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MADISON — The Wisconsin Supreme Court is getting ready to listen to oral arguments in two lawsuits challenging the state's voter photo identification law.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's Milwaukee branch and the League of Women Voters have challenged the law in separate cases.

Dane County judges struck the law down in both cases. But the 4th District Court of Appeals found the law constitutional in the League of Women Voters case, prompting the league to seek Supreme Court review. The justices in November decided to pull the NAACP out of the 2nd District Court of Appeals and decide it themselves.

The justices are scheduled to hear arguments in both cases Tuesday.

A federal judge in Milwaukee is considering two other challenges to the law as well.

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Joe Hill

Voter I'D laws have targeted specific groups of voters. 18 - 24 year olds in college. Older persons who have difficulty getting an I'D. etc.

Locations to get an ID have been reduced making it difficult.

What else can one conclude from the way Wisconsin's law was written except the intent is disenfranchisement.?

This is the modus operandi of Wisconsin government. It cannot simply bar voting. But it can make it awfully difficult. The obvious parallel is Act 10. The Wisconsin government didn't outlaw unions. But it made them nearly impossible to exist.

Everyone must get past the rhetoric that voter ID's are needed to combat fraud at the polls. There is virtually none. In federal elections severe penalties are on the books. I recall one case from the 2012 presidential election.

Wisconsin lawmakers are lying when they claim the IDs are needed to combat fraud. One must look at Wisconsin's law and see who it affects.


ID Required?


1. Alcohol
2. Cigarettes
3. Opening a bank account
4. Apply for food stamps
5. Welfare
6. Medicaid/Social Security
7. Unemployment
8. Rent/buy a house
9. Drive/buy/rent a car
10. Get on an airplane
11. Get married
12. Purchase a gun
13. Adopt a pet
14. Rent a hotel room
15. Apply for hunting license
16. Apply for fishing license
17. Buy a cell phone
18. Visit a casino
19. Pick up prescription
20. Hold a rally or protest
21. Blood donations
22. Buy an “M” rated video game
23. Purchase nail polish at CVS
24. Purchase certain cold medicines
25. Enter State and Federal buildings


1. Voting

Why would you not want to have an ID for voting? Voting more than once or not legal to vote damages everyone that votes legally - unless that is the Democrat party's intention.


Anything that restricts voter right to vote in any way should never be allowed in our state and country. After looking at all the way Republicans have been trying to stop people from voting, it seems they lost all American values which other respect dearly.

Major Dogg

Silliness. Voter ID requirements will only restrict people from voting multiple times.


Show a SINGLE case where that has happened. We're waiting......

Tim Russell

Everyone already knows what side The Wisconsin Strangler & Mad Dog Mike will take.


Your comment is a typical liberal approach. Attack by name calling. So sad.

Tim Russell

Right - we have never seen a conservative call anyone a name - LOL!

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