The city of La Crosse has long been home to a wide variety of sculpture, some that remind us of our past and others that will provoke discussions and debate for years to come. With the help of Downtown Mainstreet Inc., here's a look at the artwork that makes our region such a special place.

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Sell all of them, if you could find a fool to buy half of them, and use the money to fix the potholes!!!!!

LaCrosse Lady

That blue baby is still ugly. It’s even worse than the one in Madison that looks like a giant bird dropping.


Tear em all down! At least one person is offended by every one of them, guaranteed.


There a couple of clinkers in there, but overall, this is a very impressive legacy of art for a city the size of La Crosse.


You left off the statue of Walter “Babe” Weigent in Weigent Park.

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