When I was in seventh grade, on the third Earth Day, Sister Pauline, our environmentally concerned teacher, informed us about the terrible pollution our planet is suffering at the hands of man. I remember coming home that night to listen to the Moody Blues LP "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour." The song "Procession" offers an ominous line that summed up how greed is destroying our world: "Turn the Earth to sand and still permit (commit) no crime". Awesome!

And here we are, almost 40 years later, on a not-so-green-globe anymore, standing idly by while gluttonous greedy, gangsters ravenously rape our really pleasant planet? I find it curious that Haliburton isn't mentioned much in this mess. Heads should roll (Anthony Hayward's in particular)! Combine corpulent corporations, crass corruption, cutting corners and the circumlocution office, and what do you get? Abominations the like of which this world has never seen. We have mercantile meltdown, ice cap meltdown, moral meltdown, and our assets are frozen up in an unfathomable $13.13 trillion-plus debt. Crises after crises and no leader(s) with the sand to take on the billionaire puppeteers.

We need grassroots action, people, while we still have grass. Time to stop playing their games and out-rook the crooks. Let's not be a fool to do their dirty work.

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"Like the castle in its corner in a medieval game, I foresee terrible trouble but stay here just the same." - from the song "Dirty Work" by Steely Dan.



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