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Lost Voices

Bud Smith, left, speaks along with the other members of Lost Voices, a group of protesters from Ferguson, Mo., during their Thursday visit to University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

The Lost Voices found purpose in tragedy.

Each of the eight members who visited University of Wisconsin-La Crosse to speak to students Thursday evening at Valhalla in the Cartwright Center shared their personal stories, speaking about how the death of Michael Brown at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson changed their lives.

Dasha Jones lived down the street from where Brown was killed Aug. 9, 2014, after he was confronted by Wilson for jay-walking. She recounted her first reaction for UW-L students.

“Why would (Wilson) do that?” Jones remembered asking. “I thought police were supposed to protect us,” she said.

Jones took to the streets, where she met others who felt the same horror and anger, and demanded Wilson be held accountable for Brown’s death, arguing against the grand jury decision not to charge Wilson and put him on trial.

Members lost their jobs as they lived in tents for three months, keeping the pressure on the local government to create real change.

“I worked nine-to-fives just like they do. Now I’ve got a better nine-to-five,” said member Meldon Moffitt.

Moffitt, along with the other Lost Voices members, have spent months of protesting and demanding change that would hold police accountable for brutality, require more extensive officer training on racial bias and ensure current policies are enforced.

“Footwork and running your mouth are two different things,” Moffit said.

The group was founded in protest, but its work has gone beyond marching and chanting as Ferguson tries to recover from the tragedy. The Lost Voices founded the Center of Hope and Peace in the city to provide a safe, free place where children can go, learn and play.

“We did that, and we made that happen for free,” said Lost Voices member Myjia Smith.

In addition, they run food and clothing drives to ensure children in their neighborhood get enough to eat and warm clothes to keep them going through winter.

“We do whatever it takes to give kids a future,” Moffit said.

They’ve also traveled to speak on their experiences to try and keep the dialogue going and make sure everyone’s voice is heard.

“At the end of it, I’m talking to y’all, and y’all are talking to me,” said Myjia Smith. “We all will be equal.”

When asked what keeps them going through the months of hard work, Myjia Smith was blunt.

“The killings. … It brings tears to our eyes and pain to our souls,” said Myjia Smith.

“I don’t feel like anybody’s life should be taken,” she added.

The speakers were invited to La Crosse after UW-L students Julius Starlin and Eden Klingensmith-Laplander heard them speak at the National White Privilege Conference earlier this year.

The event’s moderator, Charles Modiano, who travels with the Lost Voices to help tell their story, said they came to teach UW-L students that they can make a difference and address racial inequality in their community.

“You can do things,” said Modiano. “There are a number of organizations that are listed right here,” Modiano added, pointing to the list of the events’ sponsors, including the Black Student Unity, Department of Ethnic & Racial Studies and Office of Multicultural Student Services.

‘Black Lives Matter’

The group also took a moment to address the use of language and how it affects them — specifically why the movement is entitled “Black Lives Matter,” rather than the commonly suggested “All Lives Matter.”

Bud Smith explained that the movement’s members know that all lives matter, but so often black lives are excluded.

“’All Lives Matter’ doesn’t include us. We say that because we’re seeing it. The proof is in the pudding,” said Bud Smith.

The choice of the name acknowledges that exclusion.

“It’s not like we’re saying only black lives matter, but we’re the ones being targeted,” said Jones.

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City government reporter

Jourdan Vian is a reporter and columnist covering local government and city issues for the La Crosse Tribune. You can contact her at 608-791-8218.

(77) comments

real life Justice

This is amazing you have a group of unemployed individuals who are trying to influence UW-L students. I thought the Administration Had more sense than that. Since the minority population of the city has increased So has Crime, Drug Problems, Violent Assaults/Murder. Using Ferguson as there excuse to protest. Brown is nothing more than a common criminal this time he came up against someone who was not going to back down from him. Further more he was asked to get out of the street and walk on the sidewalk and not Jay walking, how difficult is that pretty simple request but for an ignorant person who has no respect for anyone which he demonstrated at his last criminal offense cant fix stupid
Now you invite these unemployed dead beats to continue stirring up the past instead of keep there jobs and paying taxes like the rest of working people so they can help rebuild what there so called lost voices destroyed in Ferguson. La Crosse's 1% black population that create most the problem


I'll say it. black folk have deep societal woes that aren't going to be fixed.especially when media and events as this support the wrong message


Bug, if you think for one moment that if Eric Holder had a shred of evidence that would convict this cop it would not have been presented. He had nothing. He had 60 FBI agents trying to dig up anything and it was not credible. He is not above fudging or manufacturing evidence, but just couldn't make it work. He would have sold his soul for a conviction and there was no lack of trying on his part. Actually Brown could have been shot in the store with no questions asked. Like I said, he even got a do over and screwed that up. Fighting and robbing a store owner is bad enough, he may have had a gun but fighting with a police officer your pushing it.

Buggs Raplin

I wouldn't trust Eric Holder to do the right thing on anything. According to witnesses, Brown was murdered in cold blood. Whether Brown was a thug or robbed cigars from a store is irrelevant. He was murdered by a cop, if you go by the eyewitnesses.


The witnesses are liars!

Buggs Raplin

I guess in your case, if you don't like the truth, it aint true.


Brilliant analysis, new2. We expect it from you. Now please back up what you have alleged here with actual evidence that anything you said ever took place. Oh, you can't? I didn't think so.

Buggs Raplin

Google video of the testimonies of Piaget Crenshaw, Tiffany Mitchell, and Michael Brady-they are consistent: a tussel between Brown and the cop at the squad car; Brown runs away with the cop firing at him as he runs; Brown stops and turns around; the cop kills him. Tiffany Mitchell said Brown had his hands up at the time. Michael Brady says Brown just crumpled up, but did not charge the cop. Based on these named, credible eyewitnesses, I conclude cold-blooded murder by a cop who lost his cool. The grand jury acquittal? BS. The cop who killed a guy in New York, the one where the victim was saying he couldn't breathe, he got a grand jury acquittal as well. Just plain ol' police brutality covered up by the system.


The movement regularly undermines itself. Their actions in Madison are another good example. The problem is a lack of focused leadership.

Buggs Raplin

If you go by witness statements which are available on the internet on various videos, and on one CNN report, it was cold blooded murder by a cop on an individual whom he had fired upon as he ran away from him, but had turned around with arms upraised in surrender, and then was gunned down. Everything else is superfluous-whether he was thug or stole cigars-he didn't deserve to die in cold blood by a cop..


Oh, Buggs, even the U.S. Dept of Justice, Eric Holder's Dept of Justice yet, disproved that. Your "witnesses" are not credible, and you have no proof but your own opinion.

Buggs Raplin

The witness video testimonies available on the internet are believable. There is nothing believable about Eric Holder or the Justice Department.


There is one thing believable about Eric Holder, Buggs. He's as big a racist as George Wallace was. To say that he wouldn't jump at the chance to crucify a white boy like Wilson is LAUGHABLE! I've seen video of those upstanding citizens giving their account of what happened. I think a number of them were in need of a new computer or TV. Let's commence with the lootin, Christmas is commin kind of thing. All of the evidence supports what the cop said. "Turned around with arms upraised in surrender and then was gunned down" Buggs? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buggs Raplin

Theo, you don't understand how the system works. But I guess I gave you a laugh...


I understand exactly how the system works Buggs, that's WHY you gave me a laugh!

Buggs Raplin

Theo, you don't know jack...


My, this is a pleasure, seeing two of the most ill-informed blowhard gasbags on these posts having it out on each other, Buggs vs. Theobone. And we also have Buggs going up against new2. There can be no possible winner in these quarrels, but we get to see a lot of losers.


Michael Brown undermines the very movement his death created. There are plenty of legitimate examples. His story is not one of them.


Which is what I said. I totally agree with you Zen. Crank and Looneytunes seem to think this is the perfect example of white privilege to be guarded at all costs.


Yes I see you know how to slice what I wrote, but we don't see the whole post so I think I have to say BS. You don't even show I was commenting on Ferguson or what the topic was.


Why argue with this leftwing BOZO. He belongs in a mental institution.


Here is Looney, again, rolling out his powerful skills of analysis and persuasion, taking a point-by-point look at his opponent's position, weighing it and examining it for its information, determining if the position stands on factually sound grounds, pointing out when it does not. He is a model of decorum and civility, the sort of person we wish the Tea Party would promote for candidacy for public office. His screen name and iconic image perfectly project the sensibility he exhibits in his posts.


Here is oldhomey, again, rolling out his powerful skills of analysis and persuasion, taking a point-by-point look at his opponent's position, weighing it and examining it for its information, determining if the position stands on factually sound grounds, pointing out when it does not. He is a model of decorum and civility, the sort of person we wish the Tea Party would promote for candidacy for public office. His screen name and iconic image perfectly project the sensibility he exhibits in his posts.


You know looneytunes, the last guy who looked like your picture killed little boys and buried them in the basement down in Chicago.

Comment deleted.

You are right cranky, I am trapped very deeply in your head. I know because you follow me around like a faithful little puppy.


Again, same old tower. Deny what you wrote. Obfuscate... I provided the date and time. You've probably already found the article but you still deny it.

Back then you were also denying the same video evidence you denied today.

You posted earlier, "I have watched both videos, the other one which I don't believe, shows a different view." Hmmmm... Perhaps you don't believe it because it proves you're wrong by showing Michael Brown (you know, the innocent Teddy Bear) grabbing a clerk by the throat on CNN.

If it had a FOX logo on the crawl, you'd claim it was invented by the GOOPers but CNN? That network tells you liberals what to think and say. You know it's real but you can't bring yourself to admit it. Don't bother. You've revealed your true self again, tower.


So I guess you can't post the whole comment crank. You throw the word liar around pretty loosely when you lie by omission. But than I guess it is par for the course with you. Maybe you should have your mom explain to you what was said. Guess what you read was done with the eye blinded by your own white privilege. (Now we will get the diatribe about how my best friend, brother in law, etc. etc, etc is Black)

Maybe You're Wrong

@tower I found your comment with a simple search. Crank isn't lying. You wrote it. You were talking about Ferguson and Brown's death. I think you already know this because it was easy to find and confirm. The comment wasn't really worth re-posting or re-reading IMO

You're everything crank says you are. We can see it all in this thread. Name-calling, you can't read and off your medication are the things you go to most often but not today. Ignoring and denying facts when they prove you wrong. I laughed when you decided you don't believe the CNN video crank posted here but believed the other one. Nah, that never happened. Different angle. The I-know-a-guy/I-have-a-friend schtick is your thing. This one gets a prize - Maybe you should have your mom explain? Are you 10?

logical thinker

I am intrigued by these comments. Here are some young people who believe in something and they are taking a stand about it. Whether or not you like their message,this is a GOOD thing. The same commenters who are annoyed about this are equally critical of our lazy entitled youth who never seem to care about anything outside of themselves. Make up your mind, please.

Fidel Cashflow

I am equally intrigued by your comment. These young people are traveling around telling a story that we know now isn't completely true and they are still being paid to tell this story.

My kid volunteers at the hospitals, helps little kids learn to play soccer, has made volunteer trips to Pine Ridge and helps elderly people doing yard work and running errands. He does it all for free while also getting good grades in school, playing sports and working a part-time job. He's anything but lazy and entitled.

While these kids glorify a criminal, get paid speaking gigs and get their picture in the newspaper for suggesting the police are racists, my son and numerous local kids like him don't get front page recognition for the good they do. Maybe he'll get a little recognition in the form of a small scholarship when he finishes high school. Other than that, he'll pay his own way through college (he'd like to be a doctor) and he'll be made to feel guilty for it because he's white.


I consider your child an all around normal kid, those invited to speak about their life have had experiences we would be horrified with. They learned nothing from home other than it is o k to rob, cheat, blame, hate whites, and want all they can get for nothing.


Aaaah, I see cranky, as a good dimwit conservative, loves to use the same parsing of words the dimwits usually do.
Take things out of context and twist things to say what they want. Talk about being a liar. But in his fantasy mind that isn't calling names. I just call it like it is cranky. Anybody who believes the BS you do is truly a dimwit. Now continue on down Fantasy Lane.


How did these people get invited to UWL. Who wants to hear, (how many) these people tell how bad they have it when they are backing a man who walked into a store, stole what he wanted. pushed the owner and walked out. You know it was not the first time. How are people to make a living in a town full of thugs who walk into a store and take what they want without paying? That is where it started. I would not even drive through that town, let alone give them my business, you might be shot or robbed;. This is what they are peddling? Poor me? You can bet without the police in that town and many towns lately, it is like Africa, not fit for habitation.


cranky, I never said any of the krap you put out about Ferguson. I said then, as now, the FPD had a history of dumping on the Black pop and acted like occupiers more than peace officers. I also decried the heavy handed military reaction. And I was shown as correct by finding of the DOJ, news media and state authorities. You will notice how things relaxed after the state police took over. So, if say I lied I think you need to look in the mirror buckwheat.


That shop keeper who was robbed even tried to stop Brown from leaving his store but Brown intimidated the store owner so badly he had to let him walk out the door. I'd call that strong armed robbery


Oh no? You didn't write this?

"tower - August 22, 2014 1:08 pm
... I do think there is enough questionable evidence here to at least arrest the officer for manslaughter. If this was a Black man shooting a white guy he would be in the clink already. ..."

Tower, I called you a liar because you tell lies. It is a fact.


Crank, Libs lie when they can't find anything inside the realm of reality to support nonsense. "HANDS UP DON'T SHOOT". Progressives (a misnomer) have a" do what it takes" philosophy when it comes to reaching ideological goals. You can usually count on the truth being the first thing out the window when they run out of legitimate arguments. thomaspainejefferson occasionally gets fuzzy with the facts too. The truth is Brown was lucky the shop owner wasn't carrying, or it would have been bye bye Browny right then and there.The truth is Brown punched a cop and tried to take his gun away. It was the cops duty to try and stop him. Brown turned and charged the cop after starting to walk away. The cop did what anyone would do to stop a 270 lb. DIRT BAG from taking his life for just doing his job. What a joke. "Lost Voices"... we should be so lucky.


How did this minor story rate top line front page posting? Maybe somewhere in Hometown more appropriate.

Ben Burnt

I am sure that what the 8 visitors from Ferguson spoke was the truth as they know it, and I suppose all those here commenting also say what they know as the truth. But!!!, here are some things most of you probably don't know, because our main media sources fail to deliver that which blows the media story up.

Did you know that 2 Washington Post reporters were across the street in McDonnalds at least an hour before the confrontation ever happened?

Did you know that CNN had a camera crew at the airport 2 hours before the confrontation?

Did you know that many of the protestors were outsiders?

Finally, did you know that many of the protestors were paid, and the ones that didn't get paid were mighty upset?


Gee Ben, why not just say it. You think this was set up by the evil mainstreet media. You know Buggs?


I will stop short of jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon over the presence of WAPO and CNN journalists. Could have been there for anything.

The outside paid protestors? Yeah, we all knew that's happening. Funny that they're now protesting because they didn't get their money. #greencashmatters


tower, you are wrong on this, admit it. Crank is right, this was a strong-arm robbery in every traditional sense.

But I notice that there are some posters here who will support the official leftist line every time, regardless of the facts. They will dive in and say anything to dispute what may very well be facts.

Why don't you guys stop it. Because, yes, tower, is it possible at all that not every single little thing on the left might not be perfect?


MB stole some cigars, he did not reach over the counter and steal the cash register. That is petty theft, not strong arm or robbery in the usual sense. Which is what I said. Crank didn't say I was wrong, he said I would consider it robbery, I disagree. Now explain why the dimwits of the right always have to inflate with hyperbole what happened? Another example of this is insinuating illegal immigration is the crime of the century. It is not a felony and is about as serious as a parking ticket in legal definitions.


You won't quit, or admit it. But wrong again. Michael Brown also put his hands on the clerk, besides intimidating him. If using your strong arms on who you are robbing is not strong-arm robbery, nothing is.

Of course, you have already decided the name of the crime. Where's homey? He ought to be jumping on me about now.

Here's the video:


I have watched both videos, the other one which I don't believe, shows a different view. If this kid had gone to court instead of being shot, what do you think would have been the sentence? What happened after the store videos didn't happen as many reported. The cop didn't just shoot him and he was in the car. I didn't comment about that. But, again, making more of this than what is legally defined is hyperbole at its best. Just admit that one.


No, I guess I never said you were wrong. I just posted the definition of robbery and implied that I thought you were wrong. I further wrote that if it had happened to YOU, tower, and it was your throat that had been grabbed in the commission of this crime, you'd call it robbery.

Now, to clear this up because he's being willfully obtuse again... Tower, you're wrong.


Now explain why tower, when proven obviously incorrect, starts throwing insults, using hyperbole, obfuscates and calls anyone who disagrees with him dimwits even though they present facts and well-reasoned arguments.

In this example, tower obfuscates and uses hyperbole all at the same time: "...insinuating illegal immigration is the crime of the century."

Again, tower claims his expertise in all things. Today, he is a lawyer. In this case, he is a defense lawyer ignoring damning video evidence while insisting his client did nothing wrong.

You might be able to plead it down to a misdemeanor but the charge will be robbery, not a parking ticket. You would certainly be able to get probation for your client and maybe a ride home from jail if you're standing before Judge Ramona. However, if your client decides to resist arrest and attack a cop, then things get more complicated.


crank, no I wouldn't. I would call it what it was, shoplifting. Which is petty theft. I never said any of the rest. Personally I think MB is not, nor should be, the poster boy for the BLM movement. Baltimore or the SC shooting would be better.


Again, I'm not surprised by your denials. You have a habit of lying.

Back when it happened, you lapped up and regurgitated every bit of the liberal, anti-cop, race-baiter telling of this story while ignoring contradictory evidence and hurled insults at anyone who disagreed. You said the cop should be arrested and charged with manslaughter.

Shoplifting? Did you watch the video? The report is from CNN before you dismiss it as the work of radical right-wingers

Had Brown shoved the cigars in his pocket and tried to sneak out, yeah, I'd go with shoplifting. When the Big Teddy Bear grabbed the puny store clerk by the throat, pushed him out of the way then, rather than leaving the store with 'his' cigars, turned and went after the clerk in a menacing manner to make the clerk retreat for his own safety, THEN it became robbery. "... by force or intimidation."


UWL just lost some off my respect!


Have to agree with most of the comments on this story. I'm glad these kids are trying to do good in their world, but ignoring the facts about MB and his attack of officer Wilson isn't helping their cause. The last part of the story, talking about the Black Lives Matter problems, only muddies the water more. How does "ALL lives matter" ignore Black lives? It doesn't. BLM is not about the truth but something else altogether.




The point of being "Black Lives Matter" is to call attention to the many injustices brought against black people. All lives DO matter, but that is not the focus of what they're trying to bring to public light here.

Wi Fan

No mention of the rioting, looking and destruction of the businesses owned mainly by minorities


rioting made me furious. I know I live in lil' ole' Wisconsin, but what purpose did the rioting have?! I understand people wanted to be heard, so talk. Ruining others' property in response to an event like this is completely counter-productive. You made many more victims than just those immediately involved.
and...I am so sorry for Michael Browns family and friends who lost their loved one; however, he committed a crime; aggressively, fought with the police instead of manning up and listening and following their directions. If he had just done what the police asked him to do, we wouldn't be in this situation with him.
I just wish people would think before they acted. A moment can change a persons life. They need to really think about, "what is tomorrow going to be like if I keep this up??"
Obviously this does not remedy the problem with racism in this country; but it would help when any criminal whines about police brutality because they were doing something wrong and resisted.


The rioting and looting need to stop. Look at how the people in Charleston handled the deaths in their church. They were nothing but a class act. I was very proud of them. Looting and rioting, on the other hand, do nothing but make enemies and increase the tension that's probably already too high. You don't object to one person's crime by running out and committing more crimes. That will win hatred, not respect, and I don't care what color you are.


As long as we are clarifying things, Brown shoplifted from the store, he didn't "rob" the store in the usual manner.


tower: As long as we're clarifying things, if this happened to you, you'd call it robbery. Here is the definition of robbery.

rob·ber·y (ˈräb(ə)rē) - noun
--The taking of money or goods in the possession of another, from his or her person or immediate presence, by force or intimidation.

When the owner tried to stop him, Brown (a big Teddy Bear) threatened the owner. Let's have a look at the video:

Regarding the 'execution' of Michael Brown by Officer Wilson...

Physical evidence:
Two findings of major importance: First, the autopsy found that Michael Brown was never shot in the back, as some early witnesses claimed. They lied. Second, Brown's blood was inside the police car and on Wilson's gun. There was an up-close confrontation inside the car where the officer fought with Brown.


Good grief, white guilt is ridiculous. Why anyone in La Crosse, Wi cares about this is just scary.


Thank you UW-L for your completely biased and liberal presentation of the Ferguson events. No acknowledgement of what a thug Brown was and how he had a history of bullying, beating up and assaulting others. A simple fact was never mentioned - if you follow the law and respect (a key forgotten word among Black youth) the law, you won't get shot. Michael Brown caused his own death when he attacked and assaulted the policeman. No sympathy or excuses for his behavior need or should be given.


You have to wonder where these folks were prior to this event. I'm sure the children needed cloths then as well. Capitalizing on a tragedy is questionable at best. Michael Brown actually got a do over, if the owner of the shop had a gun and killed Brown, he would have been well within his rights. Then again the question would be, why did the owner shoot him, after all, the robbery was quite small and the assault didn't kill the owner.
Stopping and questioning anyone for anything clearly has the potential to escalate into something more than the original offense, if you want it to. The only solution to prevent an escalation I guess is to let the offense happen. I think the burden to prevent any escalation should be placed on the offender. The offender has an opportunity to bring a case after the fact. Trying to get the upper hand or resist is futile, police should not take a chance the incident will not escalate, it happens so often and they just do not have enough information to know.


I do not agree with you at all that these people are in it for the money or "trying to capitalize on a tragedy." What kind of mean-spirited, stereotyping comment is that? I do agree that a person being arrested, even for something that doesn't call for being arrested, should go along with it, but then request a lawyer as soon as they get to the police station or jail or wherever. If I can be stopped for something as trivial as jay walking, then let's take that giant degree of response by getting a lawyer, too.


The "gentle giant" myth was a deception. It served it's purpose and became reality in the minds of those who did not read that he robbed a store and had traces of drugs in his blood. This does not mean he should have been shot, etc, but it does show the general lack of critical thinking on all sides and the willingness to bend the truth when the truth doesn't fit the cause.

Condor Kid

If you try to disarm a cop you're probably going to die for it; red, yellow, black or white. The good that came out of Ferguson was a real focus on corrupt and militant policing.


I suppose I will shock some people here who think I am a leftist puppet, but I petty much concur with Condor here. I was sickened by the Ferguson incident and its aftermath. Michael Brown's case was not one that I thought people could or should rally around, He was a criminal caught on tape, he attacked a policeman physically. To say, as some say on here, "he got what he deserved" is silly racist rubbish. But his death is not surprising, given the facts, and seems eminently defensible from the policeman's point of view. On the other hand, as Condor suggests, in the tragic aftermath of the death, some very concerning issues about policing did emerge and are now getting a good, thorough, healthy airing. But Brown is in no way a martyr figure and should not be used as one, in my opinion. Sadly, there are more than enough people who have died in police hands that never should have, and those are the stories that should be preserved and remembered in the effort to find real remedy.


And I give credit to these young people for taking their message on the road. Maybe they're 100% right and maybe they're not, but let's get this problem out there and look at it and talk honestly about it. With a little more acceptance of "different looking" people, maybe we can straighten things out and reduce the hatred that's out there. That's worth working for.

Little Willie

If you are going to go out and spread a message, at least tell the truth not a bunch of lies. All it does is cause more problems.


These people are just out to take money off the people that follow them. I want to know if the University paid them any money for speaking! If so they just contributed to four con men


But he's not a racist. ^

RLK Ocean

Lacking facts, hurl insults. Criminals come in all colors. Love all- justice for all...equally.

RLK Ocean

Is this the Twilight Zone ? Michael Brown was filmed robbing a convenience store and threatening the owner with violence. Then found walking down the middle of the street carrying the stolen goods. Then attacks a police officer. MB was a thug that got what he deserved. Unbelieveable a movement was built on this sick fantasy. I see plenty of terrible police brhtality out there that we all should be alarmed and frightened by, but this event was not one-wake up!


I wasn't there when the things you mention happened. Assuming the worst we can about Michael Brown's conduct, then he should have been arrested, definitely. But were his crimes worth the death penalty? So many of these situations end up that way. Sandra Bland was arrested and thrown in jail for failing to signal a lane change? A guy in New York was killed for selling cigarettes illegally? Really? I am NOT saying cops should just look the other way when these minor infractions occur. They have every right to respond, and if an individual doesn't want to do the time, he or she shouldn't do the crime. I get that. But what degree of punishment is necessary for robbing a convenience store?

RLK Ocean

The officer was attacked in his car and left with injuries including a fractured eye socket, MB tried to get his gun, and then returned to " give the bum's rush" according to witnesses.....a 300 lb man charging an injured officer. You list obviously terrible injustices commited by the police. We need to unite as one loving country to a avoid the result of over-stressed police forced into an us-against them mentality.

Little Willie

It seems like the common denominator in every one of these incidents is RESISTING ARREST. JUST DO AS YOU ARE TOLD AND DON'T TRY TO FIGHT THE COPS.


Would you avoid arrest if you were arrested for failing to use your turn signals? In other cases, that resistance could certainly have been stronger.


WoW !!! That's all, just WoW!!!

Mr Wizard

Right on Kim. UW-L just lost all credibility.

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