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Shut down those bars.

Heilong Jiang

"We dont trust you with the information, you might be judgmental (in a way we dont agree with) so we arent going to share the information with you."



Huh? I thought after reading your 8:47pm post that I somehow missed the quote that you seem to be citing from the article. So I went back and read it again and find no such quote. Now, if you simply made this quote up, just who would that indicate should be regarded as "unbelievable", Wormy? Is this how you trick people into joining Satan in Hades, as your chosen screen name, taken from a C.S. Lewis character, does in the novel? Is this how you demonstrate your integrity and truthfulness? Is this why you engineered the false letter to graduating high school seniors on behalf of the local Republican Party? Wormwood is indeed a worthy name for you.


Let’s blame Republicans. It’s the people like Wormwood/Redwall who think it’s all a big joke.


"Health officials said that the community should not be quick to blame certain members of the public or certain gatherings."

Why not? So who should we blame then? Is it OK to blame them slowly?

Heilong Jiang

The news releases from the County Health Dept are a parody of political correctness and unearned liberal elitism.

Two weeks ago from the Health Department it was "turn in your neighbor" for "follow-up" if you suspect anything politically incorrect.


Mr. Feehan, would you care to share with others the basis for your allegation about the Health Department for something it said two weeks ago? Somehow it does not track in my memory. Could it be that you are lifting something out of context? I am certain, if that is the case, you would want to amend your allegation. So, sir, let's see it.


Wormwood, the hand-maiden of the devil, chooses to go into hiding and not try to support the unsupportable, namely his allegation about the County Health Department news releases. Typical of a coward. Not typical of the sort of person who would head a county Republican Party, but that is Wormwood for you.


TRIGGER WARNING!!! Oldhomey, Rneigbuhr and capedcrusader. Please do not read the following fact or your heads may explode: Deaths in La Crosse County due to parking at Menards - 1. Deaths in La Crosse County due to Covid 19 - 0.


If you are worrying about exploding skulls, bytheway, you might see if there is a pressure release valve on your own noggin'. Your sociological observations indicate a badly overheated mind, a dangerous thing when coupled with a very narrow and disorderly imagination such as yours. I would recommend a couple of aspirin and a good night's rest before you make a fool of your self again.


I am so triggered by your illimitable logic that I cannot—nay, will not— go on. The depths of my trauma over your commanding use of both numbers AND words will haunt me for decades.


Go back to school.

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