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Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin will face former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson in the Nov. 6 election for U.S. Senate.

Tommy Thompson is optimistic heading into Tuesday’s U.S. Senate election against Democrat Tammy Baldwin, saying today that polls don’t capture the enthusiasm behind Republicans.

As Baldwin was speaking to an estimated 18,000 people gathered to hear President Barack Obama in Madison, Thompson was touring the state with Gov. Scott Walker.

A Marquette Law School poll last week showed Baldwin leading Thompson 47 percent to 43, within the margin of error.

Speaking at Mid-City Steel in La Crosse, the former four-term governor said in the past several days he’s traveled more than 1,200 miles, lost his voice and hit a deer in his quest to win the seat being vacated by Sen. Herb Kohl.

Walker said western Wisconsin did well under Thompson as governor and will prosper again if he’s elected to the Senate.

Walker said the election will come down to leadership.

“If you want leaders who can work across party lines, leaders who can create more jobs and can actually balance budgets and get things done, the choice is clear,” he said. “Tommy Thompson did it in Wisconsin. Mitt Romney did it in the state where he was governor.”

Both men said momentum from this summer’s recall election — which Walker won easily — will carry over for Republicans this fall.

“It awoke a sleeping giant,” Walker said.

Baldwin said the election offers a choice between two visions of America, and she and Obama are fighting for the middle class.

Baldwin was the last speaker at a Monday rally near the Capitol before rocker Bruce Springsteen and Obama.

She said the difference between her and Obama's vision and that of Mitt Romney and Thompson is that the Democrats are fighting for the middle class and Republicans are looking out for special interests.

She says "we need a senator and a president who will fight for us."

Baldwin says the election offers a chance to "finish what we started."

Thompson joked while talking to workers at the La Crosse steel fabricator that he got a deer even before the season opener. Actually it was one of his campaign cars; he said he was riding in the bus behind it when the crash happened early Sunday near Shawano.

“Nobody was hurt,” he said. “It did a lot of damage. I think the deer was named Tammy Baldwin, but I’m not sure.”

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Digital news editor

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I am sure we will less of independent around.


Re: “Nobody was hurt,” he [Thompson] said. “It did a lot of damage. I think the deer was named Tammy Baldwin, but I’m not sure.”

Tommy wins the Bill Feehan Award for Ungallant Attitudes Toward Women. Last year's winner: David Prosser.

Republican males are weird toward women: Akin on rape, et cetera:

What's With Republicans and Rape?

So now we have Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock saying that if a woman becomes pregnant as the result of a rape then "that's something God intended."

(There was also Idaho Republican state Sen. Chuck Winder who back in March suggested some women might not understand when they've been raped and then falsely use a claim of rape as an excuse to get an abortion. I am not making this up.)


He's done.


What will you two do with yourselves after tomorrow? TP$LG and David Lee, no way Wisconsin elects a senator that was rated the most liberal member of congress. The silent majority WILL be heard, I don't think you will like it. Either way, its been nice debating the c**p out of both of you.

Romney will take Wisconsin by less than 2% and Thompson will win by over 4%.

At least Baldwin will be out of politics when this is over. She would be better suited to lead an organization like ACORN or be a community organizer in Madison.


The last paragraph with Tommy's comment certainly speaks to his lack of character and class. It will be nice not to hear about him anymore after tomorrow.

David Lee

Got to agree with you on that. For sure an example of a despirate bitter old man seeking a little bit more glory. Go home tommy, your finished.


Ooh...Tommy makes a joke and your'e muffins are getting chapped again...Lighten up.

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