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La Crosse to consider where to put Hatched Baby sculpture

"Hatched Baby" was created by Wolfgang Auer, an artist from La Crosse's German sister city of Friedberg.

The La Crosse Board of Park Commissioners this evening will discuss the placement of a Hatched Baby sculpture created by a German artist. The meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. at the Black River Beach Neighborhood Center, 1433 Rose St.

Wolfgang Auer, a sculptor from La Crosse’s sister city of Friedberg, Germany, created the work of art as part of his Blue Baby project. The sculpture shares the projects distinctive blue skin, wide eyes and full set of white teeth.

According to Auer’s website, the sculpture is inspired by his daughter’s birth in 2007.

La Crosse Arts Board Chairman Doug Weidenbach recommended the park board place the sculpture in the Riverside International Friendship Gardens, Main Street walkway, library or another city park.

The sculpture recently was displayed at the Fitton Art Center in Hamilton, Ohio, and has been provided to the city for free. The city would need to pay installation costs.

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City government reporter

Jourdan Vian is a reporter and columnist covering local government and city issues for the La Crosse Tribune. You can contact her at 608-791-8218.

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So here's a little more information about the artist and his other pieces. It includes pictures He's been doing the blue baby in various forms since his daughter was born. It perhaps has to do with the "angst of parenthood?" Maybe we could put it in the middle of the roundabout?At first I thought it was just really creepy, but now that I look at the other pictures it will be quite a conversation piece! Wouldn't young children get a kick out of it? It's starting to grow on me!


That is seriously the ugliest thing I have ever seen. I get that art is in the eye of the beholder but seriously? This is obnoxious and seems to have nothing in common with La Crosse culture or history. Don't accept this gift. Just tell the guy we already have a statue in town but thanks for the offer.


Because something is free doesn't mean you take it. I really don't care who calls this art. It is not aesthetically pleasing. Absolute garbage. What a way to ruin the beauty of Lacrosse after all the hard work people have put into revitalizing our city.


Might make a real spooky Halloween decoration. Then back to the basement and out of sight until another Halloween.


NO WHERE!!!! Send it BACK where it came from. UGLY AS ALL HECK!


Free? I'm sure it was. It's just creepy. We need to donate this to some other "lucky" city. Has the council lost their minds?

Rick Czeczok

Let me just put everything in perspective if I may if I may, think out loud, in my way of thinking, which is just one opinion, mine and mine alone.
We are tearing down statues all over this country, that represent what we are, and where we came from, good or bad, it is our history to be learned from. Then we are putting up something like this from a foreign country, who may very well be mocking us.
Now let's here from all the writers who are going to say so was the statue on Staten Island, just so they can make some silly comparison. Stop this silly nonsense and let's get back to common sense thinking, and stop this PC garbage.


your paranoia is unwarranted, no one is trying to mock us. You want to learn history, read a book, a statue tells only a tiny bit, but that seems to be our attention span these days. People want to move racist statues away from public spaces because they are offensive or represent the worst in us. Societies realizing their past mistakes do not continue to honor those mistakes, unless you think they are not mistakes, in which case you have not learned from history, and are condemned to repeat it.


Its "free" for a reason.

I have a misshapen, sad and rather ugly attempt at a book shelf in my garage that I created some years ago. I suppose I could donate it to the sophisticated art mavens of La Crosse and take a tax deduction for my generosity.

Except I'd be too embarrassed because its really cwap.

So sorry.

Walter Sobchak

Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode. "Ya gotta see the baby!"


Sibling of Chuckie?

Mr Mojo Risin

Erect it next to the 10 commandments.


this is not Art. this is someone's practical joke


My first reactions was a feeling of being creeped out. Apparently it's 9 ft. tall. Send it back to the artist, he can add it to his collection of blue babies. La Crosse has had a never ending conversation about the big Indian at the river. Blue baby will probably be the new never ending discussion.


Good grief, how much did it weigh at birth?


Why in the world would you want to put that ugly thing anywhere?? This is the ugliest , creepiest thing in the world. Don't put it anywhere!!!!!!!




Send it to Rocket Man to use as ballast on one of his missle tests. Just because someone considers it art doesn't make it art.


You don't really get art do you?


Okay, then Mx. WuTang, do you understand this art? Do you enjoy this blue baby coming out of an egg? Do you have some kind of enhanced understanding of what it is I'm looking at here?


If a blue baby with full teeth exiting an egg is art, then the pile of dog doo on the sidewalk is art?




how about the dumpster..yeah..the dumpster




Wow. The birth of his daughter inspired him to make Maybe not the ugliest piece of art out there but it's got to rank pretty high


May I suggest putting in the city park with the highest rate of vandalism. The thing looks creepy. This is like the bad gift you receive that you can't wait to re-gift to someone you hate. Yikes!



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