Mayo buys land

Mayo Clinic has purchased 187.4 acres of land on the east side of Sand Lake Road in Onalaska but said it does not have immediate plans for the $8.32 million parcel, other than to hint it may add new care options in the region.

Onalaska city officials don’t know exactly what kind of project is coming from Mayo Clinic Health System, but they know it’s big and they want to be ready.

The city’s Board of Public Works voted unanimously Tuesday to allot up to $15,000 to pay consultants to help with planning infrastructure improvements needed in conjunction with development of Mayo’s property. The funding is up for approval next Tuesday before the full Onalaska Common Council.

Mayo has purchased 187 acres of undeveloped land east of Sand Lake Road near Menards, with roughly 80 acres of the land suitable for development. Onalaska City Engineer Jarrod Holter said he has talked with an engineer representing Mayo about infrastructure that might be needed to serve the development, including road improvements, sewer and water and stormwater drainage.

Holter said no specifics on what is planned or where structures will be situated on the site have been offered by Mayo. “They have expressed that they are working on plans for future development of the site,” he said.

In December, Mayo officials expressed opposition to the Badger-Coulee power line project, which could pass through the southern end of the Mayo property if the southern route is chosen. At that time, Mayo officials indicated the property would be developed “health-care services,” possibly involving “specialty practices.”

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Based on Mayo’s preliminary estimates of traffic to be generated by the development, Holter said it looks to be a very large project that could require additional lanes on Sand Lake Road, especially if the Mayo project spurs additional development on the vacant land to the north owned by Elmwood Partners.

Holter said it’s likely that further planning for development of the Mayo site will be complex, so he sought city approval to spend up to $15,000 for engineering consulting costs, with up to $3,000 for Short Elliott Hendrickson and up to $12,000 for Strand Associates.

“These plans are far reaching and will have a big impact on city infrastructure,” Holter said. “These are things that we just do not deal with every day.”

Holter expects the city will have to get into more detail planning the infrastructure within the next few months. Mayo’s plans could be dependent on which route is chosen for the Badger-Coulee line, with a final decision expected from the state’s Public Service Commission in May.

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(16) comments


Funny, seems to me I have read numerous times that Gundersen is the largest Tax Payer in the City of La Crosse and surprise, they seem to pay just a bit in property taxes when you look them up: http://www.co.la-crosse.wi.us/landrecordsportal/viewParcel.aspx?ParcelID=66372

Looks like $1,075,185.25 to be exact, so it seems to me that jharrimjr comments about property taxes are about as uneducated as his thinking he should be Governor?

But then compassionate, caring, loving Angry Liberals like jharrimjr always tip their hand and their true identity when they start calling people names!

Oh well, thanks jharrimjr for showing the difference between someone like Governor Walker and someone like yourself!


I am a little frustrated with the potential size of this project. What about the wildlife in that area? Do we always have to develop all the land that is for wildlife?? I remember when the drives between La Crosse to West Salem were in the 'country'. Now there are so many developments that the drive is no longer peaceful. Yes, people need homes and businesses need buildings, so why don't we reuse some of the areas that are vacant?? I know that isn't always possible but this area is where a lot of deer live and the people in this area enjoy seeing them there. I would just hate to see something change that.

River Rat

I wonder how many jobs will be created.


Mayo: Area residents would like to know specifically what kind of specialty hospital will be built there.


Once again, "non-profits" gobble up taxable real estate and the rest of us pay the price. These healthcare outfits reap a benefit that was in place when MOST health care entities were run by religious orders who deservedly provided a service to a community and reaped no tangible monetary benefit from it. NOT SO today with Aurora, Mayo, Gunderson, Marshfield, Prevea. Pay, baby, Pay: we need to revise the tax exempt laws and remove this exemption. Frankly, it needs to be removed for religious institutions as well. Or severely limited to ONLY the square footage that their church/synagogue/mosque occupies. Not their parking lots, parsonages, other "properties." Now vote me Governor, after we Recall Scunk Wanker and I'll try to see if our Weflubbeditagin lawmakers will help me make it happen!!


LOL nice real nice!! You have my vote!! There is way to much land that tax free in this area.

AirForce Retired

Good to see the non profits eating up the land in Onalaska. Onalaska benefited from Lacrosse being destroyed by non-profits, not it's your turn. Have fun.


AF, the tax-exempt status State-wide should be revoked, no grandfathering in of existing institutions. btw, Ona's not my community.


That Farmer won't need his welfare farm subsidy anymore.


Oh so now your the resident troll.


Its not like Mayo is cutting down all the trees on the bluff. Pretty sure the deer will be fine. I hope Mayo helps develop some hiking/biking trails on the bluff.


More high value land taken off the tax role


I hope that the local deer herd that calls that field and hillside home have been taken into consideration. Anyone who drives past there knows what I am talking about. This will impact the herd.


Seriously... You are worried about the local deer heard that frequents in that field? There is enough land in vicinity for the deer to move to, matter of fact within Greens Coulee there actually public hunting land.

Union Man

80 acres..watch - em build into the side of that hill


“…could require additional lanes on Sand Lake Road”

He is partially correct. Improvements made to Sand Lake in the past 5 years won’t cut it. But Onalaska-- at the very least-- will nee to look at improvements to all major intersections and freeway ramps/termini within a 3mi radius of the site, including out to Hwy 35. DOT will be getting involved. Yes, this one development will have that kind of impact. Those consulting costs will need to multiply in a hurry

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