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Brother William Mann, president of Saint Mary’s University, along with Mary Burrichter, center, and Sandra Simon, right, SMU trustees, presented the Signum Fidei Award to Pope Francis on April 15 in Rome.

WINONA, Minn. — An Argentinian pope has joined a Guatemalan bishop as the second recipient of the Signum Fidei Award from Saint Mary’s University — created in memory of an SMU alumni martyred in Central America.

SMU President William Mann, along with SMU trustees Mary Burrichter and Sandra Simon, presented Pope Francis — personally — with the award April 15 after the pope’s weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square.

The Signum Fidei — Sign of the Faith — Award is bestowed in recognition of extraordinary service to the vulnerable and marginalized members of society and work that promotes human solidarity. The award presented to the pope is in the form of a bronze bust of Brother James Miller, a SMU alumni and member of the Christian Brothers who in 1982, while serving as a missionary in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, was gunned down by three unidentified gunmen while repairing a wall at the mission school.

Miller met his death serving the poor, the marginalized, the forgotten, Mann said. “This pope seems to be — in a major way — reaching out to those populations.”

Mann said that as he explained to the pope who James Miller was and what he had done, Francis reached out to touch the bronze and blessed it — the Latin American pope very aware of the situation at the time.

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“It was an incredible experience,” Burrichter said of her meeting with Pope Francis. “He came up to us,” she said, “ Brother William spoke to him in Spanish. ...He held my right hand. He gave us his blessing, then said to us in English, ‘Pray for me.’”

“He seemed to be a very gentle, a very kind man.”

In 2010, the Church designated Brother James Miller a “servant of God” and a martyr for the faith — first step in a process that could end in being declared a saint.

“I am personally weary of violence, but I continue to feel a strong commitment to the suffering poor of Central America.” Miller wrote, shortly before his death. “I pray to God for the grace and strength to serve Him faithfully among the poor and oppressed of Guatemala. ... I place my life in his providence; I place my trust in Him.”

In September, Bishop Álvaro Ramazzini, Bishop of Huehuetenango, Guatemala, the site of Miller’s martyrdom, was presented the university’s first Signum Fidei Award in recognition of his continued commitment to the tasks Miller died attempting to fulfill.

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Francis has made progress in areas where I had thought the Catholics to be hopeless... but the progress is far from complete:

"Pope Francis raises eyebrows by saying pedophile priests include ‘bishops and cardinals’'


"Letter to Pope uncovers pedophile network in Spain"


"A letter sent to Pope Francis has triggered Spain’s largest clerical sex abuse scandal to date, leading to charges being filed against 10 priests after a college professor wrote to the pontiff to describe sexual abuse he claims to have suffered as a child."

"In the victim’s Aug. 10 conversation with Francis, according to media reports, the pontiff apologized in the name of the Church for the abuse he suffered and encouraged the victim to file civil charges against the priests who he said abused him."

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