Scott Mehtala

Scott Mehtala

A man claiming to be a vampire punched a member of a band playing Tuesday at the La Crosse Center and drove a barricade through a window of the tour bus, according to police reports.

Scott Mehtala, 23, told police he was high on heroin when he assaulted a guitarist for American Fangs when he was confronted about smashing the window about 10 p.m. He tried to run but was tackled by another guitarist until police arrived at 200 Jay St.

Guitarist Nik Slimp chipped a tooth and needed stitches, reports state.

“I’m a vampire,” Mehtala told police when they asked him what happened. Everyone else, he said, was "a normal."

He whispered to an officer who he considered a “normal” and asked where his tattoos were, reports state.

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Mehtala then said he was “jumped by vampires,” who were members of the Hollywood Undead, a band also playing Tuesday night at the La Crosse Center.

He also told police he felt unsafe, but that he was protected by his “super human hearing,” according to reports.

Mehtala had a 0.12 percent alcohol level.

He told officers en route to jail that he feared more vampire attacks and said he needed to take a nap in Superior, Wis., where he lives. He wouldn’t believe he was in La Crosse.

He faces charges of substantial battery, disorderly conduct and two counts of criminal damage to property when he appears today in La Crosse County Circuit Court.

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See Thursday’s Tribune for more about this story.


(22) comments


Know one thinks that vampire's are real, but how would you know you're not a vampire, was this man walking in sunlight, did he have jewerly on him? If so did u take it of him, dose vervian hurt him?


so put him in a coffin and put him underground.


where was el kabong?


where was el kabong?


hey barnabas..lighten up


Still a better story than Twilight.


Chip, why is it you believe the police and "main stream media" about this story and not others?


I, for one, don't believe this report for a minute. It must be a false flag double code black ops operation by the CIA and the President's personal covert operations team. Credible witnesses are being hushed up as we speak.....


Fubar: bullets don't kill vampires, wooden stakes do. So sorry we attract such entertainment. Tell me again why they arrested Peaches again?


I geuse I do not understand..I would rather kill you with a 50 cent bullet than a 12$ steak.........


So FUBAR is going to use a slab of meat to kill someone...


That is written exactly as meant.


Sounds like he really needs some Mental Health Intervention.


Sounds like your typical north-sider.


I speak on behalf of all good Northsiders. Your a jerk davelisa1994.


Well said Bargeloader. Many of us Northsiders are well behaved, even potty trained.


You are a closed minded jerk. Look around your southside......not such a great place anymore is it? I agree with Bargeloader & yogimama.


Haha - As a north-sider, I must agree @davelisa1994

His boss at the pizza joint where he works won't be happy about this. I'll bet the public humiliation of being on the front page of the newspaper will set him straight.

Apologies to the guy with the busted tooth. Most of the people of La Crosse aren't this way.

This town needs an enema.


I am glad I carry a gun so I can defend my self against Vampire attacks. But, do I use lead or silver bullets? I will just carry both.

Buggs Raplin

Well, at least it wasn't a zombie...

Mike Hammer

Hmmmm....so this is what the groupies look like for American Fang and the Hollywood Undead . I am so sorry I missed this fabulous engagement.

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