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I worked at the Cerise when I was a teenager and hadn't thought about in years. Always enjoyed our family dinners at the Ridge when I was a kid too. Nice to have reminders of the past sometimes!


I also enjoyed many of the former good eateries in Lax back in the day. I moved away, came back & it seems LaCrosse has difficulty retaining most businesses. They all leave after 6 months or less. Left with services for the most part. Curious as to the "why" to all of it. Not talking about people who retired & didn't want to continue the business but others.

random annoying bozo

and don't forget the best places to go at bar time......Q Lunch....Junes Café....and of course, Swedes. I miss the 'greasy spoons'.


How about Johnnies, Louie Bantle's, The Hot Fish Shop (Winona) , The Fireside, The Ridge (Original), The Oaks (Winona)....all favorites from my younger days...miss the home-grown, non-chain restaurants we used to have.

Jimmy Dingo

Anyone else miss Mr. D's on West Ave?


I am with both LAX and k on this, wonderful, warm memories of those places and the Circus. I am a bit sheepish about this, but I also miss Henry's, which appeared shortly after the first McDonald's and which, frankly, I preferred over McD's. But I was a teenager then, and I doubt that I would be much of a regular there these days. But I often sneak over to indulge in one of the long-time survivors in the city, the downtown Coney Island. They don't taste as good as I remember them from my childhood days, but the place and its unadorned, spartan sensibility that hasn't changed in the 65 years I have been stopping in is a treat every time. Just a couple of dogs, a coffee and time to do a crossword, and my day is infinitely more satisfying.


Actually, I loved the Coney from the 60's, but then they decided to update like a McDonalds, and did away with the front counter and tin ceilings and went with a bright orange motif. No beer. Yes, the dogs are bigger and less tasty than before, but I still go there now and then.


Revisiting this site, two years later, I do have to say that I miss the Cerise and Walt's, too, places you liked to go to for a special night out. And for good and greasy -- especially for the hash browns -- I thought Con's Grill on 7th was as good as they came. As a grade schooler, that was the place to go for a birthday treat of a burger and a malt. But I am embarrassed by my behavior there after the the Third Street bars closed during my college years. I recall one especially bad night when a woman came to the table where me and my over-served friends were eating early one morning and she shook my shoulder, telling me angrily, "I know your mother, and she would be appalled if she saw you behaving like this!" More than half a century later, I still am mortified by what I must have been doing or saying to have prompted her to come to the table and call me out. When Con's closed, Swede's was a great replacement.


We miss Friday night fish at the New Villa on Ward Avenue...


My dad used to take me to the chop house as a child,now i go to Diggers,never knew before if it was the same building. Miss the Cerise so much,all the different dining rooms were so unique. Lots of good memories.


Also miss nob hill


My mom had a Café on the north side for yrs . Makes me sad that Onie's Café was excluded in the memories. She worked many extra hours and days just to make sure the men at the Hotel on the corner always got a hot meal

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