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I spend a good portion of my job working with automotive executives. I can tell you that they are all very concerned about the effects of the tariffs and are preparing for a major economic downturn.


The steel and aluminum tariffs against Mex and Canada were lifted today. So whats the next excuse to do nothing going to be?


Kind says Trumps plan would improve NAFTA, Odummy was President for EIGHT years, why didn’t he fix it?? Now Kind is an expert on the topic, so, the US was getting screwed since NAFTA’s inception, and Keston done nothing about it? Did Trump have to tell him it was unfair? It seems that way. Thank God for Trump!


Trump is cleaning up a mess that goes all the way back to Bush I. Hasnt Kind been in Congress that entire time?

Rick Czeczok

Nancy must have told him to write this. He does not make a move without her permission. Some might call that a puppet. How does this guy keep getting voted in, he does nothing, but votes on party line 98.5% f the time. Look it up, his (kind) is the problem with congress.


You should run for office like Buggs did Ricky. You could use your insightful comments on here as campaign literature. It worked great for Chip Denure. He got several votes.

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