With the coming of spring semester, the new UW-La Crosse Student Union is being used for the first time by students . The 204,287-square-foot center is almost 60 percent larger than the former student union at Cartwright Center. The building's $55 million cost will be funded by student fees. The center includes the following amenities:

  • 11 meeting rooms of various sizes
  • 8 dining selection areas
  • 5 gas fireplaces
  • 3 rooms make up the large multipurpose/ballroom
  • 2 dining rooms
  • concessions area for student organizations to fundraisers

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Holy cow (no cash cow pun intended), what a waste of space! Can't modern technology create an efficient and visually nice building that doesn't burn so much money. The designers are still working on the days when there was money to waste (there never was, but they did it anyway). The "thing" isn't even a pleasant atmosphere, but looks like a "wasted space" big money hospital wing. I am not sure I would even want to eat there because of all the wasted space, takes too long to get to cafeteria. The theatre is really bad looking (could have done some nice stuff with this), and there are no eagles in the Eagle Room.


Looks like a number of rightwing rednecks commenting on here. Boo hoo.


When liberals whine about funding, yeah, kind of opens the door for us redneck taxpayers to complain about a 50 million building with luxurious accommodations.


Yes, and you probably wanted to keep the old County building asbestos and all. Perhaps instead of complaining you should go back to school.


Amazing that one student can vote to spend future student's money.......reminds me of how newer medical & dental clinics now resemble spas and aside from higher fees give no better quality of service.....


It looks like they forgot to add in some safe spaces. What a mistake considering the fragile psyches of UWL students. Maybe they are planning on another 50 million building just for that purpose.


Maybe they'll have free binkies at the entrance.

Tom McDonald

Its as nice as 50+ million dollars can buy. The 50+ million dollar question is: How does this facility measurably advance relevant, sustained, student success, performance improvement outcomes for ALL UWL students?


The trib-libs will undoubtedly read your comment and label you "anti education". [tongue]


I think racist is their first choice, they are uncanny at using that moniker in any situation in which they disagree with someone.


It doesn't, it just makes liberals FEEL like they've done something positive


Actually Tom, the question was - why do we continue to pour money into a building that has plumbing, electrical and heating issues and has spaces appropriate in size for the 1970's version of UWL?

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