If Gov. Tony Evers becomes the first Wisconsin governor since at least 1931 to veto a budget in full, Republicans might not reconvene until October to continue work on the spending plan that is supposed to take effect July 1.

That’s according to Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, who told a Wisconsin Health News audience of lobbyists and other political insiders Tuesday that a full budget veto by Evers would be a “huge mistake.”

The possibility of a full veto of the Republican budget is still on the table as the GOP-controlled budget committee wraps up work this week on a two-year budget plan. The committee has already jettisoned several of Evers’ top priorities.

After the budget committee casts its final votes, the Assembly and Senate must pass identical measures. After that, Evers could use one of the nation’s most powerful veto pens to reduce spending or alter text to significantly change the budget bill. Wisconsin governors cannot increase spending levels.

Overriding an Evers veto would be a heavy lift, requiring some Democratic support in both chambers of the Legislature.

Evers has not ruled out vetoing the entire GOP budget, currently being crafted, which so far includes a $500 million spending increase for the state’s public schools, $58 million increase for the UW System and a $484 million bump to help pay for the state’s roads. Republicans also plan to add a roughly $400 million income tax cut.

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Vos told reporters the final Republican budget won’t increase taxes more than it cuts them.

“The goal would be to have reductions in taxes that would equal any revenues or beyond any revenues that were created,” Vos said.

Republicans axed the governor’s proposal to expand Medicaid, which Evers said would have saved the state $324 million in 2019-21 and brought in $1.6 billion in additional federal money.

If Evers were to veto the entire budget in full, which has never been done by a Wisconsin governor since at least 1931, revenues and spending levels would carry over from the budget currently in place. Vos thinks it might prompt Democrats to reconsider nixing the GOP plan.

“The longer we operate under the old budget,” Vos said, “the more I think an awful lot of the people in the state of Wisconsin say, ‘Wait a minute, why are you increasing spending in the way that you did?’”

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(9) comments


I can't decide which level of government stinks the worst, Wisconsin State government or the Federal government. Both have become intolerably pathetic and worthless. Somebody could start a new 3rd party, maybe? My biggest beef hear is how the GOP clods in Wisconsin's government could turn down millions of dollars for helping Wisconsinites with their medical expenses. We've paid that tax money in to the feds, now they're offering it back to us, and our numbskull GOP party says, "No, we won't take it." That is beyond anything I can imagine in the category of, "Brainless, heartless, thoughtless acts by unprincipled people." In-freaking-credible. And for the frosting on the cake, if the governor vetoes the bill, they're going to go home and whine and complain instead of setting down and......are you ready?........negotiating and compromising and achieving. And the motionless Republicans don't care. They simply don't care.


Wisconsin"s GOP ,affectionately known as the Greedy Old P_____s, fired this state long ago. Their hatred and disdain for Libtards, triggers their entire agenda. Hatred for Obama. The Dems certainly made them ornery for not electing scott wanker. That was a no-no? Unions will make a comeback,however and while the GOP continues to pollute a once clean state, at least there will be strength somwhere. Act 10,the biggest boongoggle in our history, turned out to be : "Act When". Just ask Vos , the Cheese State"s own little Mussolini.


Classic move. I'll take my ball and go home. Voters are you listening? By going home the GOP is refusing to work when you have paid for them to represent you. Think about that very closely during the next election. At what job do you refuse to work with your colleagues and still get paid? If this is their solution, then send them home for good. Let someone else who is willing to compromise represent your district!


The whole bunch of crybabies in Madison and Washington need to be put in the unemployment line for good!!! If the clowns running this state and country would spend a LOT LESS time complaining and crying and do a little more time trying to fix the problems we all would be a lot better off!! We could hire a bunch of 2 year olds to carry on like the bunch we now have in office!!! FIRE THEM ALL!!!!


Will they forgo their pay for those months of non service?


Did the Dems when they hid in IL?

Rick Czeczok

Ha! Good one.


Days versus months.

Rick Czeczok

Wow, once again the point goes way over this idiots head. If you were a teacher as you claim, you were one dumb one. No wonder the secondary option schools came about in your tenure. FOOL!!!!!

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