Gov. Scott Walker

Gov. Scott Walker shares a laugh with constituents while at the Coon Valley Village Hall, Monday.

COON VALLEY — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker likened compensation in the teaching profession to free agency in the National Football League during a visit Monday to Coon Valley.

Walker held an invitation-only listening session at Coon Valley and afterward gave a couple of interviews focused on education, rural roads and the use of state recreational land along the Mississippi River.

When asked whether he would encourage a relative with a teaching degree to seek employment in Wisconsin or Minnesota, Walker said Wisconsin.

“They don’t have to wait 20 years to be able to succeed,” Walker said. “If they’re a great teacher and they’ve got great incentive to perform they can get a high-quality teaching job anywhere in the state of Wisconsin and they can get rewarded for that and not have to wait to build years of seniority.”

Walker said school districts can set pay based on performance and hire based on merit.

“It’s about putting the best and the brightest in the classroom,” Walker said. “If someone is an exceptional talent and wants to go into education, they can be rewarded for that.”

When asked whether he thought such incentive-driven salary programs would be a hindrance to allowing school districts to keep quality teachers, Walker compared teaching to being a player in the NFL.

“If the Green Bay Packers pay people to perform and if they perform well on their team, (the Packers) pay them to do that,” Walker said. “They don’t pay them for how many years they’ve been on the football team. They pay them whether or not they help (the Packers) win football games.”

Walker said Wisconsin school districts can pay either a fresh college graduate or a 25-year veteran based solely on performance.

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“Most businesses outside of government, that’s how they operate as well,” Walker said.

Walker said improving Wisconsin’s rural roads is an issue for future budgets.

“The big thing we’re going to focus on in the next budget when it comes to transportation is safety and maintenance,” Walker said.

He said when he came in as governor, he inherited a state budget fund that had been raided of $1 billion and a constitutional loophole had to be closed so it would never happen again.

Walker said the state has too many big transportation projects underway in southeast Wisconsin. In the next budget, that will change, he said, with less focus on new road projects in the Milwaukee area.

“Going forward we’re not doing new projects down there,” Walker said. “We really need to not focus on big new projects in those urban areas, but just on maintaining the system we have. Not just for the state highway system, but we’ll put more money, a higher amount, into local... road aids.”

Walker said there is no definitive answer to properly address increasing the access Wisconsin residents have to recreational lands that lie west of railroad tracks lining the Mississippi River.

BNSF began strict enforcement forbidding railroad crossings except at marked crossings last year. That has cut off people who hunt and fish from thousands of acres of recreational land along the Mississippi River.

“There’s incredible liability for railroads if something happens, if God forbid someone were hit, there’d be big meetings saying ‘why did the state allow this to happen?’” Walker said. “Conversely, I’m a hunter, I hunt further down in Bagley. I get people’s concerns, when they say, “I want to get over there to hunt or fish or whatever.’ What we’re trying to find out is there a good, reasonable solution that allows certain places to cross that protect people’s safety at the same time.”

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Matt Johnson is the co-publisher of the River Valley Media Group’s weekly newspapers and managing editor of the Vernon County Broadcaster in Viroqua. Dorothy Robson is the editor of the Westby Times.


(58) comments


Why are you all giving that moron of a governor any of your time and energy? He's not worth it.


Scott Walker is no finance genius. His own personal net worth is -$77,000. Negative $77,000! He carries a $10,000 credit card debt with Barclays at 27% interest; has numerous other credit card debt with other outstanding loans. He draws a generous salary for basically running his big mouth of about anything, claiming "expertise". Lives rent-free in gov's mansion,free limo service, many freebies and still has enormous personal debt. Most public school educators are highly underpaid and for him to compare thrm to performance based NFL multi-millionaire players is unintelligent and insulting.

union conservative

If I don't get a raise it is because the democrat/liberal county board are taking advantage of Walker's policies. I guess it would then send the message that Walker did the state, county, and municipal leaders dirty work for them. Wouldn't it? I have news for you it has already happened in La Crosse. I am not complaining here but there have been earned benefits taken away so they already have taken advantage of some of the 'tools' in Walker's Act 10. Unlike Obama who forces everyone to abide by his health care policies, Walker left it up to the individual governing body in how they would use his 'tools'. NO governing body was forced into using all the rules of ACT 10 as a way of balancing the budget. So that being said who are the bad guys in all of this throughout La Crosse County?

RINO Cowboy

Obama didnt "force everyone" to abide by "his" health care policies.


It was passed by Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court.

union conservative

Obamacare forces all working people or people with healthcare to abide by the policies set forth in Obamacare. That is why premiums and deductables along with prescriptions charges change each year. He even names certain plans as to good so we that have them have to pay more....AKA Cadilac plan like most Government employees have/had. I am not complaining about the cost of my plan but it has, like the teachers and everyone else's, went up significantly since Obamacare was passed and then enacted. So don't tell me the democrats are looking out for the worker cause in this case the workers are paying for everything that the unemployed or people on welfare get for free. Keep in mind your union money supported it. Another reason for me to support Walker.


I wonder if there is a limit to the things Scoot doesn't know? I mean this in a philosophical sense, just out of curiosity.

He has already proven to not know about a vast number of things, and every few days he comes out with more things he doesn't know about, almost as if it is infinitesimal.

Surely there is at least one thing he must be knowledgable about..and yet, and yet that thing has not appeared.

Is not knowing about things a prerequisite for public office in Wisconsin? And if you don't know many things, are you to advertise it?

I just don't know.

RINO Cowboy

... and Walker shouldnt be paid at all because he is a fool.


The rest of the country easily seen what a buffoon Walker is and sent him packing ! Too bad the majority in Wisconsin couldn't see it. It will take years to repair the damage done by Walker and company


This is great. I just shared with my administration what I do to be considered a "model teacher." So great, now I am a "model teacher." The problem is, the school s are handcuffed because they have no money because Walker keeps stealing from public schools to fund private school vouchers and failing charter schools.

union conservative

I have said this before and will continue to say....as a county employee I can not wait till I have to go in front of a board, maybe the county board for that matter, and tell them why I deserve a bigger raise then most. Ill have all my 20 plus years of stellar reviews laid out in front of them. What they will see is very few sick days, zero sub-standard ratings with many being "exceeds expectations" and some very nice comments from my supervisory staff. That is what I want and hopefully will be able to do before I retire in the next 15 years or so. Walker has done us all a favor in that eventually the work environment will include working together, being nice to each other (getting along), and above all getting paid for what we are worth instead of a select few making everyone look good thus making the same salary.


You are hysterical! You really think you will get a raise? Good luck with that. Your pal Walker screwed you and you don't even realize it....


Amen, Opus.

union conservative

If I don't get a raise it is because the democrat/liberal county board are taking advantage of Walker's policies. I guess it would then send the message that Walker did the state, county, and municipal leaders dirty work for them. Wouldn't it? I have news for you it has already happened in La Crosse. I am not complaining here but there have been earned benefits taken away so they already have taken advantage of some of the 'tools' in Walker's Act 10. Unlike Obama who forces everyone to abide by his health care policies, Walker left it up to the individual governing body in how they would use his 'tools'. NO governing body was forced into using all the rules of ACT 10 as a way of balancing the budget. So that being said who are the bad guys in all of this throughout La Crosse County?


"no governing body was forced to use in using all the rules of act 10" Don't know were you get that from. Local governments were forced to change benefit packages, like pension contributions and health ins. contributions. And they were forced to limit wage increases to the so call cost of living index. So yea Walker did the dirty work in taking away some of your benefits. Need to get your facts straight. Obama did not force everyone to abide by his health care, you can go without, you just pay a penalty, your choice. As a former public employee let me tell you, you can take all those wonderful evaluation sheets given to you and use them as toilet paper, they mean nothing to the powers that be, except if you are management.


Pot meet kettle!

Tim Russell

“Most businesses outside of government, that’s how they operate as well,” Walker said.
Exactly how would he know? He has never worked outside the government.


Of course, NFL players have agents. They are part of a union. And there is clear criteria for what makes a good player. In addition, they play with other highly qualified players. To take this analogy to the next step, let the public determine the rest of the players on the team. Then put them on the field against another team of college players that have played football. After all, teacher don't get to pick and choose their students. They don't get to demand parents show up for conferences. Oh, I they may get paid up to $50,00 a year, vs. the multimillion dollar packages that pro athletes are paid.

My suggestion for anyone that becomes a teacher -- find a job in MN. The pay is much better and the respect for educators is high.


Very, very well said, stopit.


He does owe the taxpayers 570,000 for the overtime paid to the "dignitary detail" for babysitting him, only in his mind is he a dignitary

you think you know

Not true. All costs for the security and travel of the security during his campaign was repaid in January, and was confirmed by the DOA.

I understand you're not a big enough of a person to admit the truth, and I get that you hate the guy. But you're wrong.

Tim Russell

He paid for the Travel expenses but has NOT reimbursed the State for the $570k in OT.
As usual you don't know what you are talking about.

you think you know

No, you fool. You do not know what you are talking about. Any and all expense incurred during the campaign has been paid back.

That $570k figure you loose lips keep throwing around dates back to 2013, and the time period ended prior to a launch for president.

Please don't mix apples and oranges when trying to 'make facts'. You are wrong. Nels is wrong. Research first, rant second.

Tim Russell

You really aren't very bright. No he didn't. See this link.
Got something better?


Yes he has reimbursed the State for the travel expenses but has not reimbursed the cost of State for his security detail (he gets it no matter where he goes) and he has NOT reimbursed the State for the $570K in OT his security detail got paid.
You can lie all you want about it but the facts are the facts dolt.

you think you know

Slow down and read your own article again. 2nd paragraph, everything billed was paid. 4th paragraph, all of this is being paid out of good will, as law does not require it. 9th paragraph, that $570,000 was incurred LAST YEAR it says. LAST YEAR, at the writing of this article, Walker was not running for president. Those charges were incurred for travel he did as normal Gubernatorial business from 2013 - 2015 prior to the campaign.

Sir, the article you claim to make me look incorrect completely backs up my statements. Those expenses were NOT part of the campaign. I understand you hate Walker, and you're a TribTroll who hates me, but I love you. And with that love I'd encourage you to practice reading comprehension, because I sir, am not the dolt.

Al Webb

Great idea by the Governor; shop your services. Defunct teacher's union will not agree but who really cares about the teacher's union.


Or is the great idea to lower the quality of teachers? Sure, there were some bad ones, we get it, probably similar to the job you're in. Scooter has successfully dried up the talent pool in teaching. Who on earth would want to get into this occupation? Would you AL?

Al Webb

Polar bear; Absolutely I would; great respect for the teachers but not their former Union Activities.


Warmest greetings and regards to you Al. So you would absolutely like to be a teacher, Al. Get on it. Go spend four to five years in college to get your degree in education, and be prepared to be working constantly for the rest of your life on a Master's, at least, and required education workshops. You won't ever make more than an average middle class salary, but the hours are long. Try to find a job in an upper class suburb of Milwaukee or Madison, where you will most likely have bright kids coming to school from families committed to their education, if you have to show "results" at the end of the year based on student performance in order to get a raise. If you feel committed to small town schools or inner city schools and their children, congratulations, you will be a saint, but you likely won't ever get a significant raise because these kids won't be coming school with the preparation, advantages and home support that kids from upper class suburban schools have. On the other hand, if you're a success, you'll have some of your kids coming back years later full of gratitude for giving them a chance to step up into the world. That is of incalculable worth, though it won't help much with raises to help support your own family. I am SO glad that you have great respect for teachers, but your respect is somewhat suspect if you support a governor who is openly hostile to them and is trying to demagogue himself politically by setting teachers up as the enemy while he reduces their standard of living and their resources to do their job.


You and all that have ripped apart teachers since Walker has been in office are hypocrites. You blame all teachers for the way the union was, haven't you? You probably wouldn't last the month of August as a teacher, and that is the month that students aren't even there. Please don't try and claim you would be a teacher. You wouldn't do it because of the lack of money and the lack of respect. Be honest Al. We can all see right through your BS.


Interesting insights. The three teachers unions I have been a part of push for fair conditions, fair pay, and quality resources/opportunities for kids. Those nasty teachers unions. It's all their fault!



Bill Payer

NFL players have a union. That union was instrumental in overturning the NFL's restrictive "Plan B" free agency back in the early 90's and ushering in the current free agency system our union-busting governor is now idealizing.
Irony, thy name is Walker.

Al Webb

Walker has a strong point regarding teacher's pay; sounds fine to me.


As it should. But only if you are fine with lower standards now. Not many will want to get into teaching until things turn around. This was ALL simply lip service as they are unable to get a higher contract. Check your local schools, I am sure if this were good, lots of teachers would becoming "free agents". From what I have heard, districts are bullying out the experienced to retirement and the replacements could hardly run a fast food joint. But I am sure that you know all of this. Just a couple years ago I heard from a 30+ year teacher making the same as a 10+ year teacher. Pay a 25 year old out of college more than an experienced vet? Sounds like our society today. Good luck with that. I feel those should prove their worth. Strong point? Let me guess, you were a teacher so know how they should, or SHOULDN'T be paid, right? People make it so easy to lob falsies toward another occupation.


and yet you want to pay walker for trips around the world pretending to be presidential. wow


🐿 🐿 🐿 More squirrelly behavior from Wisconsin's top college dropout. Free agents? No. We Weirdsconsinites demand that all teachers be treated like Walmart store clerks.

CSE 340 11-25-15 Lecture: "Lambda Calculus Pt. 2"



Gov. Scott Walker's presidential campaign held $807,676 in debt at the end of May, according to the campaign's latest filing with the FEC.

That's down $91,000 from the $898,676 his campaign owed at the end of April.

The campaign reported $127,236 in revenue from May 1 to May 31 and spent $115,120

Unlike recent months, the bulk of Walker's receipts in May came from donations, with $90,095 reported from individuals and $5,000 from committees. Most of the donations were for less than $1,000, with one donation for $5,000 from Xcel Energy Employee PAC and nine donations of $2,700 each.

Those donating $2,700 included: People's State Bank President Mark Forsythe, of Prairie Du Chien; retiree Pamela Galloway, of Warsaw, Ind.; Fiduciary Management Chairman and CEO Ted D. Kellner and his wife, Mary Kellner, both of Mequon; homemaker Susanne Shore, of Omaha, Neb.; Jenner & Block attorney Ronald Wanke and homemaker Joyce Wanke, both of St. Petersburg, Fla.; and I Love This Bar and Grill General Manager Bryan Zabinski, of Winter Garden, Fla.

Other income included $14,380 for sale of office equipment and $16,650 from Granite Lists, a New Hampshire firm that rents out mailing lists. In April, Walker's campaign reported $49,584 from Granite Lists.

Top spending included: $25,000 to FLS Connect for telemarketing and data work; $16,520 to Google for online advertising; $15,000 to SCM Associates for direct mail; and $10,000 to Connectivist Media for online advertising.

Walker's largest remaining debt is to FLS Connect, which is owed $235,000 as of the end of May.


Scooter comparing teachers to the NFL free agents shows how short his attention span is. The NFL free agents still have representation to protect their wages and benefits, Scooter took that away from teachers under the guise of weeding out the low performers, where in reality look at the number leaving the teaching profession that were the top performers.


I think we need to pay legislators and the governor for the actual time they work. No more of this year's pay for 3 months work. Put them on a time clock. Walker should be docked for the months he spent running for POTUS. Now their are rumors to put him in place of Trump. Only a moron with a **.1/2% polling would be narcissist enough to think he could be elected.


And pay them according to how well the public rates their job performance.


"Walker held an invitation-only listening session..." Wow! When you stack the audience with people who only say the things you want to hear, it's not surprising that it seems like you have a mandate.

Walker should be treated like an NFL tackling dummy.


Did anyone in Governor Walker's planted audience ask him how he intended to evaluate those teachers in free agency? It seems that this would need to be defined. The Packer analogy doesn't compare because the Packers get to choose their students from a select class of athletes. Teachers however, have no say in the selection of their students or roster!


It really is time for all educators to fight back against the attacks on their livelihood. Strike as long as it takes to bring Scott Walker down. He thinks people won't fight back and so far he's been right no one seems to fight for what they want anymore. People just sit back and let the world run right over them while the legislators give themselves all the money they want when ever they want

Tea Time

It's time for the TAXPAYERS to fight back against attacks on their livelihood.



[thumbdown][censored]the dropout has no moral compass.


What attack on your livelihood?


Yes, Tea Time. We all have been SO impressed with the Tea Party movement and how it has continued to grow in numbers and in influence on the political system. Oh, wait! I guess the Tea Party is five year old news, having been a bust in its effort to take over the GOP, resulting in allowing the worst major candidate in U.S. political history to front for the Grand Old Party's presidential run this year. But we'll be patient to see if your fire and brimstone bubbles back up into political relevance, though I would not hold my breath if I were you.


And our elected officials should be paid for the part time work they do instead of being paid for full time work. It's really funny how they attack everyone but themselves when it comes to their salaries and what they're really worth being paid for the work they do


"Walker held an invitation only listening session" Why?

Does Walker fear opposing opinions?

So, invite only people with your same view, have them agree with you, then propose legislation based on your "Listening session"

Maybe the Governor should be paid based on performance!
Actually if that were the case.... Walker would owe us money!


he does owe us money lots from his 10 day pres. run 2 years of running to the brothers hot tub parties.

you think you know

I'll hit the softball first, his run was not ten only days long. Try harder than that to lie.

Second, neither the campaign nor Walker owe 'us', the tax payer, any money. The money owed to the state for security and travel was all paid back. The money owed is to private parties. And unless you're providing private financing for Walker, you are not part of an 'us'.


I put 10 days so you could have an argument otherwise there is a lot of truth to everything else. no nothing


were you at invite only cause I don't want ??????????????

you think you know

I was absolutely not at that invite only meeting. Unfortunately I completely repudiated your argument that the Walker campaign owes us, the taxpayers, any money. There's plenty of truth to argue against your fact less, idiotic comment. I'm afraid I'm not the one here who is a 'no' nothing.


thanks for the laughs no nothing . I love it

you think you know

You're welcome Fish! I'm glad that you proving to everyone you are too uneducated to post truthful information is funny! I find it hilarious myself, and I'm relieved to know that you do as well. Better luck next time throwing sh*t against the wall and hoping it sticks, try fact checking yourself prior to your third grade rants.


now I know why your name is no no nothing. lol just keep writing so we all can laugh. love it.

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