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I watch her workout and love her drive and determination!! I have no doubt this is her lifestyle for the long haul! Way to go Kasie!

Buggs Raplin

It's such a repetitive story heard thousands of times for people losing a lot of weight.. The question that matters. Will she keep the weight off? I wish her luck in that regard.


Awesome job!!! I know how hard it is to try and change a habit. I have not had a cigarette in one month after smoking for probably close to 40 yrs. One day at a time is all it takes. Way to go young lady.


Great job! If you're serious about losing weight the right way, you should try snacking on some Tiger Nuts. It's probably the "healthiest snack food on the market", and it will help you lose weight too. Available at www.tigernutsusa.com.


Think about carrying 4-5 Christmas turkeys around all day to get an idea of the difference this makes in a person.

Grand Dad's Bluff

Great job!!!! You have accomplished a lot!

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