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Longtime conservative radio show host Jerry Bader said he was fired Thursday for being critical of President Donald Trump.

“It was made clear to me that the reason was the manner in which I covered President Trump,” Bader said. He said he was fired by officials from Wausau-based Midwest Communications, where he had been employed for 18 years. The station website called Bader “the most influential opinion maker in northeast Wisconsin.”

Bader, who hosted a daily show on WTAQ in Green Bay, and other conservative talk radio show hosts in Wisconsin were critical of Trump’s demeanor and policies ahead of the spring primary in 2016 and since his election.

Republican lawmakers often appeared on Bader’s show to promote policy positions and share their side of controversies.

“I have always tried to tell what I believed is the truth and more recently to comport my behavior, on and off the air with my Christ-following faith, after I was saved in 2016,” Bader said. “I’ve always known it was (their) microphone that I used each day. I have no regrets on how I’ve handled the show the past two and a half years.”

Bader will continue to be employed by the conservative website and plans to start a podcast with a similar-style show, he said.

“We wish Jerry nothing but continued success with his career at and we are thankful for his years of service to the Northeast Wisconsin community and others in our state,” Jason Hillery, WTAQ operations manager, said in a statement.

Hillery did not confirm Bader was terminated nor did he cite the reason for Bader’s departure from the station.

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Jerry Bader was not a conservative. It was painful listening to him because he would take a half hour to make a 5 minute point, thus bad ratings. Yes folks, radio stations are driven by profits and Jerry Bader wasn’t delivering.


Fueher tRump must have learned of his dissent and had him fired for "treasonous" commentaries against him.


gee what ever happened to freedom of speech? Not in wisconsin apparently.


It would do everyone good if Midwest Communications would start presenting real facts instead of just riling up the White Supremacist supporters of Trump - we would all sleep better hearing the truth.


It would do everyone good if


Couldn"t have happened to a nicer guy,
in the Nazi/Fascist state of Wisconsin.

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