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Mitrel Anderson


A La Crosse man acquitted in a 2013 fatal stabbing at a downtown gas station faces new charges after authorities found him with more than three ounces of methamphetamine and a loaded handgun in Trempealeau County.

Investigators arrested Mitrel Anderson, 28, and Brittany Heath, 21, also of La Crosse, after an undercover drug investigation Thursday in Centerville, according to the Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Department.

Police discovered 84 grams of meth and the gun inside their vehicle. Anderson and Heath makes their initial appearances this week in Trempealeau County Circuit Court.

Before his arrest, Anderson was free on a $2,000 signature bond in La Crosse County. Prosecutors in March charged him with selling 2.2 grams of heroin to a police informant. That case is pending.

A jury in December 2014 acquitted Anderson of homicide in the June 2, 2013, death of DeMario Lee inside the men’s restroom at the Cass Street Kwik Trip, after finding he stabbed Lee in self-defense after a confrontation.

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(20) comments

real life Justice

Obumba is a joke, Law enforcement works hard to protect and enforce the laws that society needs to follow. But he lets out the very scum the laws were meant for. Now this trash is caught again producing a drugs that we are all fight against. 3 strikes and you out put him away and throw away the key.


I'm chuckling at the outrage this story has generated. This starts at the top , in the White House, Obama called Darrin Wilson a racist when he shot a guy who committed 5 crimes that day. Since then it's been open season on cops AND it has been trickle down NO ONES RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THEY DO judges let criminals out just like Obama has released hundreds and hundreds from prison before they pay their debt lawlessness from the top down
Why even bother arresting, these thugs they'll get out early or won't get jailed at all


You are aware that Ramona has been a judge since before Obama was in office, correct? She has always been easy on drug offenders because her kids are drug addicts.




Romona ...let him out ....he a good lad. Mac Daddy

Melowese Richardson

SHOCKED. Shocked, I say.


Obama released over 600 people like this from prison. We need laws to be upheld


Define "like this."


Repeat criminal offenders . . .


People who aren't held accountable for their crimes, dumb a$&, what do you think I meant ??


racist as usual


Stupid as usual


Why lock him up? The sun is going to explode in billions of years and render all this pointless, anyway.


Imagine that !!!! Do they have Sig Bonds in Trempeleau County too??


Maybe Trempealeau County has better judges that can keep this guy behind bars.

Condor Kid

Mitrel got away with murder because the judge suppressed evidence of his cocaine enterprise that would have invalidated his false claim of self defense. Time for him to pay.


Obama judge
Obama justice


Another release on bail brought to you my Gonzalez!!! Love the ccap on this guy!


Yes 812 I agree. He should have been there already!!! Now lock him up for years and years and years!!!!![angry][angry][angry][angry]


put him away for a long, long time!!

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