Drug overdoses are skyrocketing across the U.S. That said, certain states have been hit substantially harder than others.

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LaCrosse Lady

Ok - misleading chart.

Of course states with a low low population density are going to have a low low death count. You need to convert that to a ratio taking population into account. Plus I don’t believe the California numbers - those need to be reverified. I suspect not all districts reporting.

I believe it’s a major problem - but there is still no need to skew problems making some states look worse than they are. Never trust stats that don’t give the criteria used to create the results. Also it should say who funded the study. Example: climate change denier studies funded by companies that are major polluters.

Yes we need stronger penalties for drug dealers and gang members. Too many gang member that get out of prison goes back to the gang and target kids as young as 12 to join the gang. They need to be kept away from the kids.


The chart shows the RATE per 100,000 people, so yes, it IS an accurate reflection of deaths as a percentage of the population.


Capital punishment for all drug dealers, 72 hours after conviction fry them!

You get caught with drugs you must ingest everything you have on you at one time!!!

Stop giving out needles to the junkies!!

Why do we have free methadone clinics for junkies to get free drugs because they have a “disease” but if you have cancer that is also a “disease” you have to pay for the chemotherapy or die!!

Junkies are criminals it’s time we start treating them for what they are!!!!!!!!!!!


Such a "christian" attitude.


Opioid overdoses are almost exclusively a result of doctor prescribed drugs.

Legalize Marijuana.

Rick Czeczok

Where and when did you come up with that ridiculous statement of fact? That is totally false, and you should be ashamed to print such a statement. Most all opioids are illegally produced south of the boarder and more so from China.


Do you have documentation that the opioids come from south of the "boarder" (sic) or China? Please share your source.


Of course Czczkzyzlzc the Russian bot is unable to provide any documentation to back up its ridiculous claim.

Rick Czeczok

Federal crime bureau good enough for you. Calling me a Russian is your buddy Kingsley's ridiculous statement, don't lower yourself to his standards. And by the way you call me a Russian while you use a girls name when you are indeed a guy. Now that's cowardly... Spell my name right it's not that hard it's right at the top. By the way your real name is what? Reveal coming soon.....


Still waiting on that "reveal".

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