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La Crosse’s weekend snowstorm didn’t break any snowfall records, but it did push an unseasonable April further up the list.

And another storm is on the way that could put this month in the history books.

A complex spring storm system that included thunderstorms, hail, sleet, snow and high winds ultimately dumped more than a foot of snow on parts of the Coulee Region between Saturday and Sunday, prompting the city of La Crosse to declare a snow emergency. Some schools in the area also delayed the start of classes on Monday.

The National Weather Service reported 5.4 inches of snow at the La Crosse Regional Airport, though accumulation on the ridge topped 8 inches. Snow was heavier to the northeast, with Black River Falls reporting 14 inches and Tomah an even foot. The Buffalo County town of Montana got 16 inches.

The 3.3 inches of snow measured Saturday at the La Crosse airport was shy of the 3.7-inch record for the day. The weather service initially reported that the record had been tied but later issued a correction.

The storm set numerous records in the Twin Cities, which has already marked the snowiest April and the snowiest start to a calendar year, with 70.3 inches since Jan. 1. Green Bay got 23.5 inches, making it the second largest snowstorm ever to hit the city.

La Crosse did break a temperature record Sunday: The 27 degree high was the coldest ever for April 15; the previous record was 34 degrees, set in 1944.

With the 7.3-inch snowstorm of April 3-4, the weekend’s storm brings the monthly total to 13 inches, second only to the 17 inches recorded in April 1974.

That record could yet fall as yet another winter storm takes aim at the region.

The weather service says a wintry mix of precipitation will fall starting late Tuesday into Wednesday. The National Weather Service estimates that will drop 2 to 3 inches of snow in La Crosse and up to 4 inches in surrounding areas.

Areas west of the Mississippi River could get as much as 5 to 8 inches.

“Obviously things could change,” said meteorologist Clint Aegerter. “It’s winter weather. And it’s April on top of it.”

A city-wide snow removal period remains in effect through Tuesday afternoon in La Crosse.

Vehicles must be parked only on the even-numbered side of the street Monday, then on the odd-numbered side from midnight until 3 p.m. The La Crosse Police Department says it will not issue tickets between 9 p.m. and midnight to allow residents to move their cars prior to the switch-over.

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Rhymes with Lubbock. La Crosse Tribune reporter and data geek. Covers energy, transportation and the environment, among other things.

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At least Trump has made the Midwest great again by fixing global warming, and in only a year!!!

Buggs Raplin

I have this picture in my mind of Al Gore as the Wizard of Oz shouting to Dorothy to ignore the person (a stand-in for the truth that global warming is a hoax) behind the curtain. Al Gore, what a hypocrite. What a loser.


Chippy's message was delivered from a house powered by oil and gas--the products of American Imperialism. I challenge you to give up all the creature comforts your meddling government has gathered for you, Chippy.


Global freezing is Near

Buggs Raplin

I hope people are feeding the birds to help them get through this winter. Hopefully spring will be here in a couple months.

random annoying bozo


Buggs Raplin

bozo, my sources tell me Cassandra2, not to be confused with Cassandra3, has hijacked global warming and is using it to heat her home.


Still enjoying the fruits of American Imperialism, Chippy? When will you give up all the benefits your meddling government has procured for you?


Chippy, your conflation of local weather and climate change is really getting tiresome. Why do you keep beating the drum of ignorance?

Buggs Raplin

The religionists in the Church of Global Warming must feel something akin to the Christian religionists who set a date for the end of the world, and then found out they were wrong.

Buggs Raplin

How can this be? Our local 'heroes'-Sleznikow, Hatt, Malzer, Jawson, and others have all warned us of the danger of human-caused global warming, and how the Arctic would be ice-free, and the polar bears dead and gone, and the eastern seaboard under water, and other fear-based bullsh*t. Now we're experiencing winter in April. Winter in April. But these bullsh*t artists will be back later telling us 2018 was the hottest year ever, and gullible liberals will believe it, as they've lost the ability to, reason. Liberals, most of them, are just like rats following the Pied Piper (the mainstream media) out of town.-Chip DeNure

random annoying bozo

if you want to know how they come up with that 'global temp', check out, there are links to get you to the original research paper...and if things are that bad for the united states temp stations, just think how bad they are for the rest of the world.....and also to keep the temp rising, some northern latitude temp stations are not being put into the equation.


"Willard Anthony Watts (born 1958) is an American blogger who runs Watts Up With That?, a popular climate change denial blog that opposes the scientific consensus on climate change." Your source is hardly unbiased, Bozo.

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