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Prosecutors Wednesday charged an Onalaska felon on probation with illegally voting in two elections this year.

Mark Fischer, 58, told authorities he voted in the presidential primary and general election because he “felt that this election was important,” according to the complaint filed in La Crosse County Circuit Court.

“Fischer stated he wasn’t sure that they actually enforced the ineligibility condition,” the complaint stated.

Fischer is serving three years on probation for a fifth- or sixth-offense operating while intoxicated conviction in Buffalo County. He told investigators he knew he was ineligible but voted April 5 in Onalaska and Oct. 31 in the town of Onalaska, the complaint stated.

He is charged with two counts of election fraud.


Police and courts reporter

Anne Jungen covers law enforcement and the criminal justice system in La Crosse County. She joined the Tribune reporting staff in December 2005. You can contact her directly at or 608-791-8224.

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Tim Russell

A big Lush Rimjob fan would not be described as a Democrat.


Proof, please.....We'll wait.


sorry , he is a known repub. nice try red


Wow. see what I mean? 4 whole rantings. And you barely took a breath. And I agree with superman, a closet liberal. Happy Holidays crank. Try not to kill the whole family if you don't get what you asked for.


For sure Tower, he will be the brother in law who just can't seem to let it go.


Guess SFB has a thin skin, like most clownservatives. I said your statement was stupid, which it is. I know you think you are brilliant and everything you say should be engraved. He is also wrong. A voter roll is a legal document. Thus, it proves he voted. A voter ID is now used to show he registered. That is enough to get anyone convicted. He can not show a single case of voter impersonation in WI. His example is childish to say the least. Now we get to see the hissy fit of a 12 yr old. We're the insults clearer this time?


We've been watching your hissy fits and insults for a long time. It's your M.O. We see it here every day you post, Toddler. Yes, a good word to describe this is childish. Let's move past this childishness a focus on substance, yes?

Again, you're right. A voter roll is a legal document. However, a tick mark alone on that document was not enough (as I stated) before your identity was being verified by presenting a valid ID. Not enough... It wouldn't have been enough to catch this guy and charge him unless he confessed to it. I've already stated this.

Before voter ID, I could go into a polling place and say I am YOU then vote. Of course, this would be illegal. But you're saying that because this legal document had a tick mark on it which indicates you had voted, that would be proof enough that YOU had voted. I maintain (correctly) that in this scenario, the tick mark would not be enough proof and therefore not enough to charge/convict someone. THIS is why nobody could prove voter impersonation and could not unless the perpetrator was caught red-handed and apprehended.

Further, if you had come to your polling place after I had impersonated you and the 'legal document' you said was proof (again before Voter ID) then, according to your interpretation of 'proof' you had indeed voted already. This is where your logic falls apart. If they arrested you for trying to vote twice would you plead guilty for a lighter sentence because they had you dead to rights with their documented legal proof? [rolleyes]


yellow bee, because probation is still part of his sentence. When he gets off probation his voting rights come back.




I have a question...if he served his time ...but is out on probation...why can't he vote?


The law says he cannot vote while he's on probation. Are you asking why the law says this? If so, I don't know. Perhaps the lawmakers determined felons could not vote until their debt to society was fully paid and consider probation to be part of that 'debt'.


Better put a camera down low too. You don't want to miss any ankle bracelets....

Oh and Merry Christmas Crank!!


nitwit, BS.


It must have been for a dem - If it were republican they would have printed it

Tim Russell

You really think that someone that said it was the most important Election in his lifetime didn't vote for tRump in the primary?


nope. i know him. had to vote for Donald. big Rush listner. lol. u deplorables crack me up


crank isn't very bright here. They have voter rolls with your name on it. When you vote they put a little mark by your name. It was a stupid comment in 2014 and still is. Voter ID would not, and didn't, stop this guy from voting. A list that they checked afterward did.


Toddler has this tendency to throw insults owing to his narcissistic personality disorder. To wit: "You may have secret feelings of insecurity, shame, vulnerability and humiliation. To feel better, you may react with rage or contempt and try to belittle the other person to make yourself appear superior."

Leave the feeble insults off and just make your comments. Or does your condition prevent you from doing this?

Toddler... Would/could a court of law consider a little tick mark in a poll book enough evidence to prosecute and convict someone of voter fraud or would they require something more? The answer is obviously "Something more...".

With or without voter ID, anyone can commit voter fraud. This is true. You are correct. The difference between then and now is before Voter ID, I could walk into a polling place and give the name of any registered voter and vote without much question. If it was discovered, little or nothing could be done about it because there would be insufficient evidence to prosecute.

If this guy had been caught doing this before Voter ID, his defense would be simple. "Someone else came in and voted using my name. That wasn't me." and without anything more than a tick mark in a poll book, he could not be convicted thus likely wouldn't even be charged.

Since the poll worker checked his ID, there is additional documentation and a witness who can attest, "I checked his ID. It was him." He is being charged with voter fraud and given the fact the poll worker confirmed his identity when he voted, he will likely be convicted. Voter ID gives the law some teeth.


Finally found Must be all three million vanishing voters got away.


In Detroit hundreds more votes counted than people who actually voted. Wisconsin 131 votes of Trumps missed. 20% of illegals say they voted. Trump was correct, the illegals voting in California, New York 4 or 5 million voted for his opponent.

Tim Russell

Fake News


many states wouldn't count Afro-American votes. people are saying. not me but people are saying.


This story affirms what I wrote years ago regarding the reasons for requiring ID to vote. Without ID no fraud could be prosecuted for lack of documentation and evidence. Now, a case is being prosecuted because there is evidence.

In addition, surveillance imagery at polling places should be implemented next to record voters presenting to vote and to observe poll workers servicing machines and handling ballots. When there is a question of fraud there will be evidence.

On Sep 16, 2014 2:46 pm I wrote: "To those of you who say there is no voter fraud, I say prove it. It stands to reason voter fraud cannot be proven at this point because the identities of those casting votes is not verified. There is no check, there is no record therefore there appears to be no fraud.
Even if it did occur, once he was out the door, there wouldn't be a sufficient paper trail to prosecute; i.e. no evidence.
Unless ID is confirmed and recorded at the time the vote is cast, you eliminate any possible paper trail which could be used later to identify an prosecute fraud. Without ID, there is insufficient evidence to prosecute most of the 'alleged' cases of fraud."


Really? Gee that's strange, only a couple years ago a student working on Republican politcal campaigns voted in both Onalaska, and Madison.... Gosh wonder how they caught her, since there was no ID required at the time.

Spin away....


How did they catch her? What was their evidence for charging her?

GOSH! Gee! [rolleyes] Here's your answer... It was a paper trail created not by voter ID but by her own Facebook post which stated she voted in the Onalaska. This is called EVIDENCE. It provided the basis for an investigation. Had she not posted this, there wouldn't have been a record of her wrong-doing which supports my suggestion that surveillance should also be added. Thanks for proving me right.

Marcie Malszycki was registered to vote and resided in Madison but she voted in Onalaska where she was working. She posted her statement on Facebook after she voted in Nov. 2010 which was seen by a whiny Democrat opponent who knew her and reported her. She did not vote in both places. She simply voted in the wrong district.

Lying trib-libs stay true to form, Superman. You didn't tell the truth. You said she voted in BOTH Onalaska and Madison. Marcie Malszycki didn't cast two ballots.

Spin away...


Interesting, at the time it was being reported on WIZM that she had voted twice. You are correct, she was registered in Madison, but only voted in Onalaska.

Voter ID would not have stop this, because by her account, she explained her situation to the poll worker, and her Mother vouched for her residency. If that is all there was to the story, it makes a person ask why this was such a big deal. I would be interested in here Ginny Dankmeyer's opinion on this.

So why surveillance? If you're so into government surveillance, and libs seems to love big brother, whose the real liberal here?


"So why surveillance?" Now you're being obtuse. The reason for surveillance was given and given clearly enough that it shouldn't require further explanation.

Keep spinning...


So let me get this straight, I graciously admit my ignorance, and that you were right about Marcie.

But then you go on about Big Brother keep watch over the whole process, and somehow that doesn't mean you are in fact a Liberal?

Folks, you heard it here. Crank, the Trib-Lib, wants cameras in your election booth.

Next he'll probably be after your guns...


Superman trolls: "Crank, the Trib-Lib, wants cameras in your election booth."

Nope, not the booth, just the polling place.


Liberals like Crank just can't quite get over the fact that Trump won the election. Quit whining, no one wants your nanny state politics.


Get off the crank it's messing with your mind

mud flyes

Check the GAB to see what is needed to register as a voter. A current ID,a bill, credit or bank statement with your name and address on it. Then register to vote. Your in.
If you are on parole your name should be in the back of the poll book NOT in the
front of the book a lot depends on when you register.


Drum up this story all you like, but voter fraud is still a non-issue due to its exceeding rarity.


Perhaps just as rare as those individuals who claim they are being disenfranchised because they say they cannot obtain an ID? If every vote/voter indeed matters, then every illegitimate vote/voter should matter. Right?


No. The claims of disenfranchisement are verifiable, where as the voter fraud myth has been proven false.


Cassandra? Did you read this story where they just charged a guy in Onalaska with voter fraud....? [batman] Fake news? [whistling]


A member of my family was not able to vote because she a retired farmer, to physically impaired to get an ID. I know of another WW II vet who was unable to vote, because he too does not have an ID. Doesn't sound like it's working...


Crank, it was 1 vote out of a hundred million cast. I stand by my previous comment. Voter fraud is exceedingly rare and the ID requirements do nothing to stop it. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of eligible voters were denied their rights. That is verifiable.


But, but he showed a picture ID! The braindead said that would fix it.


He's a felon, please see the following:

Jail survey: 7 in 10 felons register as Democrats

A new study of how criminals vote found that most convicts register Democratic, a key reason in why liberal lawmakers and governors are eager for them to get back into the voting booth after their release.

“Democrats would benefit from additional ex-felon participation,” said the authoritative study in The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science.

The authors, professors from the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University, found that in some states, felons register Democratic by more than six-to-one. In New York, for example, 61.5 percent of convicts are Democrats, just 9 percent Republican. They also cited a study that found 73 percent of convicts who turn out for presidential elections would vote Democrat.

You didn't really think I would let this slip past, do you?


8 out of 10 sex offenders are repubs.

you think you know

Is that a real statistic, or just your typical verbal diarrhea?


people are saying. to quote your offender.


it was on twitter , so you offender lovers have to believe it. trump says.

Tim Russell

Fake News.
Do you also believe Hillary was involved in a child sex abuse ring operating out of a Pizzeria?


Scott Walker fixed it with voter I.D. Oh, I guess he forgot about the drunk Trump supporters.

Tim Russell

He was clearly a tRump voter.


True deezus, true. Guess it didn't happen. Sorry.


Impossible. Democrats say that voter fraud doesn't exist. [whistling]


he really voted repub.


Must be another one of them there Trumpster voters. The system is rigged you know.


yes. Trump voter who gained health care via ACA. Ironic and sad as the state of the nation.

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