The Arvidsons

Leif and Karen Arvidson

Pro-Life Wisconsin presented its Activists of the Year Award to Leif and Karen Arvidson, in part for organizing picketing at Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare in La Crosse.

The La Crosse couple, who have eight children, were honored Thursday night during the organization’s annual Living Courage Awards Dinner at the Radisson Hotel.

They began leading demonstrations outside Mayo-Franciscan on March 5, 2014, based on their contentions that Dr. Carl Rose of Mayo Health Clinic in Rochester, Minn., had advised Karen to have an abortion during a difficult pregnancy in 2012 and that he performs the procedure in Rochester.

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Rose and other Mayo-Rochester doctors occasionally work as consultants on high-risk pregnancies at Mayo-Franciscan. Officials there have said they do not perform abortions, a point that the Arvidsons acknowledge.

Leif, executive director of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine in La Crosse, Karen and other protesters have said they will continue picketing until Mayo-Franciscan cuts ties with the physicians.

Also honored at the dinner was State Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt, R-Fond du Lac, named Legislator of the Year for his work involving life issues.

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(20) comments


As for freedom of choice, rational minds would agree that women should have a choice in whether or not to receive pre-natal care from an abortionist. From what I have seen, this group is making sure women know that abortion-performing doctors are working in this Catholic hospital, where one would not expect to find them. This is an invaluable service to women and families.


what kind of no news, head up our bum day are you having when you need to waste space on these two losers.. I give ya 8 more months before you shut your doors or every one of you is replaced with something functional.


"Faust" you are truly a low-class individual I would not wish to be anywhere near. While you can make all the cheap shots you want about these people, where did you learn that the wife recently suffered the tragedy of a miscarriage? How did you know about her being diabetic? Since I doubt if you are a friend, I assume you have knowledge of their medical records? Regardless, shame on you for publicly announcing what is a painful and very private matter. You are a hateful, mean, ignorant excuse for a human being and I hope your medical records can be made available for all to see. Go crawl back in your filthy hole and stay there.




What kind of a nut are you, Faust?? Sounds as if you should be locked up for a very long time. There are some good people out there who deal with mental illness. Find one.


The kind you would break your teeth on. Have a nice day.


Or perhaps someone that cares more than you know, hoping that one day you may wake up and see the forest for the trees.


That guy that always gave 2 short beeps to make you look, then flipped you off and yelled "FREEDOM OF CHOICE" ... ya, that was me. Will be again if you start up the eyesore campaign again. This is a free country, if you want a government that deals in peoples personal lives, move to China. K?


How about they mind their own business. The are bullies who pick on little girls trying to take care of a problem by chanting and calling them murderers. Madison's elite guilt tripping religious freaks. Get lost. You creeps.




They're just two people that can't help but stick their nose in other people lives They want the right to tell others what they have to do with their lives.


Who watches the kids while they picket ??


They bring them with!! Poor kids will never have a chance to make a choice. They will live with mom and dad until they inherit their 'estate' lol


They're trying for 10, then they are tax free from the church to home and back. Maybe you should take it as a sign? ha


Eight children in an overpopulated world is a crime against humanity!

Maybe You're Wrong

If you consider this a crime against humanity, tell us how you feel about murdering babies.

Snow Cougar Mary Burke

Abstinence is free.


Abstinence-only sex ed is also ineffective.

"A congressionally mandated study of four popular abstinence-only programs by the Mathematica found that they were entirely ineffective. Students who participated in the programs were no more likely to abstain from sex than other students.
Evaluations of publicly funded abstinence-only programs in at least 13 states have shown no positive changes in sexual behaviors over time."

Again, free long-term contraception = effective.
Abstinence only sex ed = ineffective.

Oil changes cost money, but they save you money in the long run.



Standing in front of a hospital holding up signs does not reduce abortion, offering free long-term birth control does.


If these people were serious about reducing abortions, rather spreading their dogma, then they would be collecting money to provide free long-term birth control to teens.


ahasp - right on the money! Imposing your religious beliefs on everyone is a shameless excuse for 'Christianity'. You folks are so short-sighted and arrogant in your beliefs - stop this nonsense of imposing your shallow beliefs on everyone else! You apparently have no time to support either emotionally, financially or physically, the many children who languish in families that work around the clock for minimum wage, depriving them of attentive parents. You conservative 'Christians' really are selfish. How did you become duped into believing that Jesus would behave in such a selfish way?

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