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Clearly, closure is because these facilities are not profitable. Mayo wants to push care for addiction and mental health off on "community partners." While they make profits people who need help are cast aside. Frankly, I'm not sure Gundersen is any better. Their profit motive is #1 too.


The truth is there is money for addiction and mental health, but it's not profitable. It is well known in medical settings that the surgical and specialty areas make large profits. The closure of the inpatient psychiatric unit two years ago was not due to the shortage of psychiatrists, but simply due to poor leadership. This change didnt have to happen.
In addition, the closure of several other facilities is simply due to an intentional effort to focus on profit and not people. Since when does a hospital just choose to close any department? Imarine closing down the dermatology or gastroenterology departments.

Meanwhile, we have a widening reputation for patients, families and even law enforcement being yelled at in urgent care and the emergency depart with the message "Don't come here!" at a time when members of our community continue to struggle.


It's because there is no MONEY in mental health treatment. Maybe Mayo can take the money they save from these "underperforming" community-serving programs and spend it on more advertising for cancer and heart disease customers, where the big money is.


Thanks to Gundersen for keeping their programs strong and managing them well. Your commitment to your patients and our community is appreciated.

Poor management comes at a price to those who desperately need the services. For some, this means life and death. Add these programs to the long list of facilities that have all been lost as a result of extremely bad leadership.

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