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Stumbled upon this place by accidient for the first time last week. Inwas so excited to have found such a cool place with good food. Couldn't wait to go back and bring my husband along. This is so disappointing. I hope someone buys it and keeps it just the same. Places like these are amazing!!!


Very sad to hear about this, especially since there is some traction to improve & market this part of town (Uptown movement). We bought meat, buns & condiments for large gatherings, picnics, etc., and it was always a hit, and very affordable, compared to other catering options. Wish we would have had time to show our gratitude... reading this a day after the closed. :-(


Been in La Crosse for 30 years and this is the first I've heard of the place... That's disappointing.


Can somebody explain to me why owners do this? He tells his employees just 24 hours ahead of time that he's closing. It's the same thing the owner of Edwardo's did! It's not like he decided yesterday to close, so why not put a for sale sign out in front?


Typical tribune to wait until the day of to tell us its closing.


If you would have read the article, it states that it was decided on Monday to close the doors. Jeez, always so quick to point fingers!!


somebody save the maid rite !!!!



Condor Kid

Sad times.

mud flyes

Will miss Dick and the gang and the afternoon meals and fantastic breakfasts. Wish them all well.


Dick, Sue, Sandy & all the rest of the crew. You have all been great. Kept me coming back all 26 years. Never a bad meal. Quite a record. My best to all of you.

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