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A Lyndon Station woman faces drug charges after a drug trafficking house in Mauston was searched by police. 

Rebalaine Knauer, 30, is charged with three counts of manufacture/deliver cocaine, and two counts of manufacture/deliver THC. She faces up to 25 years imprisonment for the first charge and five and ten years for the other charges. 

According to the criminal complaint:

An undercover officer was given a plastic bag with a white powdered substance by Thunderhawk Decorah in Mauston Aug. 7.

The officer later met with Decorah and Knauer in a black Nissan Altima with Alabama license plates behind the China Buffet in Mauston. Decorah stated he could only sell “two half grams but later that day was going to ‘re-up’ on his product.”

The officer purchased the two half grams for $100 in controlled currency he received from a Juneau County detective.

The officer turned the two half grams in to the Sheriff’s Department. They both tested positive for cocaine.

The officer later received a bag of THC from Knauer Dec. 12 at the location of Cemetery Road in the Village of Lyndon Station.

The officer later drove with Knauer to Norms Bar in Lyndon Station to wait for her “connection” to secure some cocaine. After being informed cocaine was unavailable, the officer left the bar with Knauer and drove to her Cemetery Street residence.

Knauer retrieved a “green leafy substance” from a box and weighed it at 7.6 grams. The officer purchased it from her for $100.

The substance was turned in and tested positive for THC.

Later, the officer received two baggies containing a “white powder/rock substance” by Douglas McFarland at a Lincoln Street address in Mauston on Jan. 3.

That same day, the officer went to Knauer’s Cemetery Street residence and met with her. The officer observed McFarland and two additional females to be present as well. The officer purchased 1.2 grams cocaine from them at the residence.

The officer met again with Knauer and McFarland Jan. 10 and purchased 28.3 grams of cocaine from them for $1600. The officer observed a female juvenile to be in the home at the time who McFarland described as “my girlfriend’s kid.”

At the time of the sale, McFarland stated “the last time I had a $2000, day it was a great day.” McFarland also stated he had a “cousin that cold get him a kilo… and can easily push a ‘half pound of coke.’”

The officer observed Knauer and McFarland smoke THC from a bong at the residence.

After leaving the Lincoln Street residence, the officer drove Knauer to the Juneau County Sheriff’s Office where she was arrested and the 28.3 grams he purchased were secured and tested positive for cocaine.

A search warrant for the Lincoln Street residence was requested and validated. During the execution of the search warrant, Mcfarland, Machelle Witting, and Justin Martin were arrested on drug charges. Decorah has also since been, charged. A three year old child was in the residence at the time.

The kitchen of the residence had “a large glass bong, a digital scale… a drug ledger… playing cards and a dollar bill that had white residue on them, a black scale that (had) white residue, a black LG cell phone, a plastic cap containing marijuana wax, and $1,740 in US currency.” The kitchen cabinet also contained “several baggies” containing a green leafy substance. Two baby bottles “containing a purple liquid” were found inside the refrigerator.

The back bedroom had a blue duffle bag containing baggies with “a green leafy substance.” Photos were taken inside the residence.

Witting’s bedroom closet contained “a glass container containing a green leafy substance, a metal grinder, and a clear plastic baggie (with a) green leafy substance.”

McFarland’s bedroom contained three glass pipes, “a large glass bong, a baby bottle (containing) purple residue, a blue duffle bag containing baggies (of) green leafy substance packaged for sales.” Inside a black Sentry safe in the bedroom, officers found $10,000.

A total of 99 grams of THC and 28 grams of THC wax were found at the residence.

$1,600 of the $1,740 located on the kitchen counter was determined to be the controlled currency used by the undercover officer during previous purchases. Of the money found in McFarland's bedroom, $60 of the $10,000 was found to be controlled currency as well.

Knauer stated in a police interview she has “middled” hundreds of drug purchases in cocaine, Adderall, and marijuana. Knauer said “the majority of these deliveries have occurred within Juneau County along with additional deliveries within Sauk County.” She reported to have also made sales outside of Wisconsin, including Texas and Illinois.

Knauer is not currently in the Juneau County Jail. She is due in court Feb. 28 at the Juneau County Justice Center.

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