The city of Onalaska announced Friday that its assistant police chief is retiring — just two days after the city placed him on administrative leave after a weekend incident involving the arrest of the fire chief.

Onalaska Assistant Chief Jeffrey Cavender


Jeffery Cavender will retire effective Monday, according to a statement released Friday by the city of Onalaska.

There was no additional information from the city about the weekend incident or Cavender’s involvement.

When Onalaska Fire Chief William D. Hayes was arrested for drunken driving by Onalaska police last weekend, he told officers he had had a couple of beers with Cavender.

The city has declined to elaborate on Cavender.

The city’s statement Friday acknowledged his “33 years of dedicated and decorated law enforcement service.”

Cavender came to Onalaska after his contract was not renewed as a police chief in Arizona in 2018.

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(6) comments

Rick Czeczok

Sounds like a call to the state attorney general is in order.

Uncle Harry

Didn't know you were such a fan of Josh Kaul!

Rick Czeczok

Make sense please. My point is this stinks of wrong doing.


Trying to save his retirement and benefits


This story should become far more interesting in the coming days.


How's that working for you Onalaska? Onalaska watch dot blog spot dot com

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