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This is the big investment and might be they are going to invest all money. But the themissionacademy shares a technique which I think really help ful for them if they try it.


The burgers at the Kewpee were really, really good, but 20 cents? Whoever heard of paying that much for a burger!?! No wonder it closed. I always thought Henry's had better burgers than McD's. I liked stopping there after work or a night on the town with the boys. Too rich for most people. Some of my first attempts at sophistication and romance were conducted at the Mai Tai. I felt like I had stepped out of the pages of Playboy, my imagined mentor for sophistication in those days, when I walked in with a girl on my arm. The place I miss the most, however, is the New Villa and its Friday night fish fries. My mouth still waters when I drive down Ward Avenue.


I can think of several current local restaurants that I will never eat at again.


Anyone else remember Burger chef on the causeway? It was next to a Pizza Hut. The Pizza Hut building is still there but Burger Chef is long gone.

The Observer

Next we can expect a series of articles about "bars you'll never drink in again", such as the Macamba Club, Yum-Yum Tree, Twilight Zone, The Amazon, Sokolik's, Breezy Point, Toby's, the Wunderbar, Trute's, the Jungles .... I could do it almost from memory if someone would provide me the photographs.


I remember some of those places, but we must be from different generations. The two best bars in my time were Ray George's place on Main Street (danged if I can remember its name) and the Super Bar, which was one of the best bars I have been in anywhere in the world, and I used to know an awful lot of bars. And Ralph the bartender at the original John's was an institution on to himself, as was Wally at the Super Bar.


The Rustic Inn.


Anyone remember Gringos,was next to Degan Berglunds on State Street was the best Mexican food in town!



The Skipper

Gringos was great! Casa del taco was there prior to Gringos and was the best.

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