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Madeline Edman vanished July 29, 2005, after she walked out of a North Side laundromat while her mother stayed behind to finish the laundry.

“When her mother got home, she was gone,” La Crosse police Capt. Shawn Kudron said. “She’s been missing since then.”

Local police are speaking publicly for the first time about Edman’s case, just a week after Ohio authorities rescued three abducted women who endured a decade of captivity in a suburban home.

Edman was 15 when she went missing. She is the La Crosse Police Department’s only active case with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Investigators questioned her family and friends in the wake of her disappearance, said Kudron, who took over the case about a year after she went missing. Over the years, police submitted her information to national databases for missing children and collected her parents’ DNA to compare to any remains found.

Nothing worked.

No one police know of has seen or heard from Edman since she left the laundromat at St. James and Caledonia streets.

“We’ve never been able to recover any information that would help in this case,” Kudron said.

There’s no evidence to suggest foul play was involved, he said. But there’s nothing that rules it out, either.

Kudron fears she’s caught up in human trafficking — or worse. Maybe she’s being held captive somewhere like the three women in Ohio.

“My hope tells me she’s out there and we just haven’t been in touch with her,” Kudron said. “But with what’s been in the news, you can’t discard the idea of her being involved in some circumstances that could be criminal.”

Edman’s mother, Kathy Edman, died in 2010 with hope but no answers in her daughter’s disappearance. Madeline is listed as a survivor in her obituary. Her father and stepmother weren’t available for comment Tuesday.

Kudron hopes the public can help find Edman. He wants her to know police haven’t forgotten her.

“When a case is left with a question mark at the end of it, especially one where someone is missing, there’s a piece of it that sticks with you,” Kudron said. “You wonder and hope there’s a positive resolution to the case.”

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And yes it is about time after 9 years that police took this case seriously.Her mother never contacted the Acevedo family about her missing and Kathy never reported her missing but 3 months after she went missing.And when the fathers family went down to visit that when we were informed by the mother she was missing.Plus me the stepmother the father and 3 of her Aunts book hotel got up the next morning and put flyers everywhere that we voted of where she would be hanging out.We have gave all lacrosse our information when anything comes in about her please contact Kim or JuniorAcevedo if anyone knows anything about madeliens where about..262 597 5177.Please leave message.Any infor.big or small will help.Thank you.


For one thing this is the stepmother of Madeline and yes we have mad effort in her search we looedk for heron severak sites possible.Her poster was just list on my Facebook and anytime the LaCrosse police asked for our help we have done we could as her family to do what we can.And I also ask the police to please update her photo.This both hard emotional for me and my husband.She also has a new brother and sister that she never knew.Also we didn't get no call on Tuesday by police department at that we were aware of and we check messages regularly.A here I was 4 months pregnant out there putting flyers out.And yes her Aunt lily has very active in trying to find her niece.So all comment up above there negative needs mind business get facts strait.Madile is in our heads on a daily basis.Because we love miss very much.Im glad that the police has finally took very serious and is making headlines of this.It should done the day she was reported missing but the mother never notified the father


And the girl in the picture does resemble Madeline a lot. I just wish there was information regarding eye color. Madeline had 2 different color eyes. But the other distinct body feature of madelines that this jane doe also has is they're both pigeon toed...knee knocked. Height & weight also are in comparison. I wish the LaCrosse police would've had stronger efforts in looking for her! Something happened to Madeline & I know someone knows. I have a couple of my own theories but can't share publicly. Just please keep an eye & ear out for information. We love her very much & need her home!


Madeline & her family were very close to me & I took her in often. She said I was like a 2nd mom to her. She was a very troubled teen & because of this she isn't getting the attention needed to solve this case. Just because she's a runaway doesn't mean she's safe somewhere because she wants to be there! She's runaway in the past but always called or came back within a few days. My aunt & Madeline also had a special bond & Madeline would've contacted her as well. We love her & miss her so much! We haven't stopped searching for her. I've spent countless hours on the internet & her picture was shown on an episode of Larry King Live one evening & the subject was Humane Sex Trafficking. Mira Sorvino is an advocate for this cause. I contacted the show but they couldn't answer any questions. I looked at the link earlier posted on website


Not ALL teenagers are runaways. Her mother passed away with the hopes of finding her or at least some information on her whereabouts, I can understand and respect if the family wanted this kept out of the media, but I don't think this is the case tho. Whether if the Amber Alert system was in effect or not the fact remains, they didn't bring it to the public until now. Years later?? I'm sure if it were one of their family members (referring to the police dept.) that her picture/story would've been all over the news, and newspaper! This is an absolute outrage. There are many sick twisted people out there and if were your family member wouldn't you want any and all help you could get?!?!?!?! I am so angry by this and this is why I will continue to post about anyone missing because there our families out there that are still searching and need closure. I am also a victim and survivor of a kidnapping out of the city of La Crosse. I was much younger tho but that isn't the point.


there were posters put up when she went missing. I remember seeing them as I was familiar with this child.


Do you see any resemblance?


My question is why is she defined as an "Endangered Runaway"...??? Do they have any evidence that she ran away? They have no evidence of anything, unfortunately.

a mother too

OMG, this is amazing to me? When I saw this article, I wondered where this had happened as I do not recall hearing/reading anything about this??? Whatever the reason this was not made more public, it is very troubling to me? You would hear from me for sure if my child went missing. Not judging the parents, or any family of the missing, one never knows what they were being told at that time by those you think are 'helping' you?!


I also do not ever remembering hearing about this.... too bad this didn't come out in 2005--- maybe someone THEN knew something or saw something --miracles happened for those women on Ohio -- maybe another one will happen here. There's always hope.


1st I have heard of this. How sad.


Keep in mind folks, grandpa Kondracki was still at the helm then. He preferred to keep the public in the dark, thinking he was holding all the cards when in fact, he lost relevant timing.

Remember when LaCrosse got the bearcat armored vehicle, and he wanted to keep it a secret ... that was his mindset ... we're just stupid citizens that can't handle the truth. Glad he finally retired.

The only thing Granpa Kondracki did right was how to play the media and blame alcohol for every happening he couldn't keep quiet.


Wierd. I don't ever remember hearing of this missing person. I do remember others in the area who wentmissing over the past 25 years , but not this one.Anyone else remember this??? Very sad.


No kidding....this was definately put on the back burner.

Check the facts

I had the same thoughts when reading this.

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