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The Harry J. Olson Center's lease with the city is set to end on Dec. 14, and while the group has the chance to purchase the building before then for just $1, it's been revealed that the facility needs anywhere from $1.5 million to $3.9 million in repairs and renovations. ----- the reporter has been given false information as those dollar amounts are far from correct. An inspection of the building actually shows that very little is needed. The city really doesn't want much to do with Senior Centers....although the city received a big AARP award for being so community minded about its seniors, etc. The rubber mills center will be more for the community than it will be for seniors....just like the Black River Center. .....all the tax payers' money can go into the rubber mills and the city can pay almost $100,000 a year for rent for this new whatever you call it center. The city is manipulating things to be their way....not our way...or your way. Our voice is not really being heard. Carry on Mr. Odegard and Mr. Mayor.


Do you have any reliable proof to back up your allegations?


Lets build it and they will come!

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