Watch: Trump impeachment proceedings move from House to Senate

Watch: Trump impeachment proceedings move from House to Senate

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The articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump don't move to the Senate by themselves.

They are escorted by specific political stars along a tightly choreographed path from the House through the Capitol rotunda to the Senate for trial. There waits more history, pageantry and tradition of a type that's only been seen on television once, and not since the 1999 trial of President Bill Clinton.

Like Clinton, Trump is expected to be acquitted. But the nation has never seen Chief Justice John Roberts cross the street from the Supreme Court and preside over the Senate trial. Or witnessed four Democratic presidential candidates sitting in silence, without their phones, ahead of the Feb. 3 Iowa caucuses.

Also, Twitter was not a thing the last time this happened. It's now the accused president's favorite bullhorn to proclaim his innocence and his fury in real time.

Follow live commentary and updates on the impeachment and Washington politics in general below:



Under Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the House voted Dec. 18 to impeach Trump on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress stemming from his conduct toward Ukraine. Trump is the third president to be impeached in U.S. history. The others are Clinton and, in 1868, Andrew Johnson. President Richard Nixon resigned before the House could impeach him.

Pelosi delayed the transmission of the articles to the Senate, holding out for more specific terms of the trial.



First, Pelosi names the House prosecutors who will make the case to senators that Trump abused his office by pressuring Ukraine to investigate the son of political rival Joe Biden, and then obstructing Congress' search for what happened.

Gaming out the "managers" has been a hot avocation in the Capitol for months, and Pelosi has held the details close. But judging from the Clinton trial, the exposure is likely to boost the profiles of whomever she picks. Likely choices include the two chairmen who led the impeachment hearings, Intelligence's Adam Schiff and Judiciary's Jerrold Nadler.

Around lunchtime, she'll speak on the floor and the House will vote to transmit the articles.

Later Wednesday, the whole prosecution team will line up behind House Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving and House Clerk Cheryl Johnson, who will be holding the articles in folders. The procession will walk, two by two, through National Statuary Hall, past Pelosi's office, across the Rotunda and to the doors of the Senate.

Johnson then hands the articles to Secretary of the Senate Julie E. Adams.

The managers will return to the House until the Senate admits them.



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