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Anderson Trial Verdict 2

Mitrel Anderson reacts after he was found not guilty Tuesday evening in the June 2, 2013, fatal stabbing of DeMario Lee at the Cass Street Kwik Trip.

A La Crosse man acquitted in a fatal stabbing at a downtown gas station faces new charges that accuse him of threatening to kill his father. 

Mitrel Anderson’s father told La Crosse police his son on Wednesday also threatened to have “his guys” kill him, according to reports. Anderson “has not been right” since he “had to kill his friend in self-defense,” his father told police.

A jury in December 2014 acquitted Anderson of homicide in the June 2, 2013, death of DeMario Lee inside the men’s restroom at the Cass Street Kwik Trip, after finding he stabbed Lee in self-defense after a confrontation.

Anderson testified that Lee ambushed, beat and threatened to kill him before Anderson drew his knife and swung at Lee’s head; prosecutors argued that Lee, 24, of Illinois was stabbed as he was leaving the restroom and that Anderson wasn’t justified in using deadly force.

Anderson’s father said the incident left him “possibly unstable,” with his son resorting to alcohol and drug use, reports stated. He said Anderson is violent and possibly armed.

Anderson’s father’s roommate kept the two separated during an argument before Anderson threatened to “put him in the hospital,” according to reports.

Police arrested Anderson, 27, about 1 a.m. Saturday at The Library bar in downtown La Crosse for two counts of disorderly conduct and bail jumping. Anderson told police his father lied about the threats. He will appear in La Crosse County Circuit Court at a later date.

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(34) comments


The foundation of my personal faith is that God has the power to change us when we repent. It also breaks my heart to see how naive young girls can be when charmed by a handsome young man. If my own son, I would advise him to stay miles away from his own birth dad who obviously has not contributed positively to his life choices. As my sister often told me, "It takes awhile to turn the Titanic around."


I'm curious as to if any of you did the research on what kind of person his father is? I'm also curious as to if any of you know that he is currently in school full time, and working, or that he is in student government? Have any of you checked who's in jail OR CCAP? If you would have you would see that he was only in jail for the night. The judge released him immediately and said that the charges were asinine. To those of you that are ignorant and question the type of person he is, my question to you is, "have you met him?" Like many of you, I shared in this same ignorance. And then I met him in school and had many long conversations about him and the everyday struggles that he goes through as Mitrel Anderson. So before judging, perhaps we should start checking facts and not just assuming that we know everything about everyone.


Nice to see all the compassionate Clownservative Christians out in force today. Feel that LOVE!!!

Am not condoning the man's actions, but only God can judge the heart. (For all you pseudo-Christians, posing as the real deal). To my atheist buddies, forsake those humanistic ideals, sans, faith. Just judge as you would judge. ;-)


God judges when and if he gets there. Until then WE judge !!!


This loser just never learns does he? What a piece of TRASH!


Keep Him Where He At And Lose The Key ✌


SBRAN, now that you have said all of that out you really think he needs treatment, a warm glass of milk and a cookie or does the puke just need to go to prison for 25 years ????


He killed a crack dealer in self defense, people. One that pistol whipped women, was all kinds of bad do your homework people.


Demario Lee was dealing crack outside of Hamilton Elementary School, what a great guy right? How come you all are all good with this Lee guy like a life was lost?


So why didn't anyone speak up if a guy was dealing crack, especially outside an elementary school?????


Never said he was the same as a veteran, great way to put words in my mouth. Merely making a ptsd example people can get. Has anyone offically put him through anger management classes? Probably not. I'm simply saying. Give him some tools to help and better himself, we do it for all the heroin addicts. If he doesn't change after being shown a better way, then ya'll sit here and cast harsh judgement.


Finally....he will being to prison, which is were should have already been. He killed one man, and now has threaten his Father. Don't give him the chance to make that threat good. Send him away and throw away the keys.


He should be in jail, he will kill again. The father making excuses for him, poor guy had to kill his friend. This is what we have roaming the streets of every city and town in the U S, It is sad we have become stupid to the stupidity of the liberals. There is no responsibility for anyone anymore.


sumner. Conservs want him on probation to save money. Darn conservatives.This statement is as dumb as yours. Wake up.


Lee was strong armed thug crack dealing criminal with pending felony drug cases in 2 states. Its sad for his family and kids he's gone. Which pain is worse? Lee in an out of jail his whole life for his drug crimes, never really being a father, etc? Or just that he's gone young over this tragic fight? This Mitrel kid is what maybe 25? White, black, yellow, whatever race any age, put yourself in his shoes. Going through all this, a year in jail, and a murder trial has to mess you up, PTSD and then some sounds like his diagnosis. If he was white people wouldn't be so negative and hating on him like this, we see soliders coming back from war lashing out in the same way. He's just coming back from a different war, internally, one that our society doesn't care about, especially if you happen to be black. Who knows what kind of childhood he came from. Before you judge and label anyone so harshly as this "type of person" for life. 1st give him access to the help he needs to get his head right and give him some hope for his future.


SRBAN, it can stay with you while attending his anger management classes. Ok ??? WoW, you head is in the same place that the Judges and D.A.'s in this county have theirs !!!

you think you know

Stop the forgiveness based on race rally. Nobody cares what color he is if he doesn't become a benefit to our society.

And it's pretty disrespectful to compare this guy to a member of our armed forces. He is coming back from a war of crime, not one to protect our rights and freedoms. That is quite a stretch to make that comparison.


doesn't matter his skin color he broke the law and his @ss needs to be in jail.


Re: "Mitrel Anderson’s father told La Crosse police his son on Wednesday also threatened to have “his guys” kill him, according to reports. Anderson “has not been right” since he “had to kill his friend in self-defense,” his father told police."

I won't speculate about who's telling the truth here, but, in general, if you are in contact with a person with mental health issues, learn when to walk away. Don't push his buttons just because you have to win an argument or come out on top during a debate. Learn when to shut up and move on. If you are in contact with a PTSD sufferer, a person with anxiety disorder, depression and so on, don't look to press his buttons just because it feeds your ego. The bear you've just poked with a stick might just turn around to bite you.

"How To Relieve Stress - Scientifically Proven Stress Relief Techniques"


He certainly has the gangbanger smirk down. Great role model for his children.


What a joke. This guy is just another thug with lifestyle and behavioral issues. It was just a matter of time before he got into trouble. Individuals like him are a dime a dozen and it's one excuse after another relating to their behavior. His father covering for him in regards to him having issues since his "traumatizing' confrontation with the thug he killed is laughable. This guy has had issues for a long time. You can take that to the bank.


Pretty big of a story to be buried like this....WHY ???? Well The La Crosse Tribune and the La Crosse County Judicial System are in bed with each other. Simple !!!


Black lives matter when blacks say they matter. If a black person kills a black that's OK, they're both black. If a black person kills a white that's OK because it's the black life that matters.. If a white person kills a black person that's NOT OK because it's the black life that matters. After all....BLACK lives matters. That's all.



Condor Kid

Lee's life did not matter. Evidence of Anderson and Lee's ongoing crack enterprise was suppressed,
that allowed Mitrel to claim self-defense and walk. Good to see him back where he belongs but he probably will be on the loose again soon.


Already is Condor !!!


Lee's life did matter he had 3 children no matter what he did he was family first

Condor Kid

His life did not matter to the judge or the state. Mitrel must have had lots of valuable info for them?


Family first huh....3 kids a state away or wherever, sure ok then got it.......give all these drug thugs an island and let em have at each other.


Black Lives Matter !!!


Only when harmed by another race you know.....


Really? REALLY? C'MON! Put this stuff away for good.


So this is why they don't have dads


Or mothers, they are left to run amok and answer to no one.

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