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Sue Miller: Don't eliminate state elections board

Sue Miller: Don't eliminate state elections board

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The news about the destruction and fast-track dissolution of Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board by our Republican representatives is very disturbing.

I have been an election worker for many years, starting back when we used mechanical machines, and poll workers had to declare a party affiliation and even carry a membership card in order to work on Election Day. Depending on the party affiliation of the governor at the time, there was to be a majority of workers from the presiding governor's party. So, five workers at a polling site would have meant three Republicans and two Democrats.

I carried a Republican card at that time, but there was a feeling of partisanship, not neutrality. Now, as the saying goes, I did not leave the Republican party, which used to stand for keeping government small and efficient, the party changed.

When the GAB took over, we did not have to "declare," and nonpartisanship prevailed. The GAB has provided good guidance to keeping the polls and elections honest and efficient. Why is there such a rush to take away this board and replace it with partisan groups that will forever be bickering?

I'm disappointed and hope wiser minds will give thoughtful attention to preserving the Wisconsin voting process under the GAB.


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