The 23rd annual Rotary Lights — which features more than 4 million lights — is open daily through Jan. 1.  Admission is free, although the stated mission of Rotary Lights Inc. is to “feed the hungry of the Coulee Region," so those who tour the display are asked to donate canned goods and other nonperishable food items. Rotary Lights also accepts monetary donations. For more information and the full schedule of activities and entertainment, visit the Rotary Lights website.

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Buggs Raplin

So..why aren't the global warming fanatics protesting this ostentatious display of wasting precious energy. Vince, Larry, Ron, and all the other gullibles who have had editorial columns and letters to the editor on this subject, why aren't you protesting this display? Huh? Don't you want to 'save the planet'? Hey, editors at the Tribune. You've been promoting the global warming hoax the past 4-5 years, why are you celebrating Rotary Lights, and its waste of energy, provided by that horrible thing-coal? Oh, such hypocrisy on the part of the fanatics out to save the world while depending for their lives on the fossil fuels that keep society alive and functioning.

let it go

Not only do they use a lot of electricity to make those beautiful displays, but have you seen the amount of fuel wasted while waiting in line to drive through the display? Why don't people walk through the display? The Rotary Club means well, but it is causing a lot of pollution and congested traffic.

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