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America has reached a sad, sad state, as reflected by this story. The Sparta School District did the right thing in shutting school down, but it is pretty awful that they had to do it. I went to school during the 1960s and 70s, and nothing like this ever happened. Nobody would even think about it because we didn't have to. America, we need to figure out what has changed and work toward getting that fixed. Fewer parents teaching their kids morals? Less respect for human life? It's being a cool kid to follow the fad of taking a gun to school and using it? Lack of caution on the part of people who may have a gut feeling that Billy is thinking about using a gun, but then not reporting that to the school, his parents or the police? Don't just sit here and ignore this problem, America. This is happening in OUR country, not some foreign dictatorship. We need to get at it.

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