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A La Crosse man was seriously injured Sunday morning when he failed to navigate a turn on Hwy. 14/61 and his truck sailed over an embankment and struck a tree.

A motorist driving south on Hwy. 35 about 7 a.m. Sunday noticed a broken guard rail and stopped, according to police reports. She noticed a truck at the bottom of a ravine and a man leaning on the railing.

Police arrived to find 48-year-old Mark Raymond dazed and bloody. An off-duty police officer had covered him with his coat and was tending to his injuries.

Raymond said he was coming home from Coon Valley about 2 or 3 a.m. when he missed the turn where Hwy. 14 intersects Hwy. 35. Officers determined his truck had crossed the median, run through about 100 yards of grass and then crossed another three raised medians as it careened through the intersection; it went through a guard rail and sailed at least 50 yards before eventually coming to rest on its side against a tree.

The inside of the truck was splattered with blood, suggesting Raymond was not wearing a seat belt, according to police reports. Raymond, who believed he had a broken leg, crawled up the embankment before he was found.

According to the police report, he smelled of alcohol and was cited for driving while intoxicated.

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2-3 am and stilled smelled of beer ??? he just lucky to be alive and thank god he didn't kill someone else !!


Dear Tribune, Thanks for posting misinformation regarding the drivers name. You listed my husbands name online which was a mistake and caused our family alot of distress. Get your facts straight BEFORE you post such information. Would you want to be listed as a drunk driver if it wasn't you?? I doubt it. Disappointed by the lack of compassion your staff had in correcting this. SAD. We no longer subscribe to your publication. Misinformation really hurts innocent people.


Wow, that's awful. I'm glad they posted that little line on the bottom about the previous version of the article identifying the wrong person completely. Curious if the person who was identified originally was involved at all?? Maybe someone running by the scene or something??
I'm also curious, I thought media like newspapers, television, radio had fact checkers. Mistakes like that can really hurt a person.


Wow, he owes some deep thanks to the person that stopped and found him. Hope he turns his drunk driving habits around and gets some help.


The guy redefines "pub crawl."

Oney Judge

it may have been better if he was doa so he doesn't kill anyone else.


This man is lucky to be alive and even more lucky no one else was killed along with him. [censored]


Remember Onalaska, Mayor is spelled JOE CHILSEN.

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