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The La Crosse Parking Utility is looking to get a better idea of how parking is used and how that will change in the future through a detailed study approved Monday by the Board of Public Works.

Jim Flottmeyer, city parking utility director


Consultant Rich & Associates will build off its 2014 La Crosse parking study to evaluate current parking conditions and project future demand in several targeted areas throughout the city, including a large portion of the South Side, according to parking utility coordinator James Flottmeyer.

The previous study stuck to downtown La Crosse. The new one will extend the boundaries to include on-street parking from the Mississippi River to Losey Boulevard and from La Crosse to Cass streets. It will also include the area between Gundersen Health System and Mayo Clinic Health System, the area surrounding Western Technical College and University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and the Caledonia Street commercial area on La Crosse’s North Side.

“We’re expanding it quite a bit to take in some of our other trouble areas,” Flottmeyer said. “Also, we’re going to look at paid on-street parking and our residential parking permit program.”

The consultants will update the parking space inventory, including all public and private off-street and on-street parking available. They will review the land and parking use in the area and conduct online surveys as well as stakeholder interviews to get a full view of the current parking supply and demand.

The study also will include a review of existing parking management, signage and policies, including the residential parking permit program.

La Crosse police Assistant Chief Rob Abraham


“There’s a lot of pieces to the parking puzzle that they’re going to look at and address,” said La Crosse Assistant Police Chief Rob Abraham, who oversees the parking utility.

The consultant will be able to summarize parking needs by block, as well as project short-term and long-term parking needs.

The group will come back with recommendations for the city, including potential changes to the parking management system or city zoning requirements, as well as where the city could use more parking or different pricing strategies.

“We’re asking them to look a lot of different things and provide a lot of input that will provide guidance to the council for years to come on the parking situation,” Abraham said.

Mayor Tim Kabat


La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat spoke in favor of the study, saying it will provide information that will be helpful as neighborhoods consider instituting parking benefit districts to charge for on-street parking.

“I think it’s important, especially with the parking benefit discussions and the pilot programs and everything else, to try to get a true sense of the local universal parking challenges that we have,” Kabat said.

The study will cost $100,000, which will be taken out of the parking utility budget.

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City government reporter

Jourdan Vian is a reporter and columnist covering local government and city issues for the La Crosse Tribune. You can contact her at 608-791-8218.

(7) comments


The city leaders p$ss away money like this and have the gall to ask surrounding communities to help pay their bills. Must be the new math.


This is just ridiculous. We pay a parking utility director as well as his supervisor. There is no need to spend 100k on a study. What the heck is wrong with city hall? Why all the spending?


How many pot holes would that 100 K fill?

If that worthless bunch at city hall won’t or can’t do their job and need to get outside help with planning everything and anything maybe we don’t need them on the payroll!

If the lazy bums at city hall don’t want to do their job I think we should give them a shovel and put them out filling potholes, even with their mind set they should be able to figure out how to put black top in a hole!!!!!!!!!!!!

At least we’d get something for our taxes!

Rick Czeczok

Do we not have smart people at city hall? Why do we always spend so much a year on these studies. Maybe we just need better people making the big bucks at city hall. Why pay for both?


I know I'm basically just talking to the air here, but at some point things have to be looked at that we all know is just crazy. I mean a $100,000 on a parking STUDY??? I mean people have to be scratching their heads at this point, thinking what the heck are my tax dollars really going for??


How the eff is this ok??? Please explain that?? A100K on parking!! There are so many other things that money could REALLY be used for!! But I guess the dire priorities come first! It's a joke!!


When will they start charging for parking at City Hall?

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