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B Butterfield

Tony Evers will turn Wisconsin teachers into political pinatas all over again, since his whole campaign boils down to a single message: "I'm going to tax you citizens more to pay those teachers more!" As a teacher, I don't want to go through that again. Evers is an uninspiring bureaucrat, a bland top-down administrator. He may poll well due to name recognition, but he won't inspire enough people to vote. McCabe is the only one whose independent background as a watchdog in Madison for common folks, and whose message of common folks banding together to fight corruption, combine to inspire the type of passion needed to get enough people off their butts to actually vote. Listen to the man speak. He's not just a candidate, he's leading a people-powered movement. We should have learned our lesson by now that Wisconsinites will not elect bland, centrist, establishment Democrats, especially ones running against the very thing that made Walker famous. Let's not do this again!

B Butterfield

Walker bragged that he would divide and conquer Wisconsin, and did so three times against establishment Democrats. Trump then won in Wisconsin against the biggest establishment Democrat of all time. McCabe is the only candidate who's not an establishment Democrat and who doesn't stand for any of the minor tribal divisions that Walker's been able to exploit and conquer. As an independent who, like Bernie Sanders, fought corruption and inequality his whole adult life, his brand of progressive populism stands the best chance of beating Walker/Trump's right-wing pseudo populism. Please vote for him in the August 14th primary.


Roys pointed to Walker’s decision to turn down the expansion of Badgercare under the Affordable Care Act, saying if he had accepted the funding 79,000 more people would be insured, about 10,000 health care jobs would have been created and the state would have saved $1 billion.
Earlier this year Walker successfully applied for a federal waiver for a $200 million reinsurance program designed to reduce premiums in the Obamacare marketplace." Turned down a billion $$$ that was made up mostly of federal taxes Wisconsinites had already paid in, and settled for a waiver for 20% of that. Then brags about how terrific a thing he did for Wisconsin's health insurance owner. This is what he did folks. But vote for him again. Forget what he did years ago with Act 10, the education cuts, etc., and vote for him based on those little fish he has thrown Wisconsinites since the gubanetorial campaign began. If it happened more than 18 months ago, clear it out of your mind.


CMSM Syndrome. Walker will win again because after removing or prohibiting things that were or would have been very good for Wisconsin, like that federal money that could have helped thousands of Wisconsinites have better health insurance. Like making a small increase in our g as tax, which most people probably wouldn't even notice, to finance repairs to infrastructure, trying to borrow the money instead. Political observers can go on and on with mistakes made by Walker, but those people with Closed Mind and Short Memory Syndrome will vote him back into office.

Grand Dad's Bluff

He jumped the shark when he declared himself the education governor......


Yes, please vote Scott Walker OUT of office and vote for Democrats up and down the ballot in Wisconsin and states across the country. Democrats are working hard to stop and solve outrageous wealth inequality in our country, shocking destruction of our planet and ecosystems, racial injustice, the lack of Constitutional equal rights for women, the lack of proper funding and resources for our public schools, the lack of common sense laws on gun safety, the corruption of our White House and government agencies (the executive branch) by President Trump and Vladimir Putin's Russian cohorts who are being protected by many Republicans, placement of undemocratic candidates on the Supreme Court who want to give power to special interests over the people, etc. It's time a reckoning came to the Republican party, its candidates and also the Koch Brothers who corrupt our government from behind the scenes with their ALEC organization. They have ALL been undermining the lives and well-being of the American people in countless ways. We the People have had more than ENOUGH and are finding ways to take our power back. Use your freedom to vote, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom to live on an inhabitable planet where and while you still have them. Also work hard to protect the integrity of our elections which are our most important possession in a representative democracy and have already been severely compromised in ways we know and may never know. We are in an emergency situation as far as our climate and democracy. This is NOT a drill.


Ms. Dean's comments are pretty serious and intense. They're also correct. A story in today's news said "in a recent rally speech President Trump bragged about his prowess in defeating the Republicans who oppose him, saying at an Ohio rally that he "destroys" the careers of GOP politicians who dare defy him." In other words, freedom of thought and speech are not allowed in today's Republican party. Trump literally said that. Walker isn't that bad, but he slashed the state's education budget and bragged about the huge tax savings, ignoring the fact that local school district citizens were now having to take on tax increases themselves to keep their school districts going. Very few school districts saved any money with those cuts. Leah Mirvuk or whatever her name is says in one of her commercials: "I helped Gov. Walker bust the union leaders." Good. We don't want any line employees make any money that the unions help them get. 'Nuff said. Read this article and Ms. Dean's comments again.


Excellent postings by the "staff" and spot on.
It has been revealed that "policy decisions most closely correspond to the political leanings of the wealthiest people in the population and not so much to other people".
Walker"s more infamous utterances, after first being elected were the: "divide and conquer" to Diane Hendricks, and "I"m gonna drop a bomb on Wisconsin",regarding ACT 10.
Yet some folks around the state were taken aback with 150,000 protesters in Madison.
Walker is often referred to as the worst Governor in the United States of America.,by states around the country.
They are also spot on.

union conservative

I have supported him through everything but I also support term limits for ALL govt. his term is up in my book.


Truthfully, anyone of these candidates would be a huge benefit for the state of Wisconsin and it's citizens. Walker has kowtowed to his wealthy business owner base - most of them living no where near the state of Wisconsin. I travel around the state and listen to what people say - on both sides and I am convinced it will be the rich or the lazy who put him back in office. Most people I talk to have no idea that he is one of the 'ring-leaders' of ALEC - which cranks out legislation used in all the states to benefit the wealthy and big corporations only. I'd bet most of the Tribune readers haven't a clue what ALEC is. It's time the Tribune does an in-depth, draw back the curtain on ALEC. We, the citizens of Wisconsin can't afford to have Walker winking and nodding his way through our state another term. He has been shameless in the way he has damaged our once great state.

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