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It is a peculiar time in Wisconsin to be a Republican, but now more than ever we need to be united in our efforts to return the party to its roots.

Our party, which worked to abolish slavery and brought workers' compensation and minimum wage to Wisconsin and beyond, is the party of Lincoln and La Follette, who stood for the people and against the corporate interests that now hold sway over us.

We may have our differences with Democrats, but we are fellow citizens of this great state. The drumbeat of “no new taxes” has gained control of our Legislature, leading to school districts asking citizens to bear more of the cost of education, local food banks subsidizing the incomes of working families and highway costs being passed on to our grandchildren. Republicans do not walk away from responsibilities, we work hard and pay our bills.

We do not insult others and should not support those who do. We need to work toward a more perfect union, one that includes all citizens, regardless of religion, color or financial situation.

We have let a small group define our party. We have allowed the name Republican to mean something our mothers and fathers would not recognize. We must unite and show the world that we are responsible, loving human beings.

Let’s unite to establish justice and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

It is not time to “divide and conquer;” it’s time to unite.

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John Sarnowski is a candidate for Wisconsin Senate District 32.


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The author is living in a dream, a reverie of days gone by. Yes, the party DOES represent racism and an I-got-mine attitude, and its leaders do NOT pay their bills or give a danm about their neighbors. People like Sarnowski allowed the "party of Lincoln" to be hijacked by crazies and now they're going to be slaughtered at the ballot box in November. Those wishing for a return to the good old days of "main street republicanism" should have been more outspoken with the lunatics were being courted.

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