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As La Crosse area residents start to thaw from the brutal and seemingly endless 2018-2019 winter, we're already seeing some tire-wrecking potholes. 

And if you have any doubt, check out the video above, taken Thursday from the dash of a car heading eastbound on La Crosse Street.

Let us know where we can find some of the worst by filling out the form below, so we can inform our readers and keep the city street department accountable through an interactive map. One pothole per submission, please.

In order to pinpoint the exact or approximate location of the pothole on the map, well need an approximate or exact street address or nearest intersecting streets. For example, please provide the address as such: 123 La Crosse St. or La Crosse St. and Losey Blvd. N. 

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Data, interactive and video journalist

Elizabeth Beyer is a data, interactive and video journalist with the River Valley Media Group.

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Omg drive down any street and there are pot holes!! Quit wasting money on bike lanes and round a bouts,, and fix the roads the proper way!! Losey, Jackson, La Crosse, State, all these streets are bad. Check the overheads also!!


City hall didn’t get the memo telling them that after it starts to warm up to use blacktop instead of snow to fill the holes!!


Tax and regulate marijuana in La Crosse, and have the best roads, and school district in the state from the revenue stream!

Rick Czeczok

This city has thrown so much money away on pet projects. The streets after the spring thaw really takes place will become impassable. Jackson and State Road are already falling apart to a point of no return. But the new bike path will be beautiful. The parks board has spent and spent on fields and parks that get used 3 months out of the year. We need tha roads all year round. The council I have concluded have their own agenda's, and really don't give a dam (spelling) about the city. They did the same thing on the school board when they ran it.


I like the new solution. Set barricades by every pothole or just close lanes and streets.

Styx 'n' Stones

[lol] The city doesn't HAVE enough barricades to mark every pothole out there.... doing so WOULD close the streets. Here's an idea, city crews: start with the roads that are the major thorofares (and coincidentally, state highways). Work at night when traffic is slow. Fill the potholes and properly compact the hotpatch. Then get the crews and barricades off the streets before rush-hour starts. Nothing worse than having one lane closed down when traffic is heavy... like Losey Blvd. on a Friday afternoon. And, don't rely on the public to tell you where the problem areas are. Any of you who have been here a few years KNOW where the problems are. Roll up your sleeves and get to it!


They do have a street blocked off... It's the west side of East Ave. on Denton I think. Big potholes across the entire street, so they just put up barricades. And it's thoroughfares to be picky.


Amen brother!


Good points!


We pushed back on the wheel tax that would have solved all of our pothole troubles. Now, the city/county will purposely neglect the repairs just to show us!

Styx 'n' Stones

There are other ways to raise funds for road maintenance besides raising license plate fees for personal vehicles. What doesn't make sense is that those with personalized plates pay an EXTRA $15 PER YEAR for plate renewal. Just where does that extra money go to? It doesn't cost any more to keep track of a personalized plate on a computer than it does a regularly-numbered plate... it's simply an entry in a database.


Amen brother. And I imagine it doesn't cost much to make the plates...


All of them, worse small city streets of all the cities I am familiar with.


Almost every street is a mess. Im sure it will help us to draw tourism.

The Mouse of Death

[censored]It would behoove us to fake news the great streets we have here in La Crosse because there are no potholes, you are just imagining it. We are indeed bemezzled when we gaslight those who say there are problems in the city because there are no problems only solutions.


City Government has several duties; safe streets, garbage pickup, police and fire protection. La Crosse is abysmally failing on streets. Time to step up the game.


I'll make it easy for you... Every street in La Crosse.


And this is the correct answer.


"Every Street in La Crosse" is partly correct. I would add a few more areas that need work: Everywhere from Galesville to Stoddard and from the Mississippi River to Rockland, WI.

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