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Here are some key dates in the history of G. Heileman Brewing Co.:

1858: Gottlieb Heileman and John Gund start City Brewery in La Crosse, which eventually became G. Heileman Brewing Co. Gund leaves in 1872 to form his own brewing company.

1878: Heileman dies at age 54, leaving his wife Johanna to take over the brewery. She dies in 1917.

1902: The company, which has made beer under the Golden Leaf label, introduces its Old Style Lager.

1933: The Heileman family sells the business to a group of investors.

1971: Russell Cleary begins his time as president, CEO and chairman of the board. During his tenure, the brewery grew from 15th-largest to fourth-largest in the nation through a series of acquisitions. At its peak in 1983, the brewery had more than $1.3 billion in sales with nearly $60 million in profits on shipments of more than 17 million barrels.

1973: Heileman is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

1987: Australian brewer Alan Bond buys the publicly held company for $1.26 billion in a highly leveraged cash deal. A month later, the stock market crashes and so does Bond's financial empire, propped up by junk bonds.

1991: Struggling with a $1 billion debt, Heileman declares bankruptcy. It emerges later that year with a debt of $325 million.

1993: The Dallas-based investment firm of Hicks, Muse & Co. buys Heileman for $390 million and tries unsuccessfully to turn the company around.

1995: Pabst signs contract with Heileman to produce beer in La Crosse.

1996: Heileman goes through bankruptcy again as part of its $290 million sale to The Stroh Brewery Co.

1999: Jim Strupp and John Mazzuto purchase the former G. Heileman Brewery and renamed it City Brewery but quickly run into financial trouble.

2000: A group of 12 investors who live in the La Crosse area or have longtime ties to the brewery purchase City Brewery. The brewery continues to operate today.

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GHB had a rich history until the 80's when they tried to grow by eliminating smaller competing breweries. At the end they had over 200 brands and less than a dozen recipes as they were putting the same , cheap beer in many, many labels. Hopefully some of these old recipes will come alive again like happened with Schlitz.


Nowadays the students are getting bored with history and geography they don't want to read the stuff relevant to past in dissertation writing. But after watching the material provided in here in this website i am really impressed .. that what an excellent way to learn dates and the relevant event or happening occurred on that date.

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