainted reporting compliments of the Fibune.


I take it that you were there and got a full understanding of student feelings, Redwall?

David Lee

Mamasboy, exactly who is this Vladamer Lennon you pretend to quote?

David Lee

For gods sake buggy, you are mentally crippled. I would not be surprised one bit if you went off and killed some innocents.

Buggs Raplin

If the propagandists in the MSM opened a can of dog food, and told David Lee it was filet mignon, he'd wolf it down and ask for more.


Vladamer Lennon referred to students as the "useful idiots". HOW TRUE

Boat Cap

Sorry, we should be teaching our kids, not turning them into activists. I totally disagree with them walking out on school time.


All the people who were made aware of this killer and the cops and FBI personnel who didn’t do their dam job should be charged as accessories to murder.


According to the Department of Transportation, in 2015 , over 3400 mainly teenagers were killed and thousands more injured due to texting and talking will driving, Do we see teens, media, outraged. Tens of thousands are killed in auto accidents due to alcohol, many again teens. Do we hear any out cry like we do over shootings, again the answer is no because it is not an ideology or agenda item of a political group who by their own claim “ never let a crisis go to waste without pushing your agenda” Democrats when in control of all levers of government and very few of whom take any money from the NRA could have banned every gun if they wanted too. But they did not even bring it up. If these liberals really cared about the lives of our youth and not just using them as political pawns they would go after larger killers of these youth instead of an ideology.


Ahem. Well, mocha, indeed the media has a constant flow of stories about the dangers of texting while driving, including stories expressing public anger when somebody is killed or injured by texting drivers. And I don't know what planet you have been living on, but since the 1950s at least the media has overflowed with stories about drunk driving. It continues to this day. I think it is one of the standard facts that is checked into by reporters when writing about any serious traffic accident, and woe to the drunk who gets caught with a list of DWIs over the last couple of decades. His or her name and face will be all over the local papers. Your political history about the NRA and Congress and state legislatures is laughably ignorant. But now that we have some actual momentum building up against the NRA finally -- and thanks from the bottom of our hearts to the high school students all over the nation -- the NRA is finally beginning to feel some existential sweat on its smug and thoroughly corrupt brow.


Your comment defies logic. What your saying is since a certain number of deaths occurred because of some other problem area and we haven't solved it we should just simply ignore another cause of deaths. The GOP is hell bent on taking America back to the dark ages. Don't try so hard to fit into the GOP framework - I think you'd start making more sense - can't imagine you'd talk like this on your own.

Robert Kitten

I will agree, assault rifles are pointless for the recreational user but don’t be so blind to think that making them “illegal” willl get them off the streets. Raising the purchasing age to 21 is a good idea but again won’t stop these tragedies. Making assault rifles illegal will take them out of the stores so the common law abiding man can’t buy them but what about the millions of them already out in the public? Please use common sense. These very same weapons were available in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s so why wasn’t this a problem then? There has been a cultural transition where people seem to think we are all even and if they aren’t treated fairly you have the right to retaliate. News flash...we all start at the same starting line but we don’t all finish in the same place. There are winners in life and there are losers in life,get over it,it doesn’t give you the right to shoot a bunch of innocent people. I might make some people unhappy here but we have become an entitled society. If you don’t like the position you are in in life,do something to better yourself.


It has been a problem since the assault weapons first appeared in the marketplace. Who are we kidding? The NRA has run a brilliantly corrupt campaign, foiling every attempt to rid the streets of these things. Are you saying because they are out there now and have been for decades that it is hopeless? I don't think so. It is our country and those are our streets. We pass the laws, people either obey them or face the consequences, and I am talking about the good people who own these things. It will take some time, but the weapons will disappear. I don't understand your alternative. Do you think good people who have these things in their closets are going to go out into the streets and do battle with the bad guys who have them in their possession illegally? Fat chance. There may be the odd instance where John Q. Armedtotheteethcitizen can usefully get after an insane gunman, like the Texas church shooter, but the very existence of these things is what poses the real problem. Get rid of them.

Rick Czeczok

I keep seeing it written that the AR15 is a military weapon. No it is not, it may look like one but, far away from one. A Glock is used by the military, so lets get rid of them as well as shotguns are often used by the military, take them away too, see my point. I know some of you can't or just won't and this is not for you. Any weapon can be used to kill. guns, bombs knives, bats, swords, glass chars, poison, cars or anything else that could cut, maim or enter the human body. Crazy people will use anything available to them, if they are set on killing. My point is, stop the PC junk and start getting the sick people help or institutionalize them until they can be helped. If they can't be helped keep them off the streets and out of society. Sounds kind of cruel, but so is the death of innocent kids. Pick or chose, because you only get one.
As far as depending on police, how did that work out in Florida, Denver etc. Protection is done by weaponizing people in places where crowds gather, and sorry to say but schools are the easiest targets, next would be malls or concerts. These are difficult issues but taking things away from good honest people, because you have nuts out there, just makes no sense to me. The congress has no answer to this, because laws will not stop a crazy person or belief. I don't like to think that we have gone down in morality so far that we need weapons in schools, but here we are. Now we can face it right where it happens and fight the crazy guy as it happens with weapons on site or wait for the police. Once again pick one, you only get one. Please let's keep open minds and don't come back at me with insults or attacks, because that is why we get nothing done. People need to live free, and not have to worry about a very few crazies out and about. We have been a society with guns for almost 250 years, When did things change, what changed it and who changed. Answer those, and answers will start to fall into place.


Things changed once, Rick, in the late 1800s when society decided it did not want half its citizenry walking around in public with six shooters strapped to their hips and made it illegal. The occasional mass shooting was VERY occasional, once in a few decades. Things began to change again, Rick, when right wing crazies took over the NRA and used it to gin up gun sales to the public by re-interpreting the 2d Amendment and making a totally bogus campaign that the government was out to take away everybody's gun. It reignited the romance of the gun, and now we have a very serious mass gun shooting about once a month. Is there any more common sense history that you want related to you? Or have I been a mean, closed minded old cuss who has insulted you with facts, guaranteeing in your mind that nothing will be done.


The kids should be protesting the 49 times the government failed to act on warnings about this creep. 49 mistakes, BUT BLAME THE TOOL, morons.

Buggs Raplin

The whole impetus for the latest gun control movement is the Parkland tragedy, which was a false flag. The "What Really Happened" web site has a story today on 5 questions that need answering, some of which I covered below. The last one in the article is why the 'authorities' are refusing to allow video from INSIDE the school to be seen. Obviously because it would reveal multiple shooters. Hey, Central students, why not devote your time and energy to a real purpose. Go to the alternative media for the truth. Leave the 2nd Amendment alone. It's there for your protection. Wake up. Don't be a pawn of the mainstream media.

Buggs Raplin

Want to keep our schools safe? Armed guards, and increased security measures. And don't spare the cost, if you really care about the safety of our students.-Chip DeNure

Buggs Raplin

Check out the last few sentences of Ms. Vian's report. They boggle my mind. Students who apparently didn't want to participate in this protest 'gathered in the gym.' Huh? Gathered in the gym? And then there's school staff, 'supervising the protest.' For chrissakes that is not the job of school staff to supervise a protest. And then there's the unexcused absence (such a penalty) for protesting students but that can be waived if the parents call in and request it. What a total bullsh*t protest with the apparent cooperation of officials at Central High School.-Chip DeNure.


It leads one to wonder if the school staff (or our 'triggered' band of trib-lib friends) would be as supportive of students exercising their 1st Amendment right to free speech if they left school seeking to protest attempts to erode rights which are supposed to be protected by the 2nd Amendment.


Deep, crank. Really, really deep, man. Have you and Buggs been doing doobies together?

Buggs Raplin

Again with the doobies. What a liar you are.


#troll [offtopic]

Don't feed the trolls, Buggs.

"I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it." - George Bernard Shaw


I think you also learned some time ago, crank, that when you have nothing to say to defend your empty arguments that it is best to just withdraw from the field. Buggs has known this for years. He simply disappears and waits a few days to launch the same nonsense all over again. Snort. Snuffle, snuffle.

"Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance." George Bernard Shaw.


I learned a long time ago you spend hours and hours here every day bickering with anyone you can find to troll. When you have nothing to say to defend your empty arguments, you withdraw from the field in your own way. You do this: "Deep, crank. Really, really deep, man. Have you and Buggs been doing doobies together?"

When people stop responding to your trolls, you continue until you can will sanctimoniously proclaim that you "won" by sending them into hiding (in weeds).

I have poked fun at the hundreds of comments (trolls) you post under a single article directed at other people. Seeing the timestamps on the comments you post, you devote hours almost every day to reading and responding to every utterance by Chip Denure. One article had nearly 200 comments. #obsession #addiction #pathetic

This article is no different. Do whatever it takes to make you feel important, I guess. Realize, however, that you are no different than the man you pursue here daily. [love] You will also wait for the next article in a few days "to launch the same nonsense all over again. Snort. Snuffle, snuffle.

You have his telephone number and address. Why not call him or go over there and kiss the man. Stop this constant flirting and get it over with. [love] #obsession

"There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know." --John Heywood

Robert Kitten

Frangel I agree with you about cooperation in Washington. Here’s what I don’t understand. Are there really people out there that think making guns illegal or harder to get is going to stop anything? Correct me if I’m wrong but meth and heroin are illegal too and hows that going? It does more harm than good to take firearms from the general public. Do you realize how easy and cheap it is to buy any firearm you choose without going through a dealer? People need to wake up and get out of the fantasy land they live in that’s filled with unicorns and leprechauns. This is the real world,if I want a gun I will get a gun. Maybe more needs to be done to stop people from wanting guns for any other reasons than hunting or pleasure.


Wow, easy tiger, who said anything about taking away everyone's guns? Raise the legal age to buy a firearm. I think that would be a great start.


and banning military semi-automatic assault rifles from private ownership would be another great step. We are trying to stop mass killings in schools, churches and public venues, and those weapons, as the gun enthusiasts like to call them, are the "tool" of choice for mass killers. It isn't going to stop murders, of course, and it won't even stop all mass killings, but it is going to begin to lower the temperature of the overheated gun culture, and as these weapons disappear, the most "effective" tool for the mentally disturbed gunmen who see their day of glory coming by becoming a "Rambo" ambusher will decline.

Buggs Raplin

The Parkland tragedy was a false flag now being used by the media to try to destroy the 2nd Amendment. The FBI knew Cruz wanted to be a school shooter, and did nothing. Two students reported multiple gunmen. A teacher said a shooter was dressed in full military garb. Cruz would not have had the time to change into it upon arrival at school. Sheriff's deputies stood down and did not go to the rescue of the students. A false flag. Now the media is attempting to manufacture a children's crusade, and students at Central and elsewhere are their pawns in this endeavor. It's sort of like the rats being led out of town by the Pied Piper. God bless the NRA-just renewed my membership.-Chip DeNure aka Buggs Raplin


Buggs - Seriously, you believe this?

Buggs Raplin

I know it's hard for people indoctrinated into the 'official' version of things to understand the reality of factual information. Just for the hell of it, please try and dispute any of the facts I presented.


I know it hard for you when people blow your arguments out of the water, Buggs, but that is what happens when you continually try to float false information on these boards. I am not privy (though you will probably dispute this violently) to the information base the FBI has on potential shooters, but I expect they number at least in the high tens of thousands. Do they act on some of them in time? I would hope so, and I would think that we never will know about those cases, unless it happens with a family member or a close friend or neighbor. Do they usually stop the active shooters before they act? Obviously not, given the mounting, almost monthly record of mass shootings in this country. Should they do better? I certainly hope they get better at it, and when it goes wrong, as it did in this Florida case, somebody in the organization will have to answer for it.

As for a teacher saying the shooter was dressed in "full military garb", that is not the description given by hundreds of other eye witnesses, so far as I know. As you full well know, at mass shooting events, the trauma of the moment causes many people to think in the aftermath they saw something they most certainly did not. You love to cite the woman videotaping herself as she walks down a hallway of the Bellagio Hotel, dramatically telling the world of how the hotel was under attack by gunmen with automatic weapons who sprayed and destroyed the front of the hotel. As you also well know, nothing of the kind happened.

Have you reduced your Florida high school eye-witness down to this one lone teacher? I don't follow this stuff like you do. Have the stories of the other eye-witnesses you were citing been so thoroughly discredited that you no longer cite them? I think it was two other eye-witnesses. What they said they saw does not at all comport (a word introduced to me by one of your fellow gun-lovers) with what 3,000 other students, teachers and building staff saw. We should withhold judgement on what the deputies did or did not do until that has been investigated. The "childrens' crusade" you refer, my friend, is the sound of footsteps behind the lunatic NRA reign of gun laws in this country. They are the voters of the future, and while our generation is guilty of letting the NRA get away with this outrage, the future generations will not stand for it. Boo!

By the way, it is just swell that the NRA has honored you with such an outstanding vote of confidence by renewing your membership. It is testimony to your deep gullibility and the foolishness of your money-spending habits.

Buggs Raplin

You've obfuscated on this before. I replied. No sense wasting any more time with you on this subject.


Nice duck, Buggs. Nothing to say of merit, once again.


Chip, 17 parents lost their children. To call it a conspiracy or "false flag" that was perpetuated to strip you of your rights is so incredibly disrespectful. Clearly you want to believe your own version of the events to fit your worldview, but have you no decency?

I occasionally glance at the comments on stories and I'm aware of your general conviction that everything that happens in La Crosse is a liberal scheme to hurt you personally. And if that's what you want to believe, great. But 17 children died. Show an ounce of respect.

Buggs Raplin

Credible eyewitness testimony from two students of multiple gunmen. One student said she was walking with Cruz when shots were fired from another part of the building. The other student specified she saw 3 gunmen. A teacher said a shooter was in full military garb. Cruz would not have had the time to change into that upon his arrival at the school as even the official version said the gunfire occurred about two minutes after he arrived. If anyone is disrespecting the dead it's people like you who swallow the lies of the propaganda media with no scrutiny. Do you realize the propaganda media has not even reported on those two students and what they saw. It was a false flag whose purpose was to destroy as much of the 2nd Amendment as possible. Wake up Reinhold!


You have never answered this, Buggs. You cite two (2) witnesses at the high school. There are more than three thousand (3,000+) students, teachers and staff who saw nothing like these two saw. Did the CIA get to 3,000+ witnesses and within a couple of hours get them to lie about what they saw to carry the government's -- ahem -- false flag? Please advise. I'll be holding my nose.

Robert Kitten

I applaud the students for standing up for something they believe in but if your not part of the solution you are part of the problem. I read the article and the signs pictured but I didn’t read anything about their ideas for a solution. You can walk around town with a sign until your blue in the face but if you don’t have any meat and potatoes behind your protest you are simply making a scene. These kids are old enough to know that they wanted to protest and show their solidarity but are they not old enough to offer some solutions? “Keep Our Schools Safe!”...Maybe I’m just having a bad day but is that really the best you can come up with? Solutions people, a goal is just a dream without a plan. Let’s quit wasting time marching around and come up with a plan. The NRA is not the problem, Donald Trump is not the problem, Obama is not the problem. I have an idea students and everyone for that matter; take the 3-8 Hours a day you spend on social media posting about how great or ungreat your life is and dedicate that time to making a difference. Brainstorm some realistic ideas to make your school safer,less divided and more inclusive.


Sorry but the NRA, legislators and Trump are the problem because they stonewall at every attempt to stop the proliferation of guns on the street, lying around homes unlocked while simultaneously stonewalling on healthcare - Ok Robert start a group for finding solutions and see how far it goes in Washington - that would be a start


Only the NRA of the three you mentioned is the constant. Legislators have changed, and Trump has only been president for a short time. The liberals had their messiah in office for eight years, with control of the senate and congress, WhAT IN THE HE// DID THEY DO??? But now it’s Trumps fault. See how stupid you are? Do you have a clue? Can you think beyond the tip of tour frikin nose??


Perhaps, Climate, you could point one instance, at least, of anybody blaming Trump for the Florida high school shooting. Just one will do. But of course you miss the point of just about every debate that appears on these boards because what else would anybody with a screen name like Climatehoax do but completely bollix up his understanding of any issue that arises?


Homey read fangel right above me, who does he say is at fault?


Trump is now so scared witless of the NRA, he is on their team trying to hold off the new groundswell of public support for meaningful gun control. The Obama administration was trying to get meaningful gun control, as you may recall, but Congress was scared witless by the NRA lobbying power. Eventually, however, the will of the people will speak even more loudly, and Congressional members will realize that if they want their seat in Congress, they had better vote with the will of the people.


if you search the media and read what students are saying all over the country, you will see what they are advocating as far as gun violence is concerned. One is raising the age to buy gun to 21. Another is thorough background checks on all gun purchases. Third is better mental health detection and treatments. Another is banning weapons of war all together. And on it goes. The politicians know what should be done and what the kids are asking. They are just too afraid of the NRA, like Trump, and cow tow to their threats of pulling election money.


Thank you, so right!


See my post above your stupid comment.


Wow, that is some conceit, Climate, that anybody would search out one of your earlier posts for "clarification". Dream on, brother.


Describe your version of weapons of war and what makes them such please. Just curious as you use that phrase quite a lot. What would be a "thorough" background check ? How are you going to force healthcare professionals to violate HIPPA and report to The national background check system we have in place so these people can be banned from firearm purchases? Let' s get in the weeds for a bit and discuss details can we ?


Robert Kitten - I feel the same way about the pudgy protesters that used to creep around the I-90 overpass, holding up signs and waving at traffic with their bellies hanging out.


Mr. Kitten, I believe you are right, you are just having a bad day.


You really need to read kingman10's response to your comment, R.K. I hope you do. Kids all over the country have come up with more ideas to reduce gun violence since Parkland than the totally lame US Congress has in the last decade or more. The difference is that the kids have the guts to go out and work on it, to serve as a catalyst to getting our country to be safer. I thoroughly hope they will not set this cause aside until those solutions are implemented, making the situation better at least, even if it's not perfect. DO IT, STUDENTS.


Hopefully parents will excuse their son/daughter, and support them as they exercise their first amendment rights. And hopefully these young people realize they have another kind of voice at the voting booth. Let's all hope it's heard loud and clear.

Uncle Harry



It is totally WRONG to mark these students absent. I, too, think it is past time that someone stands up against the NRA and all the spineless people that support it and fail in their duty to rein them in. I applaud all the students and encourage them to continue in their efforts to wake up our weak-kneed officials in our Country's government at all levels. Washington politicians are derelict in their duty to America's citizens from birth to elderly. It's all about their money and moneyed friends - the rest do not count.


Spineless people supporting the constitution and person right to own a gun. Please move to Canada


Nobody's trying to revoke your right to own a gun, Hoax. You keep saying this over and over and over, and you're wrong every time. Learn, man, learn.


You are either in class when you're supposed to be or have parental or healthcare permission to be absent or, you are marked as an unexcused absence. Pretty simple, right Frangel?


Unbelievable how a whole lot of teens can have bigger balls than the fearful,panty waist,
politicians,mostly Republicans,we have today, going down for the NRA and doing anything they tell "em.



Similar to the DemoRats and the fake man made climate change BS, right johnnydummy?


Climate change is real, hoax. It's your beliefs that are "fake." How many facts and/or shootings will it take to get you to change your mind?


Yep, it's real gramps. The jury is out on how much of it is human caused and how much is cyclical. Also, how much of your social security check are you willing to donate as increased taxes and costs of goods to "try" and stop it? What's the tipping point for you personally.

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