Illegal angler

Stanley Paalksnis, 73, faces up to $24,683 in fines for exceeding fish possession limits after authorities confiscated more than 2,500 panfish from his Onalaska home.


An Onalaska angler caught with more than 2,500 panfish pleaded no contest Tuesday to four citations for exceeding possession limits.

Stanley Paalksnis, 74, faces fines totaling $24,683, although prosecutors agreed to ask a La Crosse County Circuit judge impose a $10,000 fine, revoke his fishing privileges for 12 years and order Paalksnis forfeit his 15-foot boat seized by authorities. He will be sentenced at a later date.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources wardens Nov. 4, 2015, on Lake Onalaska saw Paalksnis keep 47 bluegills, according to court records. The daily limit is 25.

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In his boat and house, authorities found 2,066 bluegills, 418 perch and 88 crappies, reports stated. The possession limits are 50 for each species.

Paalksnis told a warden that for 20 years he was selling bags of fish for $5 in Chicago, reports stated.

The DNR issued Paalksnis seven citations for exceeding possession limits between 1989 and 2011 in Buffalo and La Crosse counties. His fishing privileges were revoked twice.

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(23) comments

Jokes in LaCrosse

Korn and Yang retired
To keep pensions....korn works at BNSF and yang at police station just not a cop.... both worthless


$24,000 fine and or life in prison for the Old Guy.

Fishing for stunted panfish apparently is a crime worse than meth dealing or drive-by shootings.


At least I had a good excuse why I couldn't catch fish on lake Onalaska, not anymore! In serious, this guy represents the worst of humanity and needs to go away forever. It's a travesty if Crank's prediction comes true and he's back out there catching and keeping too many.


Just build a wall...seems to be the solution for lots of things.


What happens if you use the fines to force counseling to fix his 'addiction'. Levying fines & revoking privileges has obviously not worked. Wires in his head obviously crossed.

"Stanley, Stanley, we want to help you do things right." https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=S0jREZmX8JA


Fess up already and stop wasting our tax dollars. I agree with earlier comment, so selfish. Shame!

Jokes in LaCrosse

I remember a few years back a few LaCrosse police got caught keeping to many and they didnt go prison...Korn and F Yang...


Yep, they got busted for exceeding for violating a number of laws...duck hunting. This was their first offense. Korn was 43 and I think it cost him his career, his ability to support his family. He pleaded guilty and resigned from the police dept. (I don't know about Yang.) I think he paid dearly.

What's your point...?

I don't think Stan here will go to prison nor is anyone suggesting prison. I don't expect (given his repeated violations) he'll abide by the restrictions placed on him by the court. License or not, I'd bet we'll find him out there fishing again this summer. If they fine him $10,000, I'd be surprised if he pays it. So if they take his 15 ft boat, he doesn't pay the fine, thumbs his nose at the law and goes fishing in the rental boat from Schafer's next door...then what?

I'll freely admit, I don't know how this works and what might happen to him. What can they really do? He's 73 and obviously doesn't give a flying-f*ck. What will happen? He'll be dead soon. These other guys you mentioned... You know this had real consequences for them being young (relatively speaking) and convictions as law enforcement officials likely ended their careers. They had to start over.

Stanley? He'll keep right on fishing and will continue not giving a single f*ck.


This is the best post I've ever read. You're a straight shooter and you know your f*cking s*it.


Best post ever. Please don't go away. We need your straight talk.

Jokes in LaCrosse

Point is if the cops dont follow the laws why should others? Resigned And got to keep pensions.. not able to support his family he works at BNSF... im sure he will be fine while still hunting... he is a puke anyway....


2408, that would state, county.


He has been doing this for many years, has been caught several times, and has been doing this for profit for a long time. So why reduce the fine ?


Well Stan, you did that for at least 20 years, eh? Was it worth it? I wonder how many fish you poached over that 20 (minimum) year period? For that matter, I wonder what else you were up to during that period? Guess it's time to pay the piper Stan.


He should be made to wear an electronic monitoring device that notifies the DNR whenever he is within 10 feet of a body of water. Otherwise, I have no doubt he will find another place to fish.


I like what you're suggesting but his house is on the shore of Lake Onalaska. Since he was seemingly using his home as a base of operations and to store illegal fish which he continued to sell as a repeat offender, maybe they could seize the house or at least force him to sell it.

Considering the nature of the crime, a seizure would be way over-the-top but it would be satisfying for a lot of people who use Lake Onalaska and respect efforts to preserve and manage that resource for everyone.


Good Job getting this guy off the water!


Yes, it seems there is a political statement to be made in every article no matter if it pertains to the article or not.

Mr Wizard

Heard of this fellow. Nothing short of jail will keep him from reoffending. Time to lock him up.


Abusing a natural resource and profiting off of it. Despicable.


Selfish sucker. I wonder who he voted for?


He was too busy fishing to vote. What a stretch to infuse politics into this article. You need to get out more Clar.


Just another independent-minded self-managing of a public resource. Surely the current admin is eyeing him for a DNR exec position.

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