A young man pushes the wheelchair of his grandfather off the plane into the cheering crowd at the La Crosse Regional Airport. The two of them are returning from Washington, D.C., after visiting the World War II Memorial as part of the Freedom Honor Flight.

This veteran is part of the “Greatest Generation.” His generation responded with unselfishness and courage when our national security was threatened by attacks from Japan and Germany. Because of his generation, the United States was secure when World War II ended 70 years ago.

Seventy years from now will be 2085. The current generation will be as old as the veterans of WWII are now. What will the grandchildren of this generation think of their grandparents?

Think back to Christmas when our grandchildren opened our presents. Their excitement, joy and hugs made us feel like we may be the greatest generation to them.

What will they think of us in 2085? Will they think of us as the greatest generation? It may depend on our response to what is becoming the biggest long-range threat to our national security. If we respond with unselfishness and courage to this national security threat, they may consider us the greatest generation. If we do not, they may consider us selfish, short-sighted and stupid.

What is this national security threat? Global warming.

Who says so? The Pentagon.

In its report, the 2014 Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap, the Pentagon states that the effects of global warming and climate change could very well lead to acute food and water shortages, waves of destitute refugees and violent fights over dwindling natural resources— a likelihood that should be viewed as an immediate threat to U.S. national security.

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This sobering message on climate change is not authored by scientists or environmentalists but by uniformed personnel at the Department of Defense.

The Military Advisory Board of the Center for Naval Analysis agrees. This Board is made up of 16 retired generals and admirals. It says that the lack of comprehensive action by both the United States and the international community to address the full spectrum of climate change raises concerns about national security. It states that this concern has moved from the distant future to the present.

The opportunity for comprehensive action by the international community comes in Paris in December 2015 at the United Nations Climate Change Conference. This meeting hopes to overcome 20 years of fraught negotiations with a universal commitment to reduce carbon emissions. For the sake of national security, it is imperative that the United States and China take leadership roles at this meeting. The recent agreement between these two largest polluters offers some hope that this will happen.

Another sign of hope that this conference will be fruitful is that Pope Francis will use his international moral leadership to encourage its success. This year he will publish a major document called an encyclical on the environment and climate change addressed to 1.2 billion Catholics and of interest to millions of others. In it he will speak of the seriousness of climate change on international security and the poor.

Moreover, he will give an address to the U.N. General Assembly and call for a summit of the world’s main religions on climate change. Pope Francis has enormous popularity in the United States for his humility, loving presence and his willingness to confront the evils in the Curia, the administrators of the Vatican. It will be interesting to see how the people of the United States respond when he confronts us as major polluters of the world causing a threat to international security.

In a recent article in Scientific American, most Americans think global warming is a problem or somewhat of a problem. However, only a small minority says it touches them personally. This is understandable with the daily problems that take our time. It is understandable but not acceptable.

National security during WWII touched the greatest generation very personally. Our generation must take the threat of global warming to our national security just as seriously. If we don’t, our grandchildren will face catastrophic results. We need to insist that our government take an unselfish and courageous role at the Paris 2015 meeting. We also need to pass national legislation such as the fee and dividend plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions proposed by Republican George Shultz, former Secretary of State for Ronald Reagan.

What will our grandchildren think of our generation in 2085? It may be determined by our response to the national security risk of global warming. Not tomorrow but today.

Vince Hatt is a member of the local Citizens’ Climate Lobby chapter.


(64) comments

LaCrosse Lady

I always got a kick out of tracking the money on those FEW scientists articles that are against global warming. I would check back a level or two to find where the money was coming from. Every time it was from an oil company or some other big major polluter. They were scientists specifically hired and PAID to confuse people about global warming by the companies profiting from polluting. Then those papers get sited over and over again - pushed by the money of the polluters - while the papers saying they are wrong don't get as much attention.

When you see a paper against global warming - research where the money came from. Google the group - check its list of $ contributors - sometimes you need to go to those sites and check their contributors. Follow the money until you find a non profit (they are good at layering them to make it hard) . $$$$$ speaks loud.

AirForce Retired

You are 100% correct.

AirForce Retired

Let's just face a couple facts. There are some individuals who no matter what will claim conspiracy or deny anything presented. Facts are not important, as long as they can look up some fringe ding dong site for their information and they can then claim they have absolute proof of the conspiracy. If a black butterfly flew past some folks bedroom window they would claim it was a government drone spying on them. The people who can not accept actual facts but rely on the 2 percent conspiracy crowd for information are of no value. PS. I did in fact tour one of the "Death Camps" in Hope Arkansas. it is as it is, filled with mobile homes, food supplies, and yes, coffins. If they would have had such a place when Katrina hit, the suffering of the citizens could have been reduced greatly. Stop by one, you can make arrangements for tours if you ask in advance. But now that the government has such places, it's convenient for the fringe to make up their own view of facts.


Perhaps 668, but no expert or scientist should treat firm conclusions without room for a little skepticism here or there. International community of scientists are not high-risk stock traders and they don't make solid claims on a meager 10 years worth of data unless the data is awfully convincing. So let new data allow for slight tweaks of past conclusions Bayesian-like as we go; but let’s not refute 50/150 years of core data that the international community agrees on.

I realize the climate change phenomenon doesn’t stem to localized health or air quality. But maybe it should. Anyone who’s lived in a geographic bowl of a city, or next to a congested beltline freeway during a dead air inversion would agree.

668 The Neighbor of the Beast

LesTrafik, the 97% consensus has been proven to be a LIE.

The main pillar of the warmist argument is the contention that a "consensus" exists among scientists that global warming is caused by man and threatens catastrophe. But a Canada-based group calling itself Friends of Science has just completed a review of the four main studies used to document the alleged consensus and found that only 1 - 3% of respondents "explicitly stated agreement with the IPCC declarations on global warming," and that there was "no agreement with a catastrophic view."



Global Warming Alarmists Caught Doctoring '97-Percent Consensus' Claims


Global warming alarmists and their allies in the liberal media have been caught doctoring the results of a widely cited paper asserting there is a 97-percent scientific consensus regarding human-caused global warming. After taking a closer look at the paper, investigative journalists report the authors’ claims of a 97-pecent consensus relied on the authors misclassifying the papers of some of the world’s most prominent global warming skeptics. At the same time, the authors deliberately presented a meaningless survey question so they could twist the responses to fit their own preconceived global warming alarmism.


668 is nothing but a whiney apologist for the corporate destruction of our biosphere......truly an agent of "the beast" he/she uses as his/her avatar. The ability to ignore the very obvious evidence....the visible and detectable billions of tons of carbon pulled out from under the mantel and put into our atmosphere.....is typical of a narrow minded fanatic....someone incapable of making observations. and objectively looking at the facts.

We are dirtying up our planet, the effects are negative, often life threatening and we don't have the time to entertain the real hoax and hucksters.......you climate change deniers.


as the poster 668 stated below - explain how you Thomas Paine Jefferson profit from this scheme? how much of our tax dollars are diverted to your pockets as a result of this scam on the taxpayers?? the article references solar panel scams on the public. are you a solar panel scammer like in the article? is this why you defend the lie???

please respond


Long before any hint of a global warming debate came about I was a proponent of cleaner alternative energies and industrial processes.....not out of any desire to devise a way to profit from such an opinion.....but for the simple reason that I wanted, as the majority wants, a cleaner, less toxic planet.

While you issue red herring warnings of solar scams (doesn't every big business sector have their share of scams?) the rest of the world and America is going full steam ahead with solar installations. The US military and their bases are the biggest installers Nationally.

People argued against the locomotive, fearing a speed of over 15 mph would tear ones ears off of ones head. You probably still own candlestick maker, horse carriage, and whale oil lamp stocks. The world is passing you by.


Money hasn’t influenced climate change opinions of 97% of international public/private scientists who can’t be bought-off by Big Energy: Koch Enterprises, Murray etc.

Might that mean climate change is actually real.

Jon Stewart: ”….they would’ve already made it rain in nerdtown.”

668 The Neighbor of the Beast

Getting Rich Off the Great Global Warming Swindle

Al Gore fortunately never managed to grab the top prize as a politician, but as a con man, he will be remembered through the ages. His Great Global Warming Swindle — potentially the most expensive hoax in world history — is raking in fortunes.

The ridiculous carbon credit scheme, by which idiots purchase eco-indulgences so that Mother Earth will forgive them for existing, is designed to funnel money into the pockets of its creators. As noted previously, Gore buys his own eco-indulgences from himself. One of his major partners in climate change hysteria, the zillionaire socialist Maurice Strong, is on the board of directors of the Chicago Climate Exchange, allegedly "the world's first and North America's only legally binding greenhouse gas emission registry reduction system for emission sources and offset projects in North America and Brazil."

Strong is a major architect of the Kyoto Protocol, which if implemented would destroy the American economy. Currently president of the Earth Council, he brags that soon the Ten Commandments will be replaced with the Earth Charter, a sacred document of the depraved antihuman cult that goes by the innocuous name of environmentalism.

The partnership works well: Gore provides the media glitz, Strong the brains. Molten Metal Technology Inc. (MMTI) offers an example of how their tag team has worked in the past.

Gore publicly praised MMTI for being a pioneer in recycling technology, neglecting to mention that the firm was run by Strong and a group of Gore associates, or that the company had received over $25 million in tax loot from the Department of Energy in R&D grants, without proving that their technology would work on a commercial scale. It later received another $8 million in public money, without generating revenue from any other source.

Gore's hype helped raise MMTI's stock to $35 a share. But eventually the DOE figured out that its technology didn't work and refused to give them more of our money. Strong and other corporate officers promptly sold off $15.3 million in personal shares in the company. Soon afterwards the stock hit $5 a share, bad news for the suckers who had invested in it, but not for Strong, who had pulled off a similar scam with the Swiss company AZL Resources.

If you want to know what Gore and his friends are getting out of pretending that natural climate fluctuation is a problem and caused by humans, all you have to do is follow the money.

668 The Neighbor of the Beast

NASA Scientist Dr. Leonard Weinstein worked 35 years at the NASA Langley
Research Center and finished his career there as a Senior Research Scientist.

Weinstein, who is presently a Senior Research Fellow at the National Institute of
Aerospace, totally rejected global warming claims. “Any reasonable scientific analysis
must conclude the basic theory wrong!!” Weinstein wrote on April 23, 2009. “The final
question that arises is what prediction has the AGW made that has been demonstrated,
and that strongly supports the theory. It appears that there is NO real supporting evidence
and much disagreeing evidence for the AGW theory as proposed.

668 The Neighbor of the Beast

Swedish Climatologist Dr. Hans Jelbringof the Paleogeophysics & Geodynamics
Unit at Stockholm University,dissented from the global warming movement in 2009.

“The dysfunctional nature of the climate sciences is nothing short of a scandal,” Jelbring
wrote in August 2009. “Science is too important for our society to be misused in the way
it has been done within the Climate Science Community,” Jelbring added. Jelbring noted
that many of global warming promoting scientists “have actively suppressed research
results presented by researchers that do not comply with the dogma that they and the
IPCC have set without support of accepted scientific methods."


Can one climate-change denier out there please tell us what "economic benefit" 98% of the scientific world will gain by collectively agreeing on the Science that man has had a baaaaad influence on our climate.......and has actually contributed to the recent spike in global temperatures.???? Aside from a few spokespersons of this remarkable scientific agreement NO ONE in science labs and in research fields is going to "cash in" on the global warming phenomena......it's just an empty, stupid claim that only the desperate and ignorant cling to.

668 The Neighbor of the Beast

Here is a video on you tube that was just uploaded Jan. 10, 2015 that explains it all.

"Tim Ball - The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science"


Tim Ball PhD, speaking at the Skagit Education Outreach in Mount Vernon, Wa., where he exposes the political perversion of climate study. It is a bit long (2hours) and the first 20 minutes is more of an introduction and the last 20 minutes is questions and answers.

Buggs Raplin

I have not heard of any "deniers" or as I refer to our group "truthers" claim the warmists in the scientific community are taking that position to "cash-in" on the hoax. What the reality is...is that the ruling elite has determined the hoax a way to tax us more and reduce our freedoms and add more government...and therefore many in the scientific community are "going along to get along." Promoting something for which there is no proof.


How can you get taxed in your FEMA camp?

What new taxes have the climate change industry put on your plate?

Ever hear of Acid Rain? Know why it doesn't exist anymore?

Buggs Raplin

You can't win any argument with advocates of human-caused global warming. If it's too cold, they blame global warming; if it's too hot, they blame global warming; if temps are normal, they blame global warming. The IPCC "scientists" are an amalgamation of the corrupt, the compromised, and the cowardly. Academics who object to their hoax find peer group rejection, stalled careers, loss of funding, or loss of their jobs. It's rather Stalinist in nature. It's the old Lyndon Baines Johnson treatment-if you want to get along, you have to go along, even if you're promoting something (human-caused global warming) for which there is NO proof. Again, no proof of human caused global warming. None. Zip. Nada. No proof at all.


Buggs the corporate tool......

Buggs Raplin

TPJ -a paid Obama operative?


There is no proof, except the reams and reams of proof scientists currently have. How ignorant or blind must one be to side with the argument that MAN has not negatively affected our planet, our biosphere, our environment and yes.....our climate. These are the dilwads who failed miserable in Middle School science classes and have spent their lives hating science and 'facts' because they're too dense to understand simple stuff.

Buggs Raplin

Like I said...there is no proof whatsoever of human caused global warming; those who say there's such a thing are just making fools of themselves. But, hey, TPJ does that all the time.

668 The Neighbor of the Beast


What you need to ask is how ThomasPaineJefferson personally profits from the global warming scam and is the recipient of our tax dollars.

Hint: http://watchdog.org/130098/solarcity-horror-stories/

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.

The hack Snow Cougar now marches off bravely to confront organized science and its brazen plot to hoax the world with this Global Warming baloney. Scientists everywhere quake and shake in their boots as Snow Cougar, armed with testimony from a Harrisburg, Pa., television weatherman and a story from a 1975 copy of Newsweek, is set steamroller any possible response they might mount. Good God! This hack is a force unto nature itself! University science departments everywhere will be forced to fire faculty wholesale and redefine the mission and method of science itself by the time Snow Cougar is done with this. Beware. Beware.

Dave Lowry

Global warming has been the subject of arduous debates for more than 20 years. And most of the claims say that modern civilization is responsible for the higher atmospheric temperatures, which were caused by man-made greenhouse gases.
And since you've mentioned the veteran and the World War, we must remember that fifty million people were killed and the infrastructure and economy of many countries was ruined during World War II (WWII). But there are more tragic consequences that have not been seriously tackled yet. With the beginning of the war, in 1939, the warm climate switched to a cold phase, which lasted four decades: http://www.warchangesclimate.com/. Now, more than half a century later, leading politicians and scientists warn us that climate changes are the greatest threat to the mankind. They claim that the threat is caused by the industrial release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This works like a greenhouse effect that determines the earth’s temperature to rise.

Comment deleted.

Keep clinging to the past and reject all new data in an effort to make yourself feel useful and relevant. Meanwhile, the rest of the world will deal with today's issues, using today's facts.


Just in case Vince hasn't been looking which is obvious in this nonsensical letter, you have a better chance of dying by beheading by some islamofascist in the men's room at Shopko than to die from man made climate change. The La Crosse Tribune should be ashamed for giving him the stage. If they feel it is necessary they do have a comic section don't they?


Really "billa" ? Where did you come up with these stats?
And tell us why the Department of Defense holds a view different than yours on the real climate 'threats" to America.....you should be ashamed you're so ignorant to obvious facts and factors.

Buggs Raplin

"The Arctic will be ice free by 2013."-Al Gore


You predicted Obama was taking our guns, ammo and putting resistors into "FEMA" camps.

Buggs Raplin

Hey, government troll TPJ, the chessboard has been set; the government is still trying to get our guns; the FEMA camps are there to imprison dissidents; it'll all be legit according to NDAA; no trial; no jury;; no lawyer; TPJ, you are a government troll; I'm wise to you.


Gosh, Buggs, I thought that you thought I was a government troll. Or do you think now that the government has put TWO trolls on your case, because your laser-like insights into what is REALLY going on is beginning to pose a threat to the government's secret plans to rule over America. Do you think the government, now led by a GOP majority in Congress, will stick you in a FEMA camp down in New Orleans, in some rickety old covered stadium? At least it would be warmer there than if they decide to use Lambeau Field to incarcerate Wisconsin firebrands like you. I have nothing to do with the government, but I will put in a good word for you if you would prefer New Orleans.

AirForce Retired

EXACTLY where are these camps.

Buggs Raplin

Google FEMA camps to get their locations. I suspect TPJ is an Obama operative paid to promote Obama's agenda. I base that on his past comments, which, by the way, would nauseate Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine.


I've got some premium grade tin foil for you Buggs......the guy who believes everything is a conspiracy. Again, tell us why 98% of the Globe's climatologists are in unison stating the carbon parts per million man has added to our biosphere puts this planet in carbon situations that in eons past led to hallucinatory heat, humidity and chaos???? What do these scientists, men and women seeking truth thru experiment and observation, just what do these legions of underpaid soldiers of Science have to gain by joining in on some goofy conspiracy or climate hoax? It makes no freaking sense......YOU make no freaking sense on this.


Obama is taking our ammo. Through executive order, of course ... http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/obama-to-ban-bullets-by-executive-action/article/2560750

668 The Neighbor of the Beast

If you needed any more evidence that the entire theory of manmade global warming was nothing but a scheme to redistribute wealth - you got it when OttmarEdenhofer, a leading member of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, was quoted by a German news outlet (NZZ AM SONNTAG), "One must say clearly that we redistribute the worlds wealth by climate policy.”

This is what the lie of global warming is all about folks – redistribution of the worlds wealth.



That quote is a load of krappe. If 'climate policy" is how the UN "redistributes wealth" they are doing a really krappy job, moron. Wealth distribution isn't spreading wealth (where the #$#@ have you been?).......wealth is accumulating in smaller and smaller elite power circles. Obviously 668 is a good soldier for the power elites as he/she performs his/her assigned duty in obfuscating real actual global subjects and dangers.


And 668 will blithely allow the corporate interests to pick his pocket and jeopardize future generations. Blind fool. There IS a climate policy that is redistributing wealth, but it is a policy of "burn, baby, burn" that distributes wealth upward and puts the future of the planet at risk.

Daryl Rose

Who cares about the carbon tax? We'll just have to buy more of our products from China or Mexico. So some companies move over seas, as long as we have food stamps, rent subsidizes, Obama care, and all the other government programs , who cares?

Mason Man

Another recallista loser.


Mason Man

Vince Hatt, another recallista moron.


Grady McGonagill

Thanks for publishing this commentary. The fact that urgent warnings about the impact of global warming are coming not just from environmentalists and climate scientists but from the Pentagon as well has received too little attention. However, for me the most disturbing part of Hatt’s message is that even though a majority of Americans think global warming is a problem (according to Scientific American), “only a small minority says it touches them personally.” This makes clear that convincing climate change deniers is not the barrier to responding to climate change. The problem is that those already convinced that global warming is real and primarily caused by humans are doing little to address the issue. Those of us who realize that global warming is not a hoax need to do whatever is necessary to build the political will to address this existential threat. Writing our state and national legislators in support of the fee and dividend plan Hatt recommends sounds like one such step.


Periodically, the Pentagon issue papers which embarrass them in the future. Sometimes these papers are written to please the administration, and sometimes the Pentagon writes them on its own initiative. Forty years ago, the Pentagon issued a paper on how global cooling was a threat. Fifteen years ago, the Pentagon's scary paper was Y2K. They have also identified the Bird Flu as a security threat. And more than once they have said the world's rising population threatens our security. The list goes on. It is easy to churn out these papers, and fortunately for the authors, the media forgets about the papers when the dire security threat does not materialize. Meanwhile, the Administration immediate political purpose has been served.

We can quibble on whether to call global warming a hoax, but observations of facts compel us to call catastrophic global warming as not accurate.

668 The Neighbor of the Beast

In the Periodic Table of the Elements, the atomic number for the Carbon element is six. Carbon is necessary to form all DNA and RNA, the chemical code of life as it currently exists. And the Carbon atom has six electrons, six neutrons and six protons – 666.

Chapter 13 of the biblical Book of Revelation is a very revealing text. It refers to the number 666 as being the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast is Carbon. Carbon has 6 Electrons, 6 Protons and 6 Neutrons. The Bible says that the mark will be in the hand or in the forehead.

2 Thessalonians 2:11And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. The lie is global warming, now called global change.

Vince Hatt worships the beast. In this authors head is the false belief in this system and in the author’s hand, by writing this opinion piece to support the lies which the man of sin disseminates.

When the world economy is finally brought down by design, they will force the masses to accept the idea of the Carbon Exchange. It will be a guise for controlling people.

In the new economy to come, no one will be allowed to buy or sell anything without the mark of the carbon credit exchange system. Your ability to pay for goods and services will be monitored by your carbon emissions. You will literally need to worship this system and its creators for salvation from the problems they have previously contrived. Your compliance will be mandatory.

The Carbon Credit System will be under the authority of the UN. UNESCO holds the climate reserve currency for the new Carbon Credit System. The new system, much like the gold standard, is called a Biosphere Reserve, where no carbon emissions are presently allowed.


That is the dumbest load of krappe I have ever read.......

668 The Neighbor of the Beast

Since October 1996 there has been no global warming at all:


668 The Neighbor of the Beast

NASA’s new Orbiting Carbon Observatory shows potential tectonically-induced CO2 input from the ocean:


So how is man going to stop that? What technology do we have?

668 The Neighbor of the Beast

Vince or any of you other "warmunist". Please answer the below questions:

1. Define the “correct” temperature range for the planet.

2. Define the “correct” humidity range for the planet.

3. Define the “correct” mean sea level for the planet’

4. Define the “correct” amount of precipitation for the planet.

5. Define the “correct” makeup of the atmosphere.

6. Define the “correct” amount of sea ice at the N/S poles.

7. Define/explain past glaciation and subsequent warming without any input from humans.

8. Describe, in detail, the technologies available to mankind to control 1-6.

9. Describe, in detail, the interactions of all the atmospheric, terrestrial, geologic, and biological systems that contribute to 1-6. Include your plan for getting through the transient period from today to your ideal 1-6.

10. Describe, in detail, contingency plans, what could go wrong and how to mitigate them if we were so foolish as to try.

11. Justify how this attempt to “manage” nature on a global scale will be different than any of mankind’s other initial attempts to “manage” nature on much smaller scales - which haven’t worked out so well.

12. List the species of flora and fauna that will be stressed/lost by transitioning to the ideal 1-6.

13. Explain how holding climate in an artificial stasis would be a good thing when nature seems to abhor stagnation.

14. Characterize the annual costs in terms of money, energy, and resources to maintain this climatic utopia. Justify why this is a better use of these resources than say, finding a cure for cancer, or other diseases, space exploration, etc. (recognizing that our time on this rock is finite)

15. Is the earth getting closer to or further from these "correct" conditions? While the World Burns, Pope Francis meddles in trivial matters such as the global warming scam.


Why don't you ask the Pentagon ? They're believers......go mock them and their future planning. Also, if you are so blind, arrogant and ignorant to claim that humankind has NOT dirtied and corrupted this marvelous planet then you are not worth any further thought. Luckily such magnificent ignorance is diminishing with each generation.

668 The Neighbor of the Beast

It is you that is blind, arrogant and ignorant.

"Why don't you ask the Pentagon ? They're believers......go mock them and their future planning."

The marriage of the military power and the Vatican in the 666 global warming lie is being fulfilled. She is the w h o r e that rides the beast...

Pope Francis Will Fight for Climate Change Funded by Wealth Redistribution


Once again the lie of global warming is a guise to redistribute wealth.


Periodically, the Pentagon issue papers which embarrass them in the future. Sometimes these papers are written to please the administration, and sometimes the Pentagon shoots itself in the foot by its own initiative.
Forty years ago, the Pentagon issued a paper on how global cooling was a threat. Fifteen years ago, the Pentagon's scary paper was Y2K. They have also identified the Bird Flu as a security threat. And more than once they have said the world's rising population threatens our security. The list goes on. It is easy to churn out these papers, and fortunately for the authors, the media forgets about the papers when the dire security threat does not materialize. Meanwhile, the Administration immediate political purpose has been served.


Hey 668.....

1) What level of lead and heavy metals in our fish is good for us?
2) Do you have any background in science?
3) How large of an island of floating plastic garbage in the Pacific Ocean would it take for simpleminded folks to consider the possibility we are doing bad things to our planet, our home?

The issue isn't even global warming....the issue is pollution, responsibility, cleaner alternatives....progress.

Scientists have answered all of your silly questions, just go read them and come back with something new other than this tiresome, weightless cut-and-paste scribble you keep re-posting.

Mason Man

Except this article IS about GLOBAL WARMING. You can't defend it so you try to change the subject.

668 The Neighbor of the Beast

As far as your question 1) and question 2): Did I not already answer that in my question 14? Where I point out that there are REAL problems in this world that are more pressing than the mythical global warming?

Question 2) the answer is YES.

I agree the issue isn't global warming. The issue is the forced redistribution of wealth by the lie of global warming.

Please post a link to the scientists with these answers if it is so clear cut. I know you cannot since you are blinded by the lie.

+1 for the TEA Party!

Buggs Raplin

Gee, another guest editorial promoting the human-caused global warming hoax. Seems the Tribune runs them about once a month by my count. Of course, the Tribune has yet to offer a guest column ridiculing this hoax. Hey, Scott, Chris and Rusty..there are writers out there that could provide some much needed balance. If you can't locate someone, I'm offering my services. Why, I'm just like you guys..fearlessly striving to report the truth.-Chip
DeNure aka Buggs Raplin


And how about some editorials proclaiming that the earth is flat? I'm sure they can find some much needed balance to those who claim we live on a globe.


Buggs, your position is one that has skewed the media and public opinion badly for the last few decades. It is a position that demands that all opinions are equally valid. It is a position that is causing great harm and grief by painting gigantic falsehoods and bad thinking with a patina of acceptance and truth when none is warranted. Your "experts" on global-warming-is-a-hoax are proven wrong every time they offer new "proofs" of their position. But it doesn't matter, as a part of the public will be gullible enough to only hear and believe the falsehood, even when exposed. It is a dynamic that goes back at least as far as the cigarette manufacturers, when they stoutly denied any connection with tobacco and cancer (with their own false "expert" proof) until the evidence finally overwhelmed them. You subscribe to the same dynamic by supporting every silly conspiracy theory, from Kennedy to 9-11 to the so-called cause of autism. By the way, do you smoke? Afraid of cancer?

Comment deleted.

Well, well, scmb, who is your paymaster now, the Heartland Institute? I took a quick peek at your list of "1,000 internationally recognized scientists who have come out against" global warming theory. Mainly the consist of guys like this:

Chief Meteorologist Tom Russell of CBS affiliate in Harrisburg PA, who is certified by both the American Meteorological Society and National Weather Association.

Wow, Russell's impeccable credentials just simply blow away the research and work of tens of thousands of climate scientists who warn us about manmade emissions. Good work on your research. Just blew me out of the water, too.

There is a word that perfectly captures your work. You're a second rate hack. You should change your nom de plume to reflect that.

Buggs Raplin

Good grief Gertrude. I've lost respect for you. Equating arguments on smoking with arguments on global warming? Oh, by the way, google video of the collapse of Building 7, and then ask yourself why that building was wired for demolition?


Buggs, you seem to be getting a little slow, here. I am not equating smoking and global warming. I am equating the defense strategies used by self-interested corporate entities who have gotten insanely rich selling products that turn out to be extremely harmful to the health and well-being of the people and the planet. In 1964 the surgeon general released the first report linking smoking with lung cancer. The cigarette companies leaped into action, putting their own "research" departments to work, issuing blizzards of reports discounting the surgeon general. The idea was to put enough doubt into the general public public's mind about the accuracy of the government study that smokers would disregard it. And they did for many, many years, until the truth finally won out. The oil and coal companies adopted that very same strategy when linkage of fossil fuels to global warming was first established. Has the strategy worked? According to the muddle-headed conspiracy thinkers it has


VH: "2085"

Actually, we're seeing a global human catastrophe now, some of it climate-related but most of it not.. there are over fifty million war refugees in the world this very minute, almost all of them destitute. Overpopulation will drag us all down.. recent projections predicting that world population will level off are now dismissed as wrong. For example, during the period 2000-2009, India alone added about 180 million people.. that's more than half the population of the United States!

Want to avert global catastrophe? The answer is not what you'd think. Lobby for women's rights, especially the right not to be forced to become the family baby machine. Lobby against organised religion, because religion fights tooth-and-nail against women's rights. Where women have rights the population is actually declining.


Burke:‘Radical feminists’ are to blame"



Chemical Castration. It has to be done where there is overpopulation and a sex offender.

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