Tony Evers

Gov. Tony Evers during a news conference in April.

Gov. Tony Evers said he believes Foxconn Technology Group will hire 1,500 people by the time production begins next spring at its new display panel plant in southeastern Wisconsin.

A spokesman for the agency overseeing the Foxconn deal, Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., declined to comment on whether Evers’ 1,500 figure reflects what WEDC has heard from the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer.

“We do not comment on these discussions until and unless there is an issue to present to our board,” WEDC spokesman David Callender said.

The company fell 82 jobs short of the minimum required to claim state tax credits in 2018. It has downsized the type of factory it plans to build, raising questions about its commitment.

Evers told CNBC during a June 27 interview posted online Tuesday that he believes the plant will have about 1,500 employees in place when production begins in May.

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The company needs to hire 1,820 workers by the end of 2020 to qualify for job-creation incentive payments. And its contract with the state allows Foxconn to earn credits for previous years by making up for the job-creation shortfall in later years.

The state has promised to make more than $4 billion available in state and local tax credits if Foxconn spends about $9 billion and hires 13,000 people.

WEDC CEO Mark Hogan said last month he will step down later this summer. Republican lawmakers passed a law during December’s lame-duck legislative session preventing Evers from appointing Hogan’s replacement before Sept. 1.

State Journal reporter Kelly Meyerhofer contributed to this report.

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An alternate headline for this article is: "Liberal haters take one in the shorts". 1500 people are going to be gainfully employed, making good money and receiving good benefits. Businesses surrounding foxconn will receive huge boosts, allowing them to hire and expand. Businesses that these businesses so business with will receive a boost, allowing them to hire and expand. This is called a "ripple effect" and it's a gosh darn beautiful thing. And this is just the beginning. Because Wisconsin workers are talented, industrious and hungry. Just watch. I said that months ago, and I was inevitably right. Will update you in about 6 more months.


This will be interesting. There's no mention in the article about the construction of the factory, which only began to let construction contracts this spring and began building in earnest less than a month ago. I predicted at the outset of this debacle that the plans would shrink once the foreign owners got the taxpayer dollars they wanted. As of now, industry insiders and analysts say it's unlikely the factory will ever live up to the original promises.


I'd recommend that you focus your energy on coming up with excuses. You are gonna need them.


I'll believe it when I see it.

Rick Czeczok

Come on where are all the big mouth socialist on this board. Time to tear apart good news. Remember you ALL stated this would not work. Bight bunch these socialist are....


New jobs. Evers probably believed he was delivering bad news to his Dem followers.


Oh wow, you popped out of your hole again!


Trolling, mere trolling


The gainfully employed probably don't need the handout party.


Still waiting for the great unmasking, Comrade Zerocock. I DARE YOU to tell the world who you claim to know I am. You won't because you can't. Either you are a total chickenshiit or just a liar. Which is it?

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