On November 13, the Assembly Committee on Federalism and Interstate Relations held a public hearing on Assembly Joint Resolution 77 relating to the convention of the State for one or more Constitutional amendments retraining abused of power by the federal government. Rep. Dan Knodl (R-Germantown), AJR 77 author, cited that the "federal governance is broken...yet dictates to us, the states, what to do, how we have to operate." This resolution is aimed to encourage states to act on Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution which gives states the opportunity to come forward to a convention to consider amendments to the Constitution. Dwayne Parkinson, testifying in support of the resolution, recommended that the states take up the issue of our national debt. To illustrate, Parkinson used hot dogs to represent the severity of our debt on the next generation. "Our $23 trillion debt is 310,800 hot dogs for every single kid under 18 in America...hot dogs aside, if we do nothing, we will crush our kids under the weight of this debt."

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