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Ed Brooks


An image on the personal Facebook page of a veteran Wisconsin lawmaker shows a group of black men celebrating atop a vandalized Baltimore police car and the words: “Want to stop riots? Play the national anthem. They’ll all sit down.”

The racially and politically charged meme posted on the page of Republican state Rep. Ed Brooks, of Reedsburg, on Nov. 11, 2016, appears to be an altered Getty Images photo taken during riots in Baltimore in April 2015 in response to the police killing of Freddie Gray.

To protest police killings of black Americans and racial inequality, some pro football players have in recent years chosen to take a knee during the playing of the national anthem before games. Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is credited with starting the trend.


The racially and politically charged image that state Rep. Ed Brooks, R-Reedsburg, shared two years ago on his Facebook page.

Brooks was first elected to the state Assembly in 2008, according to the biography on his legislative home page, and has served on the town of Reedsburg board since 1979.

Brooks told The Associated Press that the meme “was posted in humor” and he’d “hate to see somebody take it out of context.” Brooks says he simply meant that people who riot probably wouldn’t stand for the anthem.

The image Brooks posted surfaced as another Sauk County city, Baraboo, is dealing with the fallout from the international attention garnered by a six-month-old photo that appears to show a group of Baraboo High School boys giving a Nazi salute. The photographer has said the boys were asked to wave to their parents for the photo.

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I just mentioned the Krap that’s out there about Trump and his family, then I move to another news source and find this gem of hypocrisy:

It's in bad taste to joke about any of our current leader's future passing,” Young said. “But what this highlights again is the media outrage double standard where you can say basically anything you want about a Republican and get away with it.”

That’s right folks, fun is being made about Trump and his funeral, disrespectful of him and President Bush.
That’s liberals for you, now I actually LOVE the story about the blacks on the cop car, we need more honesty like that caption


For Climatehoax, being openly racist is just "being honest."


what the heck are you talking about Hoaxer? You want to live in fear all the time. Fear of other races, fear of other religions, fear of immigrants, fear of democrats..... Why don't you just man up! You are an American.. act like one! Quit playing theses fear mongering games and spreading lies!


That’s funny! Not even in the same universe as the krap that’s posted about Trump and his family. In order for a joke to be funny, there has to be at least a bit of truth in it, same with this photo. I think there’s more truth than the libs want to admit, thus the outcry. You have to admit, some blacks do stop what they’re doing when the anthem is played. Ought to give a try. Just BLAST the anthem the next time BLM is rioting .


I'm white, and I choose not to participate in the national anthem. This is 100% about being secretly racist, and you all know it. Stop lying.


Lacrosse's resident racist idiot has spoken. Please enlighten us with your wisdom on all things Climatedope.

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