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Last week, La Crosse council member Ryan Cornett introduced an ordinance change that would limit La Crosse residents to three dogs or cats. He said this was because  several of his North Side constituents complained about neighbors whose small homes and yards are overrun by dogs.

How does Cornett think that limiting the number of pets a person has will stop dogs from barking? Instead, the city should focus its efforts on irresponsible dog owners.

Limiting the number of pets per household will reduce the number of animal adoptions, forcing area humane societies to make tough choices.

If neighbors are having a problem with barking dogs, they should contact the city.

By the way — cats don’t bark.

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Digital news editor

Digital news editor

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There are plenty of laws already on the books, dog leash laws, noise laws, public nuisance laws, sanitation laws, etc. There are plenty of laws already that would allow enforcement of these matters, but the City chooses to only strangle taxpayers with more rules.

Now, about those chickens.

Tim Russell

The people that have multiple pets aren't getting their pets from the local humane societies Carol. Furthermore, it is completely unlikely that City Officials will be out surveying the City for violators. More likely, they will only use this ordinance when it becomes apparent that they are dealing with complaints regarding bad pet owners.


How in the world do you know people with multiple pets aren't getting them at the shelters?? Do you have some sort of crystal ball? Dumb comment.

Tim Russell

You must never have applied for adoption of a pet from any of the local humane societies numbnuts.


I've had three from the Humane Society, but not all at the same time. Best dogs in the world. Just got another one a year ago. Not that I need to explain myself to you because you are such an idiot. Sure hope you don't have a pet. I pity the poor animal if you do - Numbnuts.


I've been in yards where the neighbors yard has dog crappp all over the place. Making a foul smell which flows into all the neighbors yards. The city has nothing on the books to get this kind of person to pick up dog crappp when his dogs relieve themselves in his back yard. It should be the same as walking your dog down the street., pick up their crappp right after they go and dispose of it. Some people are so lazy they leave it on the ground for months, especially during the winter, turning their back yards into dog crappp soup by spring.


Carol makes a great point. Bad dog owners will still be bad dog owners regardless if they have three dogs or four. Neighbors who have complaints about problematic owners should have an avenue to make complaints and have their complaints taken seriously. I am an owner of four pets. I take care of those pets. Yet my neighbor two houses down has two dogs. They leave those dogs outside all the time, barking non-stop, in all kinds of weather. The proposed limit on pets would have no impact on those neighbors. Let's look at a different way to tackle this issue.

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