Kyle Stein


Prosecutors Thursday charged an Onalaska man with trying to stab a woman while holding her captive.

The victim told authorities Kyle Stein, 27, on May 19 threw her against a wall at her apartment and strangled her, according to the complaint filed in La Crosse County Circuit Court.

He took her cellphone, pushed her to a dark basement and shoved her into walls when she tried to leave. He strangled her twice when she tried to escape through a window, the complaint stated.

Stein allowed her upstairs after two hours to check on her cat, then tried to stab her with a steak knife when he caught her with her phone, according to the complaint. He threatened to gag her and hide her in the basement if she contacted police.

Stein strangled her again when she tried to leave and threatened her with a broken picture frame. He eventually drove her to work, apologized and left in her car. The woman called police.

Officers found him later that day at Wal-Mart in Onalaska, where he hid in the receiving area until he was arrested.

Prosecutors charged Stein with 12 crimes, including first-degree recklessly endangering safety, false imprisonment and strangulation. He is jailed on a $15,000 cash bond.

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I hope he gets sentenced to prison for at least 10 yrs. Let the guys in there take care of him[angry]


Maybe he read about some of the Trump/Ivana escapades?


This guy is dangerous, he will get involved with other women and they will be victims. Check our if there is animal cruelty, there will be abuse of women and children. What to do? I feel sorry for the next person who gets involved, he will not change. Danger is on the horizon, we will see his name again.


Women wise up and stop dating losers !!


Hard to know sometimes, especially in the beginning, if you're dating a loser or not.... But in any event, kudos to this woman for doing the right thing and reporting that sorry "son of a woman".

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