VIROQUA — A 22-year-old Readstown man is accused of stabbing a woman in the neck multiple times in De Soto early Thursday because “he wanted to see what it felt like,” according to court testimony.

Vernon County Circuit Judge Michael Rosborough ordered Shayne Swadley held on a $100,000 cash bond. He returns to court June 1 for homicide or attempted homicide charges depending on whether the victim, Christine M. Mazilauskas, 45, of De Soto, survives the attack, District Attorney Tim Gaskell said.

Vernon County Sheriff John Spears said he can’t recall a case where the perpetrator had no motive and just wanted the experience of killing someone.

“He admitted to wanting to kill her but had no reason other than he wanted to know what it felt like,” he said.

Swadley said he took a knife from the kitchen, walked to the rear of a mobile home south of Blackhawk Park in De Soto and stabbed Mazilauskas in the back while she was asleep in a bedroom about 1 a.m., sheriff’s Lt. investigator Scott Bjerkos testified.

Mazilauskas called 911 and named Swadley as her attacker.

“When I took [Swadley] over to the jail, I said, ‘One thing that bothers me about this whole thing, Mr. Swadley, is you haven’t even asked how she’s doing,’” Bjerkos said in an interview after the bond hearing. “He looked at me and goes, ‘She’s still alive?’”

Mazilauskas underwent emergency surgery early Thursday. Bjerkos said she remains in critical condition and will likely require additional surgeries.

Three other men in the house at the time fled but later told investigators that nothing occurred that would have sparked an altercation between Swadley and Mazilauskas.

Authorities suspect Swadley was under the influence of alcohol and methamphetamine.

“He’s not the first person to be under the influence of meth and have this kind of behavior,” Bjerkos said. “That’s why the drug is so evil.”

Spears said the crime shows premeditation.

“He went from one end of the trailer to the other and came back — that’s what’s scary — to see what it would feel like,” Spears said. “What if he would have gotten that feeling when ... there was a kid riding by on a bike or the UPS man coming to the door? It could have been anybody.”

Swadley is on probation and has drug and disorderly conduct convictions.

After Rosborough set the cash bond, Swadley asked, “So, uh, I’ll be getting out of here then?”

“No,” said Rosborough. “Unless you’ve got $100,000.”

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(21) comments


it is a meth head park due to one owner letting them live there, very very sad.


I hope this kid gets the same as I kid I know in Florida, who shot a girl just see what it felt like. HE is spending the rest of his life in prison, without parole. Oh by the way that girl died 2 weeks later. I hope that is not what happens here.


I guarantee drugs played a major role in this. the victim is a known method head herself, she has a past with drug convictions in Iowa, her boyfriend is a well known tweaker.


He's had past drug convictions. That says a lot. Drugs can upset an otherwise good brain.


WHY did she have a drug guy staying at the house ??? Meth heads are scum bags !!


This is not drug related; this is classic psychopathy for a budding serial killer. First and foremost, he has no empathy. Second, his attack was not motivated by anything other than curiosity. It was cold, premeditated, calculating, and vicious. Let this kid out - EVER - and I guarantee you, he will do it again. And again. And again. And he will escalate. This is not a druggie; this is a serial killer. Mark my words. Sounds like law enforcement needs a bit of education on the subject.


Hi, you clearly must've missed the sentence that stated, "Authorities suspect Swadley was under the influence of alcohol and methamphetamine."


"Three other men in the house at the time fled,"..........Interesting.....


Maybe Bubba can stab him in prison. Then he will know what it feels like. To be on the receiving end.


He will get stabbed a few times just not in the neck :)


What are you guys, 12?


His lawyer will plead ''insanity'', the judge and/or jury will buy it, he will be out within 6 months and accomplish ''what it feels like to murder someone"! That is why we should have a law that ''you plead and win ''insanity'', you spend the exact same amount of time in the nut house as if you were sentenced to prison!


this is Vernon County, Not La Crosse County


no, he's in the right court - Rosborough will throw the book at this punk


There are no words for this except I'm praying for the victim. Nobody deserves that kind of torture.


Fun knowing that every cent of tax I ever pay will be going to this MAN's prison term and/or rehabilitative care. How much does it cost to operate an electric chair?


What? Are you volunteering to pay for the term of his incarceration? All by yourself? That's great and we thank you for your generosity.


That's cool that you have somehow set up a special arrangement with the IRS! Because my taxes get split between property, unemployment, Social Security, Medicare, and sales.


either you're intentionally being dense to be funny or you should contemplate whether it's worth it to get out of bed tomorrow


Confused, and not that it matters. Is he 22 or 45?


He's ''22'' and the victim is ''45".

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